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Love is the way | Bishop Michael Curry’s captivating sermon  – The Royal Wedding – BBC

From the Song of Solomon in the Bible Set me as a seal upon your heart as a seal upon your arm The love is as strong as death Passion fears as the grave It’s flashes are flashes of fire a raging flame Many waters cannot quench love Neither can floods drown it out The late dr. Martin Luther King once said and I quote we Must discover the power of love the redemptive power of love and when we do that We will make of this old world a new world Belov Love is the only way There’s power in love Don’t underestimate it Don’t even over sentimentalize it There’s power power in love If you don’t believe me Think about a time when you first fell in love The whole world Seemed to center around you and your beloved. Oh this power power in love Not just in its romantic forms, but any form any shape of love There’s a certain sense in Which when you are loved and you know it when someone cares for you, and you know it When you love and you show it It actually feels right There’s something right about it And there’s a reason for it The reason has to do with the source we were made by a power of love and Our lives were meant and are meant to be lived in that love. That’s why we were we are here Ultimately the source of love is God Himself the source of all of our lives There’s an old medieval poem that that says where true love is found God Himself is there The New Testament says it this way beloved Let us love one another Because love is of God and those who love are Born of God and know God those who do not love do not know God why for God is love There’s power in love There’s power in love to help and heal when nothing else can There’s power in love to lift up and livering nothing else will There’s power in love To show us the way to live Set me as a seal on your heart a seal on your arm for love It’s as strong as death But but love is not only about a young couple Now the power of love is demonstrated by the fact that we’re all here To young people fell in love and we all showed up But but it’s not just for and about a young couple who we rejoice with it’s more than that Jesus of Nazareth on one occasion was asked by a lawyer to sum up the essence of the teachings of Moses And-and-and-and. He went back and reached back into the Hebrew Scriptures to Deuteronomy and Leviticus And Jesus said you shall love the Lord your God with All your heart all your soul all your mind and all your strength This is the first and Great Commandment and the second is like it Love your neighbor as yourself and then in Matthews version He added he said on these two love of God and love of neighbor hang all the law all the prophets Everything that Moses broke everything into holy prophets everything in the scriptures Everything that God has been trying to tell the world. Love God Love your neighbors and while you’re at it love yourself No someone once said that Jesus began the most revolutionary movement in all of human history a movement grounded in the unconditional love of God for the world and a movement Mandating people to live that love and in so doing To change not only their lives but the very life of the world itself I’m talking about the power Real power Power to change the world If you don’t believe me Well There were small slaves in America’s Antebellum self who explained the dynamic power of love and why it has the power to transform they explained it this way they sang a spiritual even in the midst of their captivity It’s one that says there is a balm in Gilead a healing balm something that can make things, right There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole There is a balm in Gilead To heal the sick soul. And one of the stanzas actually explains why they said if you cannot preach like Peter and You cannot pray like all You just tell the love of Jesus how he died to save us all oh, that’s the balm in Gilead This way of love it is the way of life They got it. He died to save us all he didn’t die for anything. He could get out of it Jesus did not get an honorary Doctorate for dying He didn’t he wasn’t getting anything out of it. He gave up his life He sacrificed his life for the good of others for the good of the other for the well-being of the world for us That’s what is love is not selfish and self-centred love can be sacrificial And in so doing becomes redemptive In that way of unselfish Sacrificial redemptive love Changes lives And it can change this world If you don’t believe me, just just stop and think for magic think and imagine Well He can imagine a world where love is the way Imagine our homes and families when love is the way imagine Neighborhoods and Communities where love is the way it imagined? governments and nations Where love is the way? imagine business and Commerce when love is the way imagine this tired old world when love is is the way when love is the way Unselfish sacrificial redemptive when love is the way then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again When love is the way? We will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever-flowing group In love is the way poverty will become history When love is the way the earth? Will be a sanctuary And love is the way We will lay down our swords and shields down by the riverside to study war no more When love is the way There’s plenty good room Buddy good room for all of God’s children Coz when love is the way We actually treat each other Well Like we’re actually family When love is the way We know that God is the source of us all and we are brothers and sisters Children of God Brothers and sisters That’s a new heaven a new earth a new world a new human family And let me tell you something old Solomon was right in the Old Testament That’s fire They are dishing on and with this I will sit down we got to get you all married French Jesuit ard showdown Was arguably one of the great minds great spirits of the 20th century Jesuit Roman Catholic priest scientists the scholar a mystic in Some of his writings. He said from his scientific background as well as his theological one some of his writings He said as others have that the discovery or invention or harnessing of fire was one of the great one of the great scientific and technological discoveries in all of human history Fire to a great extent made human civilization possible Fire made it possible to cook food and and and to provide Sanitary ways of eating which reduced the spread of disease in its time fire made it possible to to heat warm environment and thereby made human migration around the world a possibility even into colder climates Fire made it possible. There is no there was no Bronze Age without fire No, Iron Age without fire. No Industrial Revolution without fire the advances of science and technology are greatly Dependent on the human ability and capacity to take fire and use it for human good Anybody get here in a car today an automobile Knock your heads. If you did I’m guessing I know there were some carriages But those of us who came on cars Fire the controlled harnessed fire made that possible I know that the Bible says I believe Jesus walked on the water But I have to tell you I didn’t walk across the Atlantic Ocean to get here controlled fire in that plane got me here fire makes it possible for us to text and tweet an email and Instagram and and Facebook and socially be dysfunctional with each other Fire makes all of that possible and and de Chardin said fire one of the greatest discoveries in all of human history and he then went on to say that if humanity ever harnesses the energy of fire again, if humanity ever captures the energy of love It will be the second time in history That we have discovered fire Dr. King was right We must discover love The redemptive power of love and when we do that We will make of this old world a new world My brother my sister God, love you God bless you And may God hold us all in those Almighty hands of love You

