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LGBT+ HUMOR || crossover #2

Tell me who went under the covers first. I won’t blab, gay scouts honor! I just really want us to be friends! I’ve been craving lesbian energy in my life Sure. So, how was it?! Jesus, Sam, warn a person! We wanna hear everything about the date! Just for the record, some of us don’t wanna hear… everything. I am not having this conversation with you. Ever. We have to have our own place. I just learned everything about you but KEEP TALKING I am like OBSESSED with your accent Okay Aw sweet, look at these two! How come I never get any of that? Buy me a drink first. Such hard work! But worth it! Anyway, I always thought I was homo-lingual turns out I’m bi! Don’t… even get me started. True love’s kiss works every time Well, we haven’t actually used the L word yet. Lesbian? Lesbians? Ah, uhm, sorry! Are you guys all gay? A little. You guys make the notebook look bleak! You practice those googly eyes in the mirror or just… natural talent? There’s the hottie we were with last night! Is he your boyfriend? -No, we’re just friends.
-No, he’s straight.

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