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LOST Trying To Crack Open SAFE / That YouTub3 Family

– We are exploring some
trails in an ancient area. – [Mom] There is a cave up
ahead, we are venturing into it. And there’s a waterfall nearby, and this place is crazy because there is jungle everywhere! – I wonder if this leads
to an ancient temple. – [Mom] So, we just came up
on this table, this altar, this… I don’t know what it is. Okay, this path keeps going,
we’re on some really old trail. – [Dad] What?
– [Mom] What? – There’s like, a safe! – [Dad] A what? – Safe, right there! – [Dad] Whoa! – What!
– Yeah, daddy just… – You found that? – [Mom] Ty and Dad got a safe! – It is super heavy. – Let’s take it and try
to get it open at home. (dramatic adventure music) – We are still in the jungle, we are trying to get
out, we have this safe, And we’ve been wandering
for quite a long time. – It’s getting darker. – Yeah, and this area, I think, is probably gonna come to life with weird creatures at dark… – Jaguars! – So, let’s get out of here before the nocturnal animals wake up. – [Mom] This trail has gone
on for miles and miles, and we’ve ended up going
up and down the mountain several times, we’ve found
lots of different ruins, lots of different caves. And, but we don’t know how
to get back to where we were. – Seems like the further we go into this, the wetter the ground gets. – [Mom] Yes. – So I don’t know if that’s
a good sign or a bad sign. We’re gonna try to find higher ground. – [Mom] Yes, I’m nervous about
the mosquitoes coming out at night with all this water around. – Careful, it gets narrow here. – [Mom] Oh, my goodness. – Really narrow. There’s a cave up ahead. – [Mom] Oh! – Should we go in the cave? What if we get lost? – I think it’s our only way, let’s go. – [Mom] I think we need to, we came through a cave before, remember? – Oh, true! – Yeah, but look at that cave, it goes down. – [Mom] That’s true. – Alright, let’s see if we can make it. (dramatic adventure music) – [Mom] Okay, so we can travel up-river that way, or else we can go in the cave. What do you guys think we should do? – I think we should go in the cave. – Let’s try our luck at the cave. – Even though I don’t wanna
go in the cave, I think it’d be better than trying
to swim through this water. – Well, it’s starting
to get really wet too. The rocks are dripping on us,
I think if we go in the cave we might get drier.
– It’s gonna start raining. – [Mom] Find a place
to stay for the night? – Yeah, let’s see if we can do that. Maybe we can try to see
if we can open the safe. Maybe Tyler can help me out.
– Okay. – Hello! – Hello? – [Mom] Okay. – Alright, let’s venture in. – Whoa, gosh! Look how rusty! – Yeah, this is old.
– It’s been here a long time. – [Mom] This is very, very old. – It’s old and corroded. – Don’t touch it, don’t touch it! – [Jake] Whoa. – Let’s try to come up with
a couple of combinations. – Audrey, here, grab it. Open the backpack and grab the safe. (Audrey grunts) – Oh, my gosh! – [Mom] Okay, I think it should
be something like “Aztec”. Well, so it’s some of the…
– “Mayans”? – Yeah, we can try that. – [Mom] Try “Mayans” or “Aztec”. There was a spider? Oh my gosh, look at these webs. There are a lot of spiders. – Well, that is a real spider. – [Mom] (chuckles) Yeah! – [Audrey] Aren’t you scared of spiders? – Yes. Maybe we should try
opening this somewhere else. (chuckles) I don’t like spiders. Let’s head out of the
cave, let’s go this way. Audrey, let’s try right here. Put it down here, in the dry area. (Dad laughs)
– I know, it’s heavy! – Okay, so what should we try? – “Mayans”.
– I think “Aztec” or Mayans”. – Okay, “Aztec”. You wanna try “Aztec”? So you do it, and then you push the green
button when you’re done. You wanna do it, or do
you want me to do it? – You. – Okay. “Aztec”. – [Audrey] What if there
is some kind of trap? – A-Z-T-E-C. – Are you sure it’s a “K”?
– No – It’s with a “K”?
– I don’t know. – Maybe it is a “C”, I have no idea! Try it both ways. – Yeah, it didn’t work.
– Try “Mayans”. – “Mayan”? – [Mom] “Mayan” or “Mayans”. – Plural or singular? – [Mom] Uh, do one, singular! – Okay. – [All] M-A-Y-A-N. – M-A-Y-A-N? – [Mom] Yeah. – Okay. M-A-Y-A-N. (gasps) Oh. – [Mom] Oh, I thought
for a second that means, – Guys, it’s beeping! (safe beeps) – [Mom] Are we close? – It’s beeping!
– Wait… (Audrey gasps) (safe beeps) – Uh oh, what did we do? It beeped a lot and then it stopped. – Do we wanna take it with us? – [Mom] A beep, maybe we
could get a sledgehammer and get it open. – Yeah, I think maybe we
should stop at least for now, let it reset itself,
and then it try again. How’s that? – [Mom] Yeah, let’s think of some more names or codes.
