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LINDSAY LOHAN DANCING! [] Funny Joke of the Day!

What do you say? What do you say? It’s Friday!!! Hello enemies, friends, trolls, and stalkers. My name is Shawn,
also known as Bits of Real Panther. And it is my duty… my solemn obligation, if you will…. to rock your weekend. I would like to welcome you to “The Friday Funny (Lindsay Lohan Dancing)”
/ “The Joke of the Day” episode #26. That is right: XXVI for all of you
ancient Romans keeping score at home. In today’s episode, I would like to ask your opinion about something
that was said to me recently at the grocery store. Was it a compliment or was it an insult? You be the judge. Also, I will be enjoying an alcoholic beverage whose name I frankly cannot say on YouTube, and lastly we will conclude with the joke of the day. But before all those things, what do you say that I make your brain
just a little bigger with the “Friday Funny” Bits of Real Panther “Fun Fact”? Originally in the movie “Back to the Future,” the time machine was not a car
but rather a refrigerator! Now that is pretty crazy! And speaking of crazy, today’s “Friday Funny” breakfast goes out to, and was recommended by, that wacky Canadian pirate,
your friend and mine, Dad’s piranha. This drink (whose name I am not
comfortable saying on YouTube) is a mixture of Crown Royal and banana liqueur and I’ve got to be honest, friends: when it comes to drinking this, fear clutches my breast! Crown Royal, for me, is kind of hit-and-miss; and banana liqueur… honestly, I have a better chance of
finding a meaningful relationship! Hard to believe I’m single, right? This one goes out to you, Dad’s piranha. Happy Friday, friend! Oh yeah, that’ll put a little dance in your step! Oh yeah! Look at those dancing skills! I mean I’m no Lindsay Lohan or anything, but hey — I do what I can! So anyway, the other day I’m at the grocery store and the cashier lady needs to see my driver’s license
to confirm my age for some alcohol I was purchasing. She looks at my Driver’s License and says… “Oh, you’re like an old man.” Now, I don’t know if that means “oh, you’re an old man — I thought you were much younger on account of your looks,” or “you’re an old man,”
like “lick the inside of a bowling shoe, [censored].” I’m not really sure which way to take that. Let me know your thoughts and feelings
in the comment section below. Also, and speaking of licking things, if you are so compelled,
feel free to lick that subscribe button and then you can enjoy this kind of rampant stupidity
at least once a week in your life. And let’s be frank: What else are you doing with your time? Anyway, lastly I have for you a little joke,
as you might expect. When I give you the punch line of the joke, please please rate that joke on a scale of 0 through 5 and then post that rating somewhere
in the comment section below. OK there, sea sponge, are you ready for the joke? Sea sponge… that was just dumb. Anyway, here’s the joke: A doctor tells his female patient, “hey, your kidneys are in bad shape… “Don’t touch anything alcoholic.” So she goes home and gets a divorce! That was well worth the wait, wasn’t it? Anyway, please rate that joke on a scale of 0 through 5, post that below on the comment section, hit that subscribe if you haven’t already (please please please hit that subscribe button!), and have yourself a great Friday, friend!

100 thoughts on “LINDSAY LOHAN DANCING! [] Funny Joke of the Day!

  1. Hey Shawn you have amazing Graphics I loved your video! Very funny stuff…. I like the dancing in the background and I saw the Mash guy Ha Lol lol. I think she meant you look younger than your age on your driver's license. I rate your joke a 5 👍👏😂🤣🌹😎

  2. Hey Shawn, whats up my friend? I see you really enjoyed that cocktail! LOL! Still thinking about your last joke! LOL! Happy Friday my friend!!!

  3. You get to decide whether to take it as an insult or compliment, so I say take it as a compliment. I give the joke a 5 this time. Have a great weekend, Shawn!

  4. Hi Shawn, yeah, it's Friday again, and I love your Friday Show…
    Funny joke = five stars is pretty much perfect for you 😉
    Have a nice weekend ~ cheers

  5. Hello my friend good to see ya. Lol that drink is different kinda sounds good. Lol not sure how I'd take that comment either lol. I'll rate the joke at a #4 lol that was a good one. Take care buddy and enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hi Shawn, I'd say the girl at the store was paying you a complement. You do look very young. As for the joke, I give it a 4. Have a blessed weekend

  7. Do you have 'enemies' or 'stalkers'?! Well, 'nice' of you to say hello to 'them' (if you do!)! :-p Haha liked the 'party spirit' behind you around 2:07! Hmm, someone saying "Oh…you're like an old man" seems to have expected you to be younger, based on appearance (the keyword being 'Oh' which expresses the surprise/her 'disappointment' if she's ageist), but it seems a rude thing to say. Maybe she flirts in a 'rude' way (and wanted some type of a 'reaction' from you)! You could have said something 'rude' back, "Oh…I bet you've had a few of those" or something haha!
    I was thinking the punchline was indeed going to be something to do with a man haha…the joke can have a 4!

