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Lightning Mcqueen and Mater Find Magic Beans!!! Funny Cars Toon Candy

Lightning, Lightning McQueen, where are you, Lightning McQueen? What is it, Mater? I was sleeping. I’m telling you, Lightning McQueen, I found something. It’s awesome, I found some magic beans. Magic beans? Are you serious? Man, I was daydreaming about winning the next Piston Cup. I don’t have time for this. Lightning, I’m telling you, I found some magic beans. Come on, follow me. Ohh, man. Not again. See, look at that, I told you, I found a big stack of mountain of magic beans. Mater, wow. You are telling the truth. I never seen anything like this in Radiator Springs before. I know, so one day, I was eating one of these magic beans and then something amazing happened. Really, what is it? Tell me about it. So one day, I was driving up here and I found all of these magic beans and I was like. Dad Gum, look at those magic beans. And look, one was right here. So I decided mmm, this looks pretty good. (Munching) And I ate the whole thing and mmmm, it sure was good. But then I was like, “Oh I don’t feel so well.” Oh, I’m going to go behind these magic beans and retch. (Mater gagging) And then, when I felt better, I came out and I felt different. I felt a lot different. And Dad Gum, I had a trailer behind me. I was like, “What’s going on here? What in the world? Where this thing come from? It’s had stickers and everything that I needed on it to go on a Road Trip and I was like, Whoa, where that come from? These magic beans made me go on a road trip and get all this cool gear and I got Radiator Springs all over my body, it was pretty amazing and I was like, “Ok, let’s hook up and get on the road.” Mater, are you serious? That did not happen. Magic beans can’t give you trailers & stickers & stuff all over your body. That didn’t make any sense at all. I’m telling you, Lightning McQueen, it happened and as soon as it wore off, I went back to normal just like I am right now, but I bet if you ate one too, you will get a road trip trailer and you’ll look just like me, but wears off after you drive around for about 8 hours. You want to try it out. Mater, I don’t think it’s going to work, but I guess I could try it out. Let me go and get a magic bean just for you. Ok, here’s bean. This one just for you. Mater, are you sure about this? You really want me to eat this thing. Go ahead, Lightning. It will be amazing. Do it. Ok, here goes. (Munching) Mmmm, it was kinda good, but I not so sure it’s working. How long does this suppose to take, Mater? Just give it time. It’ll get it again. Ohh, you’re right, I don’t feel so good. Ohh, where did you say and go and throw up. (Groaning) (Mater laughing) That’s so funny. That Lightning McQueen not mess, he going to come out looking lot different. You just wait & see. Hey, little buddy, you’ll alright back there. Oh, Mater, I don’t feel so good. (Lightning McQueen Gagging) Oh, Mater. Oh I don’t feel, I feel different, but whoa. Dad Gum. Look at you, Lightning McQueen, you’re different. You got a really cool paint job and you got a Road Trip Trailer, Cool. Whoa, Mater. You’re right. Check me out I got this really cool Road Trip paint job & a roof rack. And this awesome trailer. Check it out. And it comes with Rust-eze Bumper Ointment. Whoaah, Mater. You’re right, it does work, these magic beans are amazing. I told you, little buddy. You just gotta believe me. Pretty cool, huh. I’m gonna eat another one. Here we go. Here’s a brown one. Hmm, I think this will be a lot better. (Munching) Mmm, it does taste a little bit better than a brown one. Ohhh, but I think it’s time to go back here again. (Mater Gagging & Moaning) Hey, Mater. You okay back there, I hear you gagging away. I hope that magic bean is okay with your stomach. Yeah, I’m okay, buddy. I think I’m gonna make it out. Ok, oh, dad gum, look at me. Whoa, Mater. Check you out. You really do have a cool Road Trip trailer & bumper stickers all over. That’s pretty cool. Wow, Mater. Check us out. We could go on a Road Trip together. We got our trailers & everything ready to go. That’s right, Lightning McQueen. It is pretty cool, where should we drive around? Should we drive all the way to the Piston Cup or go to California? Yeah, that’s sounds a great idea, Mater. Let’s do it. Hey, man. What are you guys talking about over here? What’s all the commotion? Whooaaa, check it out. Nice paint Job, Lightning McQueen. Ooh, Mater. You look different, man. Check out all these bumper stickers & his trailer. That’s pretty cool. Lightning McQueen & Mater, where did you get all these paint jobs? You didn’t get it from Ramone’s Body Shop. You gotta check out these magic beans that me & Lightning McQueen found. They’re pretty cool. They’ll give you a Road Trip trailer & bumper stickers and a really cool paint job and then we can go on a little road trip together. It will be amazing. Yeah, Ramone. You better check it. These magic beans will give you just what we have right here. It’s pretty cool. Man, are you sure about that? I’m not so sure so magic beans will do that. But I guess I could try it. Which one of these should I eat? Orange, Green or Yellow. Uh, Ramone. I would think I would go with the orange one. Try the orange one right there. Yeah, little buddy. I’ll get you one