– Wait! What happens if there’s
a tracker in there? – A tracker?
– Well, how do you know it doesn’t come with traps? – [Mom] That’s true, there could be traps. – Yeah, is there a treasure
or a curse in here? – Because I bet they want that, so wherever we go with the treasure, that’s where the tracker is, with us. – [Mom] It could be
trackers, treasures, traps. I don’t know whether it’s
gonna be good or a curse. – You guys help us out. Comment down below some other combinations,
and then, what you think. Is it gonna be a treasure,
a tracker, or a curse? – [Mom] And should we open it? – Should we leave it behind? – [Mom] Maybe we don’t
wanna take it with us. I don’t know what to do now. – Well let’s get it out of this area, and maybe we can give it to
somebody if we don’t keep it. Let’s think on that. Let’s go. – [Mom] Okay, I hope nothing bad happens. – Do you guys remember
which way we came from? – I don’t. – Up? Or down? – [Mom] I don’t know. – I think at one point we’ve been up high, at other points we’ve been down low. I don’t know.
– I don’t know, we’re just gonna have to
pick one and go for it. – Wait, everyone stand by the
side that you wanna go on. Ready? Three, two, one, go! (Mom laughs) Okay, looks like we’re going down. – Okay.
– Okay, down. I guess we’ll stay close to the river, that way if there’s ever a problem, rivers usually typically
always go towards the city, so if we stay by the river, maybe eventually we’ll
pop out by somewhere. – We could follow the river home. (water falls) (dramatic adventure music) – [Mom] What got you? What happened? – A bug attacked my eyeball! – Oh, do “bug”!
– Guys, you should probably watch for traps ’cause arrows could come
flying through the forest like all those booby traps. You never know.
– Wait… Should we type in “trap”
and see what happens? – You wanna try “trap”?
– Yeah. – [Mom] Oh, “trap”.
Well that’s a good idea. – You hit it with the…
– Yeah. – Go.
– He’s nervous. – T – I can’t find the “R”. – R-A – A – P – P I can’t find the “P”. – Aw!
– I thought it was that. I don’t know why it didn’t. – [Mom] I thought it’d be
“trap” too. Is it still – It’s beeping! (safe beeping) Guys, it doesn’t like the wrong answers. – Okay, let’s probably
not try any more codes. – [Mom] What if we have
limited times to try it? – It’s still beeping. I hope it doesn’t, like, spring to life or something happens. – Wait, is it a tracker? – It’s still beeping. It only beeps when we
get the wrong answer. Let’s give it a little bit more time before we try another one. – Oh, it stopped. (waterfalls) – Ugh. (mysterious clicking noise) – Guys? – [Dad] What? – Do you hear that? – [Dad] What? – It sounds like cogs are moving! – [Dad] I hear it, what is that? – [Jake] Oh! – Oh, my gosh! Another cave just opened! I think I pressed a button and it, like, trap door or something, ’cause look! (waterfall flowing) Whoa! The spiral!
– It was the cog that turned!
– Do you see this? – [Mom] What? – You did open up something. – The spiral turn
– What? – [Dad] Do we dare go down? – We have to! – [Dad] Alright, let’s go. – [Mom] That turned, and it opened it. Okay, we’re going
– Oh, my gosh. – Be careful, be careful! – I think,
– Should we try another combination? – Um “Cave”! – “Cave”, that’s a good one.
– That’s a good one. – Okay, C-A-V-E. Oh no!
– Aw! – “Secret”? – It’s ticking again. Let’s go.
– Should we try again? Okay. Let’s go.
– Let’s give it time to reset. – This looks super old, like no one’s been in
here for a long time. (waterfall flowing) – Where does this head? – [Audrey] To the waterfall! (waterfall flowing) – Whoa! Be careful, guys, it is slippery in here. This trail goes behind the waterfall. Whoa!
– Oh my! – It goes way down, that’s kinda crazy. – [Mom] Oh, I don’t know if I wanna go! – Do you want me to hold the camera? – Yeah.
– You go on the side. – [Mom] I’ll take the
safe, and go on the side. Oh my goodness, this is heavy. – [Dad] Check out that
waterfall, you guys. (kids exclaiming) Be careful! Be super careful, guys! (dramatic adventurous music) – Look how far down that goes! (exciting adventure music) We made it! You’re making it, you’re okay. You’re gonna be fine. Keep going! Keep going Audrey! – It’s around the corner! – Okay guys, I think the next clue might be the number of steps
that are behind us here, so let’s climb the steps. Keep count, Jacob… – Okay. – So you know how many we have, and then when we get to the
top, we’ll try that number. You guys ready? – [Mom] Okay, let’s go.
Everybody count steps. – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine… Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen… – I lost count already. – [Mom] Ugh, more steps.
We’ve been doing steps all day for the last like, I don’t know how long! – This safe’s only like, 50 pounds, this is not that easy to carry. – [Mom] And carrying
it through the jungle? – Yeah.
