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Louis Tomlinson — “So I Dialed 9” [Humor Part 2]

it’s a Terran so it’s D it’s a it’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all sakes if you’re a girl who would you date in the back not including yourself hi if I was slipping your frigerator refrigerator fridge what would I find you would probably find some milk strange thing to find in a fridge oh I’ve started and no I’m not going to finish Zain Tomlinson a man after my heart I love it you’re like Louise I think I would go back to good night and just have some fun with me friends in goodnight and-and-and-and I could make up with him via Facebook and Twitter one direction hello hello a free radio so be there yes thank you life those you’ve got most throne we’re using the phones of this year have you started one of the workers here every actor in the best cup of tea always got money in their pocket that’s definitely not good ice cold coffee so what is going on look so great I don’t know I’m in foot for years that they love to talk about it’s for some reason take it if you work outdoors that is that who’s that you work on it do you know understand in the gym hey write me a tattoo maybe a tattoo and I’m like okay wall what is your least favorite and favorite One Direction song my favorite story of my life that’s uh and I don’t have a least favorite it’s the only one he knows if you had to get a tattoo today what would it be off what about me has surprised you the most since we became homies

100 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson — “So I Dialed 9” [Humor Part 2]

  1. You do know when he was doing his impression of Liam he said ‘I think I would go back to DUDLEY’

  2. Lol I love him.💓👌👌👌
    By far my favorite 1D member, the definite cutest and funiest, and also possibly one of the sassiest. He and Harry battle for that part. But seriously… Louis Tomlinson is amazing.👌

  3. here's a fact about me my full name is alayshia elizbeth Jenkins and I'm 14 and my nickname is laylay and I love Louis Tomlinson

  4. I miss the old Louis he was so cute and funny but I mean don't get me wrong has still cute and everything but he's more serious

  5. Great great…. So who's the OLDEST member of One Direction…

    I seriously can't believe it's Louis, MAN!!!
    Louis:"It's says do not dial 9,
    So I dialed 9" 😂😂

  6. Alright guys, I’ve been getting too many comments correcting me lately so here it is: I know it’s DUDLEY not GOODLAY, but I cannot rewind time and edit an uploaded video. Thanks! 🖤

  7. Louis: who would you date in the band not including yourself if you were a girl
    Zayn: Harry Harry Harry Harry
    Louis: I'm very cross about this (looks genuenly mad and you can see the fire behind his eyes)
    Me: mmmhm ok
    *le raises tea and sips

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