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Live Rescue: Falling Through The Cracks (Season 1) | A&E

– So a 61-year-old male,
he’s just screaming in the background. It sounds like he cut
himself with his saw. There’s our buddy. Let’s take a peek at that. – Well, this is the first
time it stopped bleeding, and it happened 20 seconds ago. I did a muscle man pose, like
I saw on TV, and it finally– or else, if I open it– – OK. We’ll wrap it up. – Am I OK? Is that all it needs? – No.
– Oh, you’re going to– – I did it.
I mean, I don’t need you guys. – You’ll need some stitches.
– I’m so sorry. – You’re going to
need some stitches. – Really?
– You’ll need some stitches. Let us– – ‘Cause I want to keep working. – Let us wrap you up,
take your vital signs, ask you some questions. – Well, guys got here quick. – Did you injure anything
else or just that? – Not really.
My– yeah. [inaudible] – How did it happen? Gotcha. All right. Didn’t lose consciousness
or anything? – No.
I yelled at him, but– – OK. Keep that arm really relaxed.
OK? – I can’t. He’s holding onto me me. – We’re just trying to
get a blood pressure. – OK? I’m on one leg the whole time. Could you guys stand on
one leg the whole time? – We’ll get you a chair. How about that? – Gracias, senor. I was going to– I was going to say, we
could step there, but it’s– – Just have a– have a seat. – There we go. – Now can we get that arm
to sit still for a minute? – No. – Are you saying you do not
wish to go to the hospital by ambulance?
– I don’t. – I Is there somebody that
can take you to the hospital and get that sutured up? – I’m not going to get it done. I haven’t been to a doctor. I’m falling through the cracks. I went. Now they said, yeah,
you’re a ‘Nam vet, you’re qualified for everything. It’s 60 days. I still haven’t had any
second appointments. – I’m worried about
your wrist right now, none of that other stuff. – Sir, we can’t do
anything about any of that. You’ve got to slow down. – But you got to hear.
– Yeah. I don’t care what
industry you’re in. – It has nothing to
do with right now. – I’ve been in the
service all my life. I’m very proud of it.
– You’re getting all worked up. – When you go there,
your priority is them. – We are grateful
for your service. – The person you’re
going to serve. – What’s your first name?
– I hear everything. Kelly.
– Kelly. – You do. – We all do. – You seem like you do. – So we understand. I just don’t want you
getting worked up. OK?
– Yeah. – Our only priority right now is
getting that hand stitched up. – I don’t know enough about how
to get medical attention if I really need to. I literally will have
to sell something. I’ve got less than $10
on cash to make it until. – Kelly, take a breath. Take take a breath for a second. – What? – You do need to get some
medical attention for that. That grinder’s got all kinds
of dirt and stuff in it. – I just finished– – So you’re going to get
an infection in that. – See, that’s what’s wrong.
– Kelly. – Kelly. – Stop for a second.
– Kelly. – Wait a minute. See, the grinder is super clean. It’s a brand new– if a doctor goes
to cut your bone, he’s going to
something like this. – Kelly. – And then I just, right before
you came, that’s what I said. I went and I did the water wash,
and I opened it up and looked, and I watched everything
come out dirty. No.
– Come on, Kelly. Have a seat.
Come on. – You got to chill, man. – Well, let’s get
more comfortable. Quit trying to–
we’re right here. I was right here. Am I under arrest? – Nope. – OK. Please, let’s treat me kosher. – We’re trying. – You have a cut
there that they need to see if your nicked the
ligaments and the tendons in there, because you’re
going to have problems. – I did nick them. – We’re just telling you that
you need to go [inaudible].. – I’m going.
On your advice. – That’s it.
OK. That’s all we’re doing you. – You, you, and you, good. – At the outside max,
you have a couple hours before you get there so they can
clean it out, really inspect it well, and suture it up. – Thank you. All right. I hope you get that
looked at very soon. – Call a neighbor and
go get it looked at. OK?
– I will. – All right. – The bottom line is, we really
want him to go get that thing checked out. We don’t want that thing
getting worse, infected. There could be some internal
damage there that we just can’t see. And I seriously hope that
he gets that looked at, and what a character.

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  1. As an RN who has worked in the hospital setting for several years – it’s times like this I wish there were LAWS that mandated certain patients to be transported to the ER for treatment. Hear me out — I understand he’s worried about ridiculously high medical bills, HOWEVER, if his arm gets infected, think about how expensive the bill will be when he becomes septic and needs an above the elbow amputation. Forget the bill, that could literally end his life. I 1000% understand the concern over money but I wish there was a way to mandate patients to the hospital AND possibly help to offset costs for those mandated patients with limited funds. Honestly, it’s a sucky situation all around & it blows my mind that the very people who have served their country, risking their lives – aren’t given better/less expensive access to medical treatment. I’ve seen too many accidents, such as this one, that turn into something much much worse. Best of luck to this gentleman & thank you for your service!

  2. I have insurance and the last time I was in an ambulance it was over a thousand dollars and my insurance covered 200 of it. Guess who covered the rest including the e.r.

  3. My dad cut his hand witch power saw it slipped and cut his hand and fingers open I was 11 in 2014 when it happend 😭 he drove himself to the hospital

  4. It's sad that you cant go to the hospital when you actually need to because of medical Bill's. I'm the same way if I get a cut I just tape it up and keep it clean and it will heal with a scar but then you dont have to pay 5000$ just because of a accident

  5. Hate how these videos are so quiet and you crank the volume up but but when a ad comes on it's just blaring loud😂

  6. Tax dollars hard at work. Good thing he wasted their time coming out to help him.

    This is an example of malfeasance- someone who is incapable of making reasonable, safe decisions is left alone by first responders instead of taken for care.

  7. why did you block just about all the episodes on Battle 360 when you don't even have any of them on any of your channels do you mind explaining to me why I can't find battle 360 on any your channels for me

  8. The only time to call an ambulance is when the local football team wins a home game. Ambulance and firetrucks blast sirens and lights up down the roads just to let everyone know the home team won. Stop using emergency vehicles for non emergency purposes!!!

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