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25 thoughts on “Lion King – Your Majesty! (One Line Multilanguage)

  1. Wait, Scar sounds like that in Swedish version?! Ha, I forgot! I like the English version better, so I watch with Swedish subtitles instead if I can ^^ (Yeah, Im Swedish)

  2. French, German, Italian and Polish are very evil and Hungarian and Swedish are scary!!! I love these versions!<3<3<3
    But I think all are good. 🙂

  3. you put cantonese czech dutch english finnish french german hungarian italian polish portuguese spanish swedish

  4. Finnish version has a comma misplaced. It is correctly "Kuten haluatte, Teidän Korkeutenne." Words exactly translated are: "As you wish, Your Highness" Translation of Swedish version is the same.

  5. Uh, I don't mean to be rude or anything, just a thought! I don't understand why you'd have to translate the Hungarian one any further. It says "As you wish" just like in the English version. And now that we're translating this thoroughly, we wouldn't say  "Highnessly Sir", I don't think that's a thing. 😀 I'd rather translate that to "your Royal Highness". 🙂
    "Fenséges" means royal in Hungarian and tho it says "úr" which can be translated into sir or even mister/lord, that doesn't really make sense in this context so…yeah, it's definitely "your Royal Highness". 🙂

  6. European Spanish…come on. Actually dub Simba's yelp of pain, don't do a lazy cop out just continue the American dub. Literally every other language in this video dubbed it but you. At worst, just let him be silent. 

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