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29 thoughts on “Leonard Snart ● "Robber of ATMs" | HUMOR |

  1. By my opinion, Earth-1 Snart is one of the greatest characters the Arrowverse has ever had. I was extremely disappointed when he got killed at the end of "Legends" season 1.

  2. Please dear God bring back the OG team of legends for the grand crossovers even for a moment 🙏🏻 & most importantly the cheeky old snart not the Earth–X version of him (still a fan of him thou) just need that old vibe & energy of the OG Legends for good old time sake.

  3. Due to my work I travel 6 months out of the year so I have to catch up on my shows when I'm home. Also due to my travelling I have a small house on my parents property and a small tv so usually watch the TV in their house. I was watching LoT awhile back and my mother and father were inside and half watching it as they did their own thing but kept glancing up the shaking their heads then going back to what they were doing. Now I assumed they were just doing the "I dont get why our 40 year old son watches this stuff" thing so I ask them if they want the tv back (hey I get not everyone enjoys these shows ). Mom says "no its not that just I keep hearing familiar voices on this show and cant quite place it" so I keep watching. After a few minutes my mother says "Prison Break" like she had an epiphany. Now I had never watched that show so I had no idea what she meant but she asked what I was watching and I told her. She gets on her tablet and after a few minutes explains that she knows the character from that show. I laugh and say its ironic because in this show he is a villain. Few minutes later she sees Mick and explains he is on that show too. So thanks to her watching that show she actually sat and watched a while season of LoT with me just to see them both because she likes them as actors

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