100 thoughts on “Love is the way | Bishop Michael Curry’s captivating sermon – The Royal Wedding – BBC

  1. If I'm honest, if I were there I probably would have giggled a little, tried to hide my grin, felt slightly uncomfortable about his charisma. That's my fault – the fault of the British stiff upper lip. Bishop Curry was AMAZING and us English aren't used to this passion and vibrancy. I think the Church of England should take a leaf out of his book, and I hope to have a little spark of him in me when I hopefully join the clergy in the forseeable future. If I could be just a little like him in my sermons, I'd have done a good job. His energy is truly commendable, and his message is flawless.

  2. John 5:44 Context

    41I receive not honour from men. 42But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you. 43I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. 44How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only? 45Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust. 46For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. 47But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

  3. Pastor Curry is ABSOLUTELY empowered with God's holy spirit.You can't fake this no way.Thank you God.Thank You Pastor Curry

  4. I mean he just sounds so passionate in what he says. Sure he was over the top, but I felt a bright love radiating from him throughout his speech.

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  6. Love is the only way. Thank you Curry. You made me believe more in love. "Where true love is found, God himself is there."

  7. People complaining that this was too long? I saw him preach this past Sunday – he went on for 45 minutes; my cellphone camera melted down halfway through it. He is atypical for an Episcopal (Anglican) priest – most have the button-down demeanor of their British counterparts, but maybe that's why he was elected Presiding Bishop for the US.

  8. Talk about making the most of his fifteen minutes of fame… or thirteen minutes if you want to be accurate about it.

  9. Beste Predigt die ich gehört habe. Nur die liebe zählt und Gott. Und die Kirche mit ihrem verlogenen System kann verschwinden. Die Kirche gehört abgeschafft mit all Ihren Institutionen und enteignet. Das viele Geld können alle anderen besser gebrauchen.

  10. Disrespectful to come into the church and behave like this in front of the queen the defender of the faith. He was ill advised. It’s an embarrassment.

  11. You know what….yes, this vicar was eccentric, yes it went on and on and on….and on and on (you catch my drift), and yes, it was pretty darn funny – especially watching all the reactions of the royal family. But what a great guy!! It's far better to have people like him in the world than horrible people who just preach negativity and hate! His message was full of enthusiasm, and if only this whole world would listen to his words, it would be a much nicer place to live in!!

