Laughter is the Best Medicine

LOCKED UP NECK & BACK! Chiropractic Adjustment (Loud Pop/Crack)! Kinetic Chiropractic Omaha Dr Moran

today we’re looking at the x-rays of a
patient who woke up with a locked up neck he couldn’t turn his head without
extreme pain pain pills weren’t helping either and he couldn’t go to work due to
the neck pain that’s when he made an appointment to see if we could help if
look at the normal x-rays should have a smooth forward curve but this patients
neck is straight and his head is forward meaning his postures not correct which
puts additional stress on his neck and upper back the neck usually gets
strained after an injury like a car accident or after having postural issues
for years this is his third visit and he’s already had great results that’s a
good one there all right I’m gonna have you take a deep breath in and let
it out I’m gonna have you look up at the wall in front of you we’ll lay this side up
here facing me. You have a long day today yeah long all right that’s how every day is. let’s have you lay on
your back here face up I’ll check here remember was that lower neck we had that issue there’s one up top right all right. let’s come on up we’re all set.

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