  8. A refrigerator could have been funny! 😁 She was probably just shocked by your real age, and I would take it as a compliment. You're not an old man though, if I were to guess, I would assume you were around my age. 😎 4/5 for the joke sir and you have a fabulous weekend!

  9. Please rock my weekend. I didn't know about the fridge time machine from back to the future Shawn. 😊 I cannot drink anymore. Lol. We are both old men. Lol. I loved your joke. 🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻

  10. Something I look forward to… the Friday funny… Fantastic as usual … When I think of all the hours and hard work you put into 4 minutes of my Friday entertainment. I feel like I'm indebted to you… O'well I owe a lot to others as well and I'll get used to it…Lol… 4.0 rating brother… Have a great Panther weekend.

  11. now you're dancing 🕺 🕺 😸😸,.,.. I'll be sure to have one of those shots if I ever get cold feet when approaching a dance floor.,,.,.every Friday morning it's officially a routine, wake up, watch your silly video, eat chocolate cheerios, go back to sleep😸,., for the joke 1.1 of 5,.,.,.I tried to laugh but instead got sleepier,.,,,,nighty night Mr panther 😸👍🏻👈?

  12. You got a good jigg to your dance moves, we should have a dance off, I've been called an old man, must be our beards, good compliment old and wise 🙂
    Not sure I should be licking my computer monitor,
    That joke was perfect 5 , brightened my Friday morning after being woken up by the lawn mower man

  13. I see that you are on the top of my recommended channel list on the youtube home page! well done! A fun fact that I didn't know about Back to the Future! A tasty sounding drink.. Crown Royal is a whisky I've never heard of; I googled it and it's the top-selling Canadian whisky in the United States! I've drank Canadian Club in the past, very tasty. 5 for that joke that made me laugh out loud! enjoy your weekend, Shawn my friend

  14. I'll give the joke a 5 because I don't wanna throw off you perfect score. I don't know quite what the cashier lady meant by her remark… I mean I would have to see her body language and the way she said it. She might have been being flirtatious and liked "older" men and was hitting on you.. perhaps??

  15. Oh that's cool I didn't know that the time machine in Back to the Future was originally refrigerator that's interesting 🤔😁

    2:12 LMFAO😆

    I don't know what that cashier lady meant maybe she's into older men who knows she could have been hitting on you 🤔

    And OMG LMFAO that joke was pretty funny I rate it a 5.10😆😆😆😆😆

  16. Having the time machine as a refrigerator would have totally changed the entire movie! That drink is definitely NOT for me. 😉 Ha ha! 5/5 for the joke.

  17. Happy Friday !! 🙂 this whole video was funny ! The joke like 3 out of 5 lol…loving your subscriber count and your views ! I don't know what drink that was but you didn't vomit so there is that lol. Have a fantastic week 🙂

  18. I’d try that drink 🍹🙄 even if I don’t know the name 😂 Was she trying to be funny calling you an old man?🤔

  19. A 3 on that joke. Well, some cashiers can't judge ages so thought you were younger so it was a good thing. Your hair is still brown so you are young… with experience.
    And anytime I hear the word banana I want to laugh.
    One of my favorite songs is yes, we have no bananas.
    Do you have any banana jokes?

  20. Wow episode 26, nice. How did they get a refrigerator to 88 mph? That is crazing. lol… After that look, I'm going to try that one old man. I think she was digging some of the Bits of the Real Panther, then realized that you were old enough to be her dad. lol…. I would take it as a compliment, but I drink a lot, so what do I know. lol… Okay sea sponge, let me just soak that one in a little. I think that's what happened to me, that joke really hit home man. lol…. I give it a 5, because that b….. was crazy. Have a great weekend friend.

  21. ha ha l.o.l that was a 5 ' and i would say your looking a bit under 21
    so she was probably surprised to see you were old enough to buy
    and it just came out so your old ha ha l.o.l great dance moves l.o.l
    happy funday Friday excellent job here fantastic joke and video

    ░╰─╮╰┴╯╭─╯Happy Caturday Weekend

  22. My weekend has officially started to rock to a good start. Never tried that drink. My fav shot is a baby Guinness using Kaluha and Bailey's 🙂 I get that sometimes when I'm I'd lol ha I liked that joke 3 😀

  23. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker as I tend to visit your channel and videos quite frequently. Hopefully, you won't get a restraining order out against me for that. I am guessing you filmed this recording in a sauna since you seem to be overheating a little so I commend you for getting through all the video without fainting! Thankfully, you had that dancing induced crown royal to keep you slightly more hydrated. I would have to give the joke a 4.7/5. I imagine getting a divorce would be quite hard on everyone involved which is why this joke did not get a higher rating from me 🙂

  24. Hello LoL great video ! nice style !!! It wasn't the joke of the day, it was lots of jokes of the day ! 5/5 but I haven't understood the last joke lol

  25. To be honest, I really do not get the joke. However, the fun fact was interesting. Good to know the time machine used to be a fridge. I also like that little skit that you made about buying alcoholic beverages. Nice work.