for you. Ok, Ramone. I got your magic bean right here in my trailer. Check it out. Will just take the trailer off and we’ll flip it out. There we go. Here’s your magic bean, Ramone. Man, you guys sure about this, I should be eating this magic bean that’s orange. Ok, well. Here goes. (Munching) Ohh, mann. I’m going to be riding low and slow now. For now on. Ohhh, I don’t feel so well. I guess I gotta go back here. (Ramone Gagging) Hey, Mater. Do you think he’s going to be okay? Sure will, little buddy. I think he’ll be just fine. Those magic beans will kick in and he’ll be coming out with a new trailer and paint job. Ohh, guys, I think I feel a little bit different but whoaaaa, check it out. I got a new trailer and a new paint job. Whooooaaa. Dad Gum, Ramone, you look pretty cool. Sure do, Ramone. That’s a really nice paint job. I know, check out my trailer too. It’s orange and I got all kinds of things at the back. With some oil cans and Route 66 in flames right on my hood. I’m really ready to ride low and slow on this road trip. Where are we gonna go, guys? Ok, guys, I was thinking we should drive all the way to California and go to the Piston Cup again. Man, that will be a nice drive. Yeah, let’s do that. Well, I’m not sure about that. I’m getting kinda tired, maybe we should go back to Radiator Springs. Mater, Radiator Springs? We got these sweet Road Trip vehicles now. Yeah, man. Let’s go to California, let’s do it. Hey, what are you guys doing over here? You’re not suppose to be in this area. These aren’t magic beans. They’re M&Ms. You guys are crazy. You guys must be dreaming right now. Whoa, Dad Gum. Are you sure about that? These were magic beans. Look what they did to us. No, no, no. Those are imaginary. You’re just dreaming right now. Uh, Richard Clayton Kensington. Are you sure about this? Because I got a trailer hitch to me right now. Yeah, man, check out my paint job. You guys need to leave this area right now. You need to drive around this hill of M&Ms just like this. Well, man. We’re just about to have some fun, but I guess we gotta go back to Radiator Springs now. That’s right. You guys get out of this area right now. I’m security round here and you can’t have any more of these M&Ms. Ok, I guess we’ll go back to Radiator Springs. Whoa, what in the world? Look at me, I lost my bumper stickers and my Road Trip trailer. Oh no, what in the world is going on here? Oh man, Mater. To that’s too bad, well I guess we gotta to go back to Radiator Springs. Whoa man, check out my paint job. It’s changed again, oh no, well that’s was fun while lasted. Ohh man. Are you sure about this? I really like my trailer and my spoiler on my trailer and my roof rack, it was really cool. But I guess we gotta go back right? Yeah, that’s right. Get out of this area right now. I’m security. Leave these M&Ms alone. Okay. Oh man, check out my paint job. I’m back to normal. I’m Rust-eze racing with the Cruisin Lightning McQueen. Oh man, well that was fun I guess. Well, come on guys, let’s go back to Radiator Springs. Ok, here we go. (Richard Clayton Kensington laughing) All these magic beans are mine. They finally left. I scared them away. Now I’m gonna eat some. Let me get one of these yellow ones. Okay, I’m gonna eat this thing and I gonna turn into a cool Road Trip vehicle with an awesome trailer. (Munching) Ohhh, whoa. That was kinda good but oh, I don’t feel so good, I don’t feel so good. (Groaning) (Moaning) Oh man, I don’t feel so good, oh and I don’t look so, whoa, what’s going on? An ice cream truck? What in the world? An ice cream truck? I can’t look like an ice cream truck. I can’t be a security guard for the Piston Cup looking like this. What in the world? What am I suppose to do now. (Screaming) Well, that was a lot of fun, Mater. Yeah, sure it was. I told there was some magic beans, even though that the security guard said that they were M&Ms. It was still pretty cool. Sure was, man. That was a really cool paint job. I think I’m gonna use that idea at my body shop. Thanks a lot, man. It was a lot of fun. See you later. Well, Mater boy. That was a lot of fun. I can’t wait till we go do something again tomorrow No problem, Lightning McQueen. Okay, Mater. I’m gonna go and see Sally. See you later. Well, I sure do like hanging out with my friends here in Radiator Springs. (Richard Clayton Kensington Screaming) Dad Gum, what in the world was that? I didn’t know they had ice cream in Radiator Springs. Hey, ice cream man, ice cream man. Let me get some of that. Okay so these roadtrip, Disney pixar car’s are really cool arent they What do you think about this remone paint job, Thats pretty cool Yeah, But Mater has those really cool sticker’s, Doesnt He ?? UHU And lightning Mcqueen, These are all really cool. Well that’s it for this episode of show and tell. Make sure you check out my channel for more disney pixar car’s videos And I think their is going to be even more roadtrip vehicles coming out too. And for more exciting toys.

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  1. hey I have a question for ya! ๐Ÿ™‚ my son loves your videos and I've never seen cars with the trailers on them. especially mater having one. where did you purchase them from? Christmas is coming up and he asked Santa for these!

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