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  1. Michele's words resonate so much with me and I hope for you as well. I'd love to hear your stories, we are all on a different journey, yet we uniquely are all living together. Let's talk and connect through Michele's social media pages and here on YouTube. Life can be painful, but it's what we do with that pain that is most important. Thanks for being here. xo Coral

  2. I needed this today. I am having challenges but nothing compared to Michele but your words as well as her words really helped me put things in perspective and look at everything differently. Thank you both. I will be following

  3. So sorry for what you are all going through. I will definitely check out out Michele's vlog. I am going through something similar with my brother. He will be on chemo 8 days out of each month for the rest of his life. I have never seen someone more brave then he and everyday he tells me what a wonderful life he has. God bless all those who are suffering and carry their cross with grace and a grateful heart. Thank you for sharing Coral and I will keep Michele in my prayers.

  4. Beautiful. I'm so glad you did this. It completely sucks. But it's life and it's the truth. And I would always rather live in the light of the truth then numb out and not face the life that is in front of me. Love you.

  5. Oh Coral! I offer the power of my heart to you as yours goes with your lovely family. Michelle has chosen to embrace a life that is fragile and physically marred and shown that beauty and power aren't reliant on our physical bodies. Holding you close my friend.

  6. We lost my sweet brother-in-law to pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. He was only 41 with two very young children. Throughout his very short and painful journey with cancer, he was always more concerned for all of us than for himself. You quickly realize that things you thought were a big deal just really are not. Losing someone you love so much at such a young age and under those hard circumstances really does give you a different perspective on pretty much everything in life….and in death. I’m so sorry your family is having to go through this; it really is just awful…there’s no other way to describe it.

  7. What a beautiful expression of your love for your sister in law! I thank you whole heartedly for being honest and vulnerabe. I often tell my children we are only in control of our actions and our reactions to the situations and the life journeys we are at. I try to stay positive, let others know they matter and don't sweat the small stuff cuz isnt that important. Much wishful perspective, strength and shared love sent to you and your family as this chapter of your lives are written. I can't wait to read her blog!

  8. Words are powerful, connections of love are so strong here, you have shared your feelings with heartfelt thoughts, memories in photos, and we can see how laughter shines through the family photos. Michele has a gift and is sharing her journey. Thank you for your candor and fearlessness as you relate to the pain and love of living a vital life. Cancer sucks bigtime! You have blessed us today. I love you, always!!

  9. The C word SUCKS, I’ve had to effect my family and it SUCKS. Prayers for you and your family. I just checked out her blog and her words just moved me that I had to subscribe and you know I’m gonna hold onto HOPE and looks for the light even on the darkest of days.

  10. Words are powerful. It is amazing the care shown for her you are sharing in this video. I will check it all out for sure! It’s strange this come up because I heard a song that had me completely relive my husband dying in a car accident and the gut wrenching pain was all felt over again. The thoughts rushed back and the feeling I had that a piece of me died with him came all over me. Also, my dad died when I was young and it took something out of me that I never recovered from. I don’t do well with death at all. Then I lost more grandmothers, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, step grandmother, pets, then my husband. I have dealt with so much death I don’t know how I deal. But it’s that crack you talk about. You try to find a positive so you can go on. So you can look forward to something or someone. I have my wonderful 3 kids! I have my mom! I have another aunt I am close to! I have reasons to keep going. And of course I have Disney. Disney is the only place I can go and not think one negative or sad thought and that means something to me. Your love for her shows through and that means so much.

  11. I am sorry. I couldn’t watch the whole video. I am sorry for your hard time and for Michelle and your family.

  12. Wow Coral, what can I say, as you said life is full of curve balls all the time and it is how you handle each one that help to define oneself. Thank you for sharing MIchelle’s and your story. This is a big negative and you have turned it into a positive. I know that this was very hard for you to put out there and you handled it extremely well, I am am sure that you shed more than a few tears off the camera and that is perfectly fine! Ken

  13. I love you so much and thank you for sharing this with us. I went to her blog and it’s beautiful ❤️

  14. I’m so sorry, Coral. This video was a touching and beautiful show of love for Michelle. Thank you for sharing

  15. This is beautiful. And so is she. I also checked out her blog and she is definitely great at expressing her thoughts and feelings and inspiring others. I will have have her and your family in my thoughts and prayers friend❤️

  16. Coral this is such a testimony to what an incredible person Michele is. Her strength and courage to embrace her circumstances and produce such a talent of writing is amazing. I’m am sure she has pinned beautiful words that will provide strength for other that follow in a similar path. I feel your frustration and anger in not being able to wish this away for Michele and it does “SUCK”! I too am experiencing that. Please know Michele and her beautiful family will be in my thoughts and prayer. Stay strong my friend. 💕

  17. All the love in the world to you and your family right now, coral. And thank you to Michelle for such a powerful reminder that our perspective on things can completely change our view on life. Definitely a reminder I needed.💜

  18. I’m about to start crying, Coral I’ve been here too many times & I wonder what it was that I did to deserve such heartbreak 😢 this is your story so I won’t go into my past at this point. But stuff like this just brings home that we need to grasp life’s opportunities when they present themselves. Sometimes I feel as weak as anything & other time I’m as strong as an ox. Sorry, I’ll have to stop! But I freakin love Disney & will never apologise for my reasons. I applaud you for being so honest & open. You would be a great friend to your sister in law. She could say hi to my family soon 😢❤️

  19. Coral this was such a powerful video. You had me tearing up. You are so right that it is how we respond to things. I can’t wait to check out her blog. What a strong woman.

  20. Bless you, your sister-in-law Michelle and entire family. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. Hi Coral, thank you for being real! I'm a 38 year old mom of two amazing kids ages 7 and 9. I have just received my third cancer diagnosis since Christmas. It started with metestatic thyroid cancer, now breast and I have refused to accept any aspect of my life ending. I'm cherishing and fully living every second I have with my family, but I'm scared to leave them. My kids doing deserve this! My husband does not deserve this!

  22. This is very touching Coral. Thank you for sharing. It absolutely sucks and I'm sorry about it – but there's a ray of light, as you said, and she has found a way to leave a legacy and touch other lives. All of us are dying at some point, but not all get to find a purpose. I'll definitely be checking out her blog. Big hugs for you!

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