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Lord Zedd’s First Scene in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Robert Axelrod

(thunder crashing) Oh no, where is he, where is he? I am Lord Zed, emperor of all he sees! You have failed to complete
the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return! (ominous orchestral music) (shelf rattles) (thunder crashes) Lord Zed has returned! Ohh, he’s gonna ruin everything! But where is Lord Zed? Where he belongs,
his chamber of command! Uggghh, I’ve got such a headache! Deal with it! I’m going to meet my emperor. Hey, wait for me! We should check this guy
out, come on! (giggles) (ominous orchestral music) Shhhh!
Shhhh! (vortices crackle) (explosion crashes) I welcome you back, my emperor! (ominous marching music) (liquid gurgles) (grunts fearfully) (electricity crackles) I am Lord Zed. Identify yourself. Excellency, surely you remember me! Goldar, your faithful servant. Ah, yes, Goldar, the groveling one. I surrender myself to
serve and obey you only! It is good to have you back, Lord Zed. Your spineless, sniveling attitude leads me to believe
you will serve me well. Yes. For that, I shall restore to
you what was once taken away. Lord Zed, I thank you! You will not regret this! See that I don’t. Now, where are the earthlings that the incompetent Rita
Repula was unable to defeat? Aaah, my brave and powerful Lord Zed! What a blessed surprise. Welcome, how can I be of service to you? Traitor! Oh, Lord Zed, give me another chance! I will not fail again! Quiet! Those Power Rangers are
nothing but mere infants! You were defeated by children! You dare call yourself an Empress of Evil? You are not fit to destroy a cockroach! I have always said that, my Lord! You gold-bellied rat! (laughs gloatingly) You have made me very angry! Oh no! So, poor old Zordon is still around, eh? Little does he realize his
pitiful teenage do-gooders are no match for me. Might I suggest we send
out a group of Putties to attack the Rangers? They’re in the open and will be easy prey. (laughs maniacally) Your Putties are as
useless to me as you are! I have my own army of Putties, the likes of which you have never seen! Heh heh, of course. Observe, you simpering fool. (staff crackles) (Putty Patroller gibbers) (ominous orchestral music) And now to energize
them! (laughs maniacally) Oh, Lord Zed! Please, let me send down another monster! I’ll prove to you that
I can finish this job! I don’t think so! Zip it, you gold monkey! (grumbles) Your days of control are over. There will be no other chances! Can’t we talk?
Silence! I have spoken. Ohhhhh noooo! I hereby strip you of your
powers that you’ve squandered. (staff crackles) Putties, bring our fallen
empress a traveling vehicle. Not again! Yes, her traveling
vehicle! (laughs gloatingly) Good! No, please, this can’t be happening! You are now, and forevermore, banished from this
place and from my sight. Aaaaaaah, I’m shrinking! Aaaaaaaah, I’m shrinking, what a planet! [Goldar] (laughs gloatingly) You won’t get away with this! (laughs triumphantly) It’s been fun! [Rita] Let me outta here! And now I’ll hurl you
into the farthest reaches of the universe. Putties! [Rita] Why you, I oughta,
you’ll pay for this, Lord Zed! Hurry, Putties! Time is wasting! (staff crackles and zaps) I’ll be back! You haven’t seen the last of Rita Repulsa! (cackles maniacally) Now that that’s taken care of, it’s time to finish off
those Power Rangers!

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  2. r.i.p lord zedd quick show of hands how many kids were scared witless when they first seen zedd on tv?(raises hand) still we'll miss him

  3. Today is a tragic day…The Emperor has fallen…..
    Farewell Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd )

    All hail Lord Zedd!!!….

  4. Just heard Robert Axelrod died yesterday. It's hard to believe he's gone. Rest in peace. Thank you for voicing one of the greatest villains of all time.

  5. God Rest Your Soul Robert Axelrod. You are the reason Lord Zedd is my favorite villain in the Power Rangers Universe!

  6. The voice that terrified many a kid in childhood… and will be missed greatly! RIP Robert Axelrod – you will missed by many a fan… 😭

  7. R.I.P. to the voice actor, Robert Axelrod, who played Lord Zedd. There will probably never be an actor to portray this sinister and powerful Power Rangers villain pretty well.

  8. Lord Zedd has always been my favorite villain in th entire PR series, his design and personality were epic to me as a kid, I love him very much. Sadly, Robert Axelrod passed away. . . . may he rest in peace and thank you, Robert.

  9. Rest in peace Robert Axelrod.. you were so terrifying yet so amazing thank you for everything that you've done. May the power protect you

  10. RIP Robert Axelrod. Thank u for making my childhood exciting and frightening enough to tune in to see what would happen every week day.

  11. Came to pay my respects to voice actor of one of the best T.V. villains of all time. That voice, that design.. was so above and beyond anything power rangers did at the time, or most shows for that matter.

    He'd have made a great Marvel Villain.

  12. I remember meeting Mr. Axelrod in 2009 at Anime Expo in Los Angeles when they were promoting Power Morphicon. He was actually a nice guy and we had a good chat about the show and which of the two characters he enjoyed portraying. He told me his favorite was Finster but said that Lord Zedd was fun too. Also got his autograph. He will be missed. 😢. RIP Robert Axelrod.

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