  12. To whom that may take Bishop Michael curry’s sermon in a controversial manner,is overlooking the core message.Love is acceptance and love for diversity is what keeps this great world…great.The bishop preaches this”love your neighbour”whomever it maybe…ignore the racist and naive comments,and just love…for whoever you may percieve god to be…Love is at the centre….so Love this world,whoever maybe in it.LOVE

  13. Here after watching bad lip reading's version to see what he actually said instead of cooking hotdogs lmao

  14. Disappointed in all the royals for their reactions save the Queen, the Duke and their Royal Highnesses, the Bride and Groom.

  15. LMAO this reaction of the audience is hilarious. I freaking spat out my drink… David Beckham, Elton John, Britney spears, even the queen…

  16. Man he sure lectured about it All, i kind of felt like it was a history lesson for a second with the fire sermon, but the British put good use to those big funny hats by hiding their facial expressions thats day, i enjoyed it though very heartfelt

  17. Amazing, beautiful, truthful sermon. I pray for those who deal with their emotions as if everything is a joke. It’s disgusting and sad. Even royals, rich and famous people are so self conscious that they have to snicker and make fun. Actually makes them look like “the joke”. Their disrespect here was nothing but disgusting.

  18. “You know I slipped and I fell into a coffin this weekend.. no I didn’t! It was just a dream, it was just a dream. There wasn’t a coffin- I said “hurray!” And do you know what I felt like, I felt like he beat squirrel in the hole. Let us all try to be..the best squirrel in the hole.”

  19. Oml I love this guy he seems happy and he have a great personality I want a friend like him! XD
    God is love 💖

  20. I watched this with my very atheist yet very British dad, I wish I would’ve recorded his reaction! 😂 in all honesty though this is so Prince Harry! Royal and dignified yet goes against the grain. Would love to hear what Prince Philip thought of it.
    My favourite part was Camillas shoulders moving up and down in laughter but hiding her face behind her massive hat! 😂😂

  21. Why does it look like they are all about to laugh because they are at a stand up
    Half of them even are like, a Come on Il got to make money on destroying this world. But David Beckham seems to have a render heart

  22. He talks about love but the bride can’t and won’t forgive her family. Megain is a disgusting narcissist. It’s all about Megain and if you don’t tow the line she cuts you loose. Please Megain learn to forgive before it’s to late.

  23. I remember not caring at all about this wedding, clicking on the link youtube had, watching how people were reacting to this speech, and staying for a while xD

  24. Those inbreds, laughing at the Bishop! SHAME on them. Yet their Daddy is hanging out with a known paedophile. I wonder if they are still laughing?!! Bishop you should of preached about the laws of the lands that Underage sex is a crime. They may have all of the tax payers money of Britain and other poor countries, the majority of their family are COMPLETE Con Artists! Enough with worshipping these people. Harry and Meghan rock!

  25. He was an embarrassment. Like a lot of Americans, all about me, me, me. Shut up, stop being so loud and try learning something about the world outside your insular little bubble

  26. You are all Holy and whole by Christ!, not one over another, unless you live and believe less than what the GOOD GOOD FATHER All around and in Heaven has paid for! I hope the whole church can actually go up to the court room of God and his throne room now before death to be a entry for "Christ made a way now", and we are seated in heavenly places, so stop staring at one another on a stage and go to his stage, a Heavenly Kingdom God made stage not man made, for things come from heaven to earth, and Christ tore the veil to enter in before , his presence by the Blood and righteousness of Christ (Yahushua) in you!

    So church are you going to believe yet, or do you need help call upon the Father to remove the unbelief! Enjoy his love and ecstasy of satisfaction in HIM, let him tell you and show you his love, because Christ is the "doorway"!, to what? To heaven! Thats what, and its not impossible! Why? All because Christ showed us and is still showing us today this second forever to look to the heaven and his kingdom and seek HIS kingdom first and HIS righteousness first, and as it is in Heaven may it be on Earth now, and always its that order, and how do we know what to bring to earth? Well Christ is the door so enter in Church to your inheritance, death is not the ticket, in Christ you are a new creation completely whole, you have been put to death already you cant die again, its Christ who lives in you!

  27. "Love, love, love, love, love, love…" Horrible sermon. I could tell the congregation felt trapped and had to listen to this blowhard. He took advantage of his position and abused it. A far cry from the eloquent minister who spoke at Princess Diana's wedding.

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