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Lili Reinhart Talks Graduating from Riverdale and Shares Her Drunk Quotes

-I was looking through
another magazine. called “Time Magazine:
The Next 100,” and guess who’s on the list? You, my friend. Congratulations.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s pretty great. -I know. I’m kind of, like —
I don’t know. It’s very surreal. It’s obviously the honor
of a lifetime. -Congrats to be on there. There you are right there,
if you want to see it. You’re on the list. Yeah, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] You had a great year. “Riverdale” — You know I’m a
big fan of yours, yeah. -Yeah. -I know, I’m 45 years old,
but I still love it. You’re great.
And is it Season 4? -Season 4.
-Wow. Isn’t that awesome? -Four years. Can you believe it? -I can, ’cause you’re
fantastic doing it. -Thank you.
-But do you enjoy doing it? -I do, I do. And, I mean,
the kids on the show — we’re going to be graduating at
the end of this season, so Lord knows
where we’ll go next. -Yeah. And then you get to do a
movie like “Hustlers.” -Yeah. -Are you — It turned out to be one of the biggest movies
of the year. Congratulations.
-Thank you. -What was that —
[ Cheers and applause ] What was that experience like? -I was just so stoked,
so honored. Like, even when
the cast list came out, I was like, “Oh [bleep] I’m part of that? Like, just to see
everyone’s names kind of all together. And then, it was funny,
because it was like, Cardi B., Lizzo, J.Lo,
the white girl from “Riverdale.” -No, that’s not true.
Not at all. -That’s me, I guess.
-No. You were great in the movie.
-Thanks. -Your character had
a little quirk to her. Whenever she got nervous or
anxious, she would — -She throws up.
-Yeah. She would vomit, yeah. Not the best for a dancer.
-No. -No, no, no. -It’s so strange, though, because after
that movie came out and people were tweeting at me,
they’re like, “I can so relate.” I’m like, “I can’t.” I’ve never thrown up from
being nervous. -What was it like — I mean,
did you have to just be like… I mean, do a lot of those? A lot of those takes
where you’re like… That was my audition.
Like, “I’d like to dance.” “Please welcome
to the stage, Cinnamon,” And I’m like… -Cinnamon’s your stripper name. -Yeah, Cinnamon is
my stripper name, yeah. -That’s good. No, I mean,
we would do the scene, and then we’d kind of pause. And then the prop people
would run in with a cup full of fake vomit. It was actually animal crackers
and Sprite mixed together. -What?! -Which is really — I thought I
was going to have a problem here because I have
this really, like, OCD thing with, like, floaters
in water and, like, drinks. Like, if my drink has, like,
a little floater in it, I’m like, “Get it –” -See, I want more of that. I want more of that
in the movie. Yeah. A real — -So, it was like getting
a cup — -Buy the soundtrack, by the way. You’re going to love
the soundtrack to the movie. -Right. It’s just me — But, so, like, having basically
a cup full of something that looked like
floaters in water was, like, my worst nightmare,
but it was fine. -Yeah, that would make
me actually be method-acting. If I looked at that, I would
actually just go, “Let’s roll.” -It tasted okay.
-It tasted not bad? Animal crackers and Sprite. -Yeah, it just tasted like
animal crackers. -It’s good to know that.
-Yeah. -Congrats on that, though.
It’s getting great buzz. It’s getting Oscar buzz, too,
so congrats on that. It’s pretty fun.
-Thanks. -You brought something, because
we were talking last time, and you said, like, you
used to write — You were writing things down —
When you or your friends got drunk,
you would write things down on your phone just so you can
remember that you said it. -Yeah. For some reason,
I felt like, you know, when I first moved to L.A.
and I was drinking for the first time
and getting drunk — and that was, like, a whole
new experience for me — and I thought that I was,
like, being so philosophical or so — saying all these
revolutionary things that I needed to remember. -No, no, no, no. Lili, no.
-I know. -You’ll — When you get older,
yeah, you’ll realize — -Even the next day, I’m
reading the list and I’m LIKE, “What the…” -Well, you brought a couple just
so I could read it right now. -I’m about to give you
an idea of what goes through my head when
I’m not sober. -Here we go. This one says,
“It’s never a skeleton dance. It’s a skeleton jig.” -That is something I said. I think I was watching, probably
a Tim Burton movie, and there were
skeletons dancing, And I was like, “You know what? They’re never dancing.
It’s a jig. It’s called a skeleton jig.” And this is something that
I thought was — -This is really fun.
Oh, this one’s a good one. “You can’t — you can’t
be taught to be a legend.” -Right. -You — you can’t be —
Let me tell you s– -You can’t be taught
to be a legend. -Were you talking
in the mirror — Were you saying it
in the mirror? -No.
I have — I don’t remember. -It might be that one of your
friends saying that? -No, I said that.
-Oh, you said it? -Uh, you can’t be taught
to be a legend. -Probably referring to myself.
Yeah. Good advice. -I’m sorry.
You’re cut off. Yeah. -Very good advice. -This last one is pretty good.
I like it. It goes, “If you have a pet goat
and you didn’t name it Billy, who the hell are you?” These are great.
You got to put a book out. Lili Reinhart, everybody.
We love you.

100 thoughts on “Lili Reinhart Talks Graduating from Riverdale and Shares Her Drunk Quotes

  1. omg I would buy that book immediately! and than make a section for notes where everybody can continue and write their own drunk thoughts!! LIKE IF YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!!!

  2. I wonder what's going to happen to all the other actors after Riverdale. In every group there's usually only two who make it big.

  3. It’s impossible not to love her, she is so pure and beautiful inside and out. The best Betty Cooper we could wish for, love you Lili 💕

  4. "People think the government keeps police and army for citizen's protection,
    but they forget that the government needs these forces for their own defense against the oppressed and enslaved citizens." Tolstoy Superstition of the State

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  6. Apparently, organic food store doesn't mean the place of morals and kindness.

    A customer presenting no threat brutally arrested and beaten up at a caprice of "Goodness Me!" health store manager (Waterdown, ON, Canada).

  7. I love her so much ugh it hurts.
    But the white girl from riverdale HAHAHAHAH. I hate people who are just seeing her as Betty. She’s lili and the best bye 🥺

  8. she’s just so down to earth & naturally stunning. wish jimmy wouldn’t have interrupted so much though but Lili handled this well x

  9. I didn't think the interview was awkward. It was good. Yeah, Jimmy interrupted quite a bit, but eh, the interview was fine. 🙂

  10. Jimmy you are doing a good job, but please stop interupting people on the show on the middle of a story.
    Lili is a beautiful lady 👍

  11. Jimmy ALWAYS interrupts so much. I know it’s his show, but the attention and most of the speaking should be from the guest. I can see where he tries to be comedic, but it’s sometimes too forced. Please let them finish. They will also get to the point on their own, without rushing to it. 🙈😩

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