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Leg Cracking Freestyle Champs - Compilation | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

the 50s but you're gonna sing about Rachel who died tragically in a dessert related accident whenever you're ready gentlemen take it away you were so sweet [Applause] all right so you're kind of neat I think give you as my decision cuz you're so bloody sweet so punished I cover you is sir I light up a cigarette when you go up like a wham may you bear Oh Rachel we made love every night I tried to satisfy you with all my might when I left that must have been you killed yourself would you be my little cupcake I'd like to kill you tied my life complete Rachel Sooey [Applause] bread and Jeff you're gonna sing a song all about misty and you're gonna sing it in the style of the Beastie Boys and I can't wait to hear it whenever you're ready take it away so uh what is your favorite thing about being an awesome volleyball champion get to travel the world mm-hmm be outside our office is in the Sun traveling and having an office in the Sun so in the style of The Beastie Boys all right but there are downfalls alert what are the downfalls who wants it [Applause] that's one of the downfalls so easy what's a downside to being a volleyball champ well our uniforms shaving and waxing hello sand and sand and interesting places sand an interesting place is shaving and waxing but you travel in your office [Applause] like sand up in monotribe whose voice does turns into let you say spikes a bunch at you say smart that's all when we're ready to forget it's time to spike it over the net this was great in the noonday Sun meet Bob we are finally done [Applause] great I'm just very specific memory for winning one particular gold medal where they fell down in the sand and they hugged and then every thirteen-year-old boy in the world exploded Hey they weren't all 13 and now we're gonna play a game it's how the greatest is riding talent our two television voice-over hosts talking about the latest compilation album Brad and Jeff are gonna sing snippets of the songs on that album and what I need is a suggestion from the audience here what is the name of a very popular American sport a popular lots of great ideas tiddlywinks toenail clipping but I'm gonna go with football great American sport of football so the name of this album is songs of football take it away hi we'll be right back to our documentary on insane nudists I can see you're nuts in just a second if we got something exciting for you how do we ever Colin how long have we been doing this show together Oh 25 years I guess I see five years [Applause] when you do greatest hits with me [Applause] and they said it wouldn't last you know what not a lot of people know this about me but I am quite a fan of bunk I I did not know that yes yes cuz I grew up in the punk era and way before that oh yeah and you know when I think punk songs mmm and I think about football football I think of that punk hit leg crack leg crack little dead quarterback under the toilet rater the Lord gave us bleh the common because he can't just kill Colin I now call it love which never gonna be coming back Zulu's okay Colin Mochrie a big late crack slightly at a heart attack right in the middle of the big land crash like clip let it cry this is ruining our day no don't worry I'm gonna make a lot of money from the lawsuit when Springsteen and Pavarotti joined together to sing this next song it was truly groundbreaking two different worlds opera and rock came together you could say was a rock opera but it wasn't it was something so unique to these incredible artists I think you took a blow to know Pavarotti just stayed in one spot and never came anywhere near here you're with me cuz you gave me the ring you're not going anywhere so just sit back and listen to this great swing Steve Pavarotti song look how far I can kick when I stayed home yesterday what to do he's gonna drop all the rest of the day try to get father down the field but when I turn things on inside I know my defense has nowhere to hide 41 so before we get started Cheryl do you have a fun hobby that we may not know much about um I like to play poker awesome I can't wait to hear this which girl I love but sometimes love is hard when she's got the ace and you hold in the world's crappiest car we'll baby I'd like to bet on you but I can see the size of your stack baby I know you got chips you've gotta me Rach I wanna because of you Cheryl I wanna play causes you no I know I know I know you better look at where you go with the table you're gonna be it's a bedroom ah as hi Angie when I see my car that folder sure what I see that hair I wanted Texas hair look so talking about that Cheryl Cheryl hi [Applause] great but you got a strange idea what you a player but I love making my partner to rush oh you make me lunch right the stranger so far [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that was awesome yeah I didn't know there were so many poker euphemisms for boobs we forgot one shuffle muffins and this is why you're alone Brad oh come on you

39 thoughts on “Leg Cracking Freestyle Champs – Compilation | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

  1. Did anyone else think of that song, i think it was called shake, shake shake shake shake shake shake yeah!

  2. I wish i could come and see this love but never know where to go for them, again this show desereves to be way more famous than it is now, most underated show in my opinion

  3. Jeff's Doo Wop and Song Styles proves there should be times where Wayne (no disrespect) should sit out the occasional music game

  4. I would ask for a compilation of all the times Linda and Laura were fully awesome, but it would probably be about 87 hours long.

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