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25 thoughts on “Little Einsteins (Official) || One-Line Multilanguage ((REQUESTED))

  1. Note: Undubbed versions and fanmades were not included for the following reasons:
    ○ This multi is only for officially-dubbed languages
    ○ Since there's a great amount of undubbed, I figured that it'd annoy viewers, so I tried to keep them out (even official undubs)
    ○ I'll include fanmades and other conlangs in the COMMENTED version
    ○ The editing style for COMMENTED will be different from this one
    ○ COMMENTED will take a while to complete, since there's so many fandubs and such
    ○ Officials will be included in COMMENTED, but shortened (maybe)
    ○ Undubbed versions might be included, although I'm still mixed on that one since I don't want to annoy viewers (what do you guys think? undubs or nah?)
    ○ More information will be added here (soon)

    Please reply, like, and support~


  2. { 25:40 }
    Voliamo un pò più su,
    Dove il cielo è tutto blu,
    I fantastici, Little Einsteins!
    Ti aspetta insieme a noi,
    Ti emozionerai, Little Einsteins!
    Inizia la missione, che allegria!
    Siamo tutti a bordo, ora si va!
    Studiare Geografia, così è una magia,
    Quanti bei musei, tutti per noi!
    Ora vai, in rotta per Shanghai,
    Ti divertirai, Little Einsteins!
    Coraggio! Andiamo! Little Einsteins
    Anche voi,Little Einsteins! Si!

  3. 19:12 Greek (translated in English)
    Άνι:Θα πάμε εκδρομή με ρουκέτα φοβερή,
    Όλοι: Ως τον ουρανό! Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν!
    Λίο: Μπες κι εσύ.
    Άνι κ Κουίνσι: Σ'αυτή τη διαδρομή,
    Όλοι:Μην αργείς λεπτό! Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν! Αρχίζ'η αποστολή μας!
    Λίο: Μέτρα κι εσύ!
    Όλοι: 5,4,3,2,1! Όλοι στη ρουκέτα!
    Λίο:Θα εκτοξευθεί….
    Λίο: Ταξίδι μαγικό μ'ένα διαστημοπλοιό,
    Όλοι: Θα εξέρευνω! Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν!
    Λίο: Μπες κι εσύ, σ'αυτή τη διαδρομή,
    Όλοι: Ως τον ουρανό!
    Κουίνσι:Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν!
    Άνι: Κι εσύ,
    Λίο: Μαζί!
    Τζούν: Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν!
    Όλοι:Σε χρειαζόμαστε! Οι μικροί Αϊνστάιν, ΝΑΙ!
    (English-based on the Greek lyrics)
    Annie: We're going on a trip in an awesome rocket
    All: Don't miss a minute! Little Einsteins!
    Leo: Get in,
    Annie and Quincy: In that trip,
    All: Don't miss a minute! Little Einsteins! Our mission is going to start!
    Leo: Start counting,
    All:5,4,3,2,1! All to rocket,
    Leo: It's going to rev up….
    Leo: Magic trip with a thrilling rocket,
    All: I will explore! Little Einsteins!
    Leo: Get in, into the trip,
    All: Through the sky!
    Quincy: Little Einsteins!
    Annie: And you,
    Leo: With us!
    June:Little Einsteins!
    All: We need YOU! Little Einsteins…YES!

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