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42 thoughts on “Leftöver Crack – Down Under (Men at Work Cover)

  1. It's like if men at work and the English Beat had sex and 9 months later, this popped out!! 😂😂 Love it!!

  2. This is fucking amazing. Such a rad cover of an already great song. As an 80s kid this is a crust punk dream

  3. punk doing pop is always fun, smart ass but its usually always good. But when pop does punk… smh just check out lavalette doing a cro-mags cover (yea i said said it cro-mags ar punk as fuck)

  4. Hmm. Not. Bad.

    I'm just a cat video producer so what do I know.

    Mr nippy Nelson. Quality cat videos.

    Check it out. Or are you not punk enough

  5. I hate when punks act all condescending when something like this is made. Leftover Crack wanted to record this…that's enough reason for it to exist. Period.

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