– So fun! – So, I hope when we get to the top, all three kids have the same number. If they have different numbers, I think we can only try
this once every like, half hour or so, Because it ticks and then
it, like, locks us out. Guys, how many steps? – I got 94. – 94. – I got 83. – What?
(mom sighs) – Oh, no! – [Mom] 94 or 83, what is it? – Hate to break it to you…
– There’s more… – But there are more steps. – [Mom] No! Do you think we can fall?
– Should we try 94? – Yeah.
– That’s only two digits. – Well, it could be, – I don’t think this is
gonna, well, we can try it. – How many digits…
– I’m gonna try 94. (safe beeps) – Yeah, but how many?
– Red. – [Mom] Have we climbed today? I think we’ve climbed thousands. (Audrey sighs)
– Red. 94 is not the number.
– I didn’t keep track. – [Mom] We didn’t keep track of all the steps all over this ruins. – Hey, is there any clue up in there? – [Mom] I don’t know. – [Dad] Check that out. – [Mom] I don’t know if
there’s clues in the rocks. I don’t know. (Mom sighs) We need to get out of here. – Guys, let’s just keep going,
I don’t see any clues here. Maybe when we find an
area where there’s WiFi we can look it up. See if there’s a serial number on here, see if maybe that’ll help us, or maybe we can even go to a locksmith, find an expert that can
help us get this open. Let’s go, guys!
– No, I’m tired! – I’m hungry!
– My legs hurt. (Jake shouting in the distance) – What? – [Mom] Jake thinks we
just went in a circle. – Jake says we just went in a circle. Have we been here before? These do kinda look familiar
– I want out of here. Let’s go up and see.
– Let’s go. – [Mom] Let’s just see
what Jake’s talking about. – Look! What? – [Mom] Well, another gate. – That’s the same, but,
it looks exactly the same. – [Dad] That means we’re
close to the end then. – [Mom] Okay, so this is the end. But how did we get out of here? How’d we get here?
– Oh, yeah! This is the, – [Mom] Do you guys remember?
This has been such a long day. – It’s a circle!
– Mom, this isn’t the same. – [Mom] Yeah, is this the gate that Audrey opened, or not? – It is.
– Is this the one? – Oh yeah, it is! It is!
– That means, There’s a trail down here. – [Mom] This is the gate? – I do, because I never closed it. – [Mom] She never closed this one, so this is the gate Audrey opened. That means we’re close,
where do we go, guys? – Let’s try going down instead of up. – Yeah.
– Let’s try going back down. Why did I climb all these stairs? – [Dad] Let’s go. This is the way down,
we went the wrong way! – Oh, we…
– We were too focused on the stairs, that we
didn’t see the trail that goes off to the left, that goes down. I think that’s gonna take us
out, ’cause it’s by the river, and the river takes us
back to where our car is. – [Mom] Oh, I hope you’re right. – Let’s go. – [Mom] Okay, I think David’s right. I think we’re on the right
path, ’cause I remember this. I remember crossing this bridge. (waterfall flowing) Okay, it’s another cave. – This is, I think this is the
first cave that we came in. (Audrey shushing) Alright, this is the cave that we came in when we first got here. Let’s try one more, what are we gonna try? – [Jake and Tyler] “Water”. – [Audrey] Hurry, what if it’s timed. – Where’s the “T”? – [Dad and Tyler] T-E-R… – [Dad] Hit the check mark. – [Audrey] Come on, come on… – [Audrey and Dad] Ugh! – [Mom] We’ve gotta be close. – Let’s just take it home and do it. – It’s ticking again. – What happens if each time it beeps, – [Audrey] What if there
are like, two tries, before it just, like, completely locks forever?
– I don’t know. – What happens if each time
it beeps, it tracks us? – [Mom] Oh, so it’s like, a tracking coin that triggers tracking? – Oh, good point, Ty. – [Tyler] Every time you get it wrong. – We made it! – I’ve got the perfect combination, I think it’s the obvious: How about “open”? – [Jake] Oh! – Should we just try “open”? – Yeah. – Okay, try it. – [Jake] Okay. – [Dad] Uh-oh. Are we locked out? We’re trying it too soon, we gotta give it more time
and then we can do it, okay? – [Mom] Okay. – Let’s try it in the car, see
if maybe we can do it there. – Okay, guys, we made
it out of the jungle. We’re going to get back
home, upload these videos, and hopefully you guys can
help us crack the code, ’cause we have tried several times. – Yeah, and if a
combination’s not the way, think of some other ways
that maybe we can try to get this safe open. – It could be numbers,
it could be letters. – A sledgehammer! – Crowbar.
– A sledge… Yeah. Any way that we
can crack open this safe, give us your ideas, ’cause we’ve been trying as
we’ve tried to make our way out. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like, subscribe, and share. – And… – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you guys next time! – [All] Bye! (dramatic adventure music)

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