Laughter is the Best Medicine

LOUD = FUNNY ft. Sr Pelo

*megalovania humming* Wait- Wait a minute, is- is that- is that you, Pelo? Oh, yes, hello, Circle, fancy meeting you here! …this is my house. And I LOVE what you’ve done with this place! Oh, wow, thank you, y’know, I just bought that new house plan- *breaking* Oh, oh yeah, it’s great, mhm. And you know what? I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you about something. The internet lately has been saying we’re the two LOUD animators. WHO SAID THAT?! WE HAVE MORE TO OFFER THAN JUST LOUD NOISES! I KNOW, RIGHT??! I MEAN, IT’S RIDICULOUS! OUR COMEDY COMES IN MANY FORMS! JUST WATCH THIS!!! cough cough Uh, what do you call a sad cup of coffee? What? Depresso! hehe.. ehe…eh y’know that’s- that’s- that’s not funny at all. BUT WATCH THIIIIIII- *̄̐f̶͓̙͔͛̂́̄o̦o͗t̨̡̮̫ͭͪ̌ͥ͟͡ ̀br̶̺̬̃ͨͩę͖̘ą̸̣̮̘͑̿̒k̻͑͝iͤ̃ñ̶̲͔̲̲̂ͤg̸̡̻͇͚̘ͮͥͧ*̖͈ OW tAhaha.. oh my god, are you ok?? AAAAAAAAAA *circle “laughing”* Oh my god, that’s HILARIOUS! And so the two boys realized that screaming is honestly, pretty funny. My foot is definitely broken.

100 thoughts on “LOUD = FUNNY ft. Sr Pelo

  1. Some joke about depression

    13 year old teens faking depression: ooOo That HURTS! I hAve DePressIonnnnnnnnn!¡

  2. People in the comment saying about loud screaming

    People in the comments saying this is a ripoff of the Odds1out

  3. Sr Pelo: WHO SAID THAT??

    Me: dies of laughter

    Sr Pelo: AHHHHHH

    Me: still dies of laughter


  4. Loud generally isnt funny but can be if you actually try. You cant just put a dancing shrek and some earrape music over it and call it funny, but sr. pelo actually animates and makes really interesting emotions with his characters and then continues to put his heart into the voice he's created for himself, so his effort overall makes it funny. I just really like the emotion and faces his animations have lol

  5. 0:38 the best 5 seconds of my life
    Edit:pelo 2018 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH pelo 2019 my foot is definitely broken

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