Laughter is the Best Medicine


Ready? Ok! You know I don´t even know if I wanna go
tonight. Oh please… It´s gonna be fun. You hate every party. Not to be rasist or anything but asian people
suuuuck. Hey Jenn, what´s up? Hey, you wanna share my blanket? People are constantly asking me what it´s
like to be a sexy man. You blocked me on facebook and now you are
going to die! Oh no! Sean, what´s happening? Get on the ground! Dad, we didn´t do anything! Sean be quiet. I swear. Officer. Listen. Shut up! Listen I´m sorry dad. Daddy, I wanna go home. sht be quiet! They are good kids officer… Don´t move! I´m sure they didn´t do anything. I said don´t move! Stop this! We didn´t do anything. Daniel it´s gonna be alright. On the ground! No god, no god please no! No! No! NOOOOOOO! You said things were getting better yesterday. And the day before. All I wanna tell you is: School is not important. Be whatever you wanne be. If you want to be a dog. WOOOF! You know. Lets walk a little more. There will be a rest stop or something where
we can buy food. Run! Is this supposed to be Washington? I don´t recognize anything. Yeah me neither. But we have to be somewhere in there. So I am confusion. Why is this one Kansas? But this one is not our Kansas? America explain! Explain! Oh yeah we were just going over trails and
stuff. Seems dangerous to be out here all alone. But maybe you are the ones who need to be
watched. Huh? What do you mean? We´re just.. I hope you payed for all that. We don´t tolerate shoplifters. Ah, sir, we payed for this and the map was
free. Well, let´s go inside. You can show us what you´ve got. Ahh, no thanks. We have to go. Nope. You´r going inside! Ok. Time for me to hit the road again. Hey, don´t look so sad! You can contact me on my blog “A Tribe called
West” so you better keep me posted when you can. Ok? We will. Thanks again, Brody. Ahaha. Bro hug. Wish you could stay with us. Me too kid. Hey little guy. You wanted to go through the trench. I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine
and he shall be my squishy. Come here squishy! Come here little squishy! So, what´s up? 10 people died in the bronx last night due
to a fire that killed 10 people in the bronx last night during a fire. Faraficials say all 10 people died due to
the fire which was too hot for their bodies.

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