  26. You Have A Great Channel Dear Friend And I Like Your Channel . I Guess You Work Hard On your Channel So I Wanna Subscribe Your Channel If You Sub Me Back And If You Do Sub Me It Will Be So Nice And If You Dont Thats Fine And Keep Up The Good Work And Have a Great Day..

  27. Hahahaha awesome sauce the intro hello trolls and stalkers that was freakin hilarious I give that joke a 5 great well executed tfs👍🏻support

  28. I am here to hear some jokes. I tell them, and sometimes I need to hear them. I love Crown Royal, but 40 Creek is better. Thanks for sharing your humour my friend. You're not old. I think it was a compliment. Love the joke. 5 out of 5. My kind of humour. A collaboration of our humour would be mind blowing. Thumbs up my friend

  29. Refrigerator time machine! 🤣 I think that cashier offended you, she probably didnt realize it she probably meant it to be compliment, she just didn't say it right. Lol ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ joke Shawn! I never liked hair jell especiialy in humid hot weather. Sticky! Drink sounds like a lucky charm 😁 Great joke! Have a great week Shawn!

  30. I give the joke a 4. And that cashier was complimenting u. She thought u looked younger. Lots of funny moments in this vid, dude!!! And the inserts and stuff are great. Have a fantabulous week, Bits O’!! 👍😃🍻

  31. hey sorry haven't been around im just so busy all the time 🙂 great joke i love it ..really a refrigerator? the drink looks great but i drink water 😛 :)cool dancing too 🙂 i would think she thought you were much younger 🙂 haha 🙂 8 for the joke

  32. Hello from Bratislava! Personally I can think of a few retorts to that comment but shouldn’t write them here 🤣 I think she thought you were younger and then made a stupid comment lol. Loved the joke five out of 80 proof. Excited to watch your next video from another country. Peace and hope you are well 😎🙌🏻🍹J

  33. i always love the fun fact…… great video my friend.. looks like you were liking that crown royal/banana cordial shot…. it got you dancin…. Big thumbs up my friend

  34. I love banana liquor, Shawn! You don't look old at all. Very strange comment. Years ago, I bought a videogame magazine and when I paid for it the cashier said, "Aren't you a little old for that?" "Well no, asshole I'm not!" I should have said but didn't. The joke I give a 4.

  35. Lol I never knew it was a refrigerator.. you are a WAY better dancer, you can get down 🤗… I would say that the cashier thought that you was younger…so I guess you can take it as a compliment 🌹… lol I give that joke a 4.. Keep these videos coming😂🤗

  36. I did not know that about the back to the future refrigerator.

    The joke is a 4!

    I'd say that was a compliment but couldve been said better. We were at Walmart recently, in the tobacco line because my husband needed some. Anyhow, my daughter was getting restless so we go ahead & go outside while he finishes up. When he got back out to the car, he tells me the cashier asked him after he requested his Copenhagen & for his ID "I assume that was your wife & kids with you." He told me "no some random chick with 2 kids" what? Dumb.

  37. Bits of Real Panther Being asked for ID when purchasing alcohol is OK but saying you're an old man means, "get your alcohol somewhere else." The joke is good, get a 5.

  38. Hahaha always glad to watch your delightful videos Shawn! Now that you've advertised your single status, expect female subs by the multitude! Joke rating 5! Cheers good friend

  39. I give that joke a 4 out of 5! Pretty good. I think the cashier thought you were much younger from your looks so don't feel bad. That's coming from a pretty old guy right here. Great job and a full view from me! Big Crazy Like for you 🙂

  40. hello Bits of Real Panther, with this alcohol you will greet a lot of girls.. hahaha.., thanks for this great video, good Thursday evening 😎

  41. Big Like. Lindsay Lohan is still alive? 3/5 Thanks 🙏 fun r the smile and a full view as always of Entertainment 😘💕🌹

  42. a fridze?? lol that is crazy!! never heard of Dad's piranha!! need to check him out!! party on my friend!! umm…i say insult..sorry!! lol oh i get it!! almost its a 5!!!

  43. Banana liquor………barf……i been sober almost 25 years….hahahahaha. Oh your an old man……..that is funny…loved this one…..drum roll bro. 4. But don’t tell that to Jane

  44. Panther The Joker! LMAO your an old man! I know where you coming from I'm only 24/about to be 25 and I hate when people call me sir!

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