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Lupita Nyong’o’s Voice in ‘Us’ & Cast Reactions To Hearing It

(dramatic music) – [Red] Be careful. (laughs) (dramatic music) – [Reporter] What was your reaction when you first Lupita’s voice? – I was a little bit shocked ’cause I had always heard
her talking regularly, and she’s so sweet, and her voice is so calm, and then, I don’t know. It really freaked me out. – Chills. Chills. Definite chills. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay. – I was like wow that’s a
big choice that’s scary. That is just a brave choice
’cause it’s so out there. But I understand why she’s
doing it throughout the movie it becomes more clear,
and it’s pretty wild. – First time we heard the voice we were shooting the fireplace scene and you could hear a pin drop. Crew members were scared hearing that, and when Lupita would be on set, we only shot her Red
character on certain days, and in her good character on other days. Never the same day ’cause she would get into that character and then, she would inhabit it all day. And I learned the hard way to not try to make small talk with
her on the Red days. – Run. – [Reporter] How did you come up with that voice for this film? – Well, I was inspired by the
condition spasmodic dysphonia which is a condition that
comes about from a trauma sometimes emotional, sometimes physical, and it creates this
spasming in your vocal cords that leads to an irregular flow of air. So, I studied that. I worked with an ear,
nose, and throat doctor, a vocal therapist, and my dialect coach to try and make sure I
could do it and do it safely ’cause I had two roles to play. I couldn’t afford to damage my voice. – [Reporter] Did your
voice ever hurt at all? It seems like would, after watching that. – No, in the beginning when
I was still trying it out and building on it because
it’s inspired by the condition, but it’s not an exact
replica of the condition. So, you know, while I was
practicing and figuring it out I definitely scratched
my throat a few times, but by the time we got to
filming it I was pretty set on how it should
go and I was very good at warming up my voice
and cooling it down. (dramatic music) (screaming) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o’s Voice in ‘Us’ & Cast Reactions To Hearing It

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  2. Y’all see her ring? 1:21
    It’s scissors , yess ❤️.
    The way “red” walked and talked… I couldn’t sleep the night I watched the movie.
    That voice alone was scarier than most so-called "horror" movies out there these days.

  3. I'm sorry I just watch that movie. And I fast forward it because I couldn't make heads or tails out of it totally disappointed. What a load of s*** I'm sorry the kids were amazing good acting the adults a good actors. but the film was terrible. Why put amazing actors in a crap stupid movie that didn't make sense. My sister told me not to watch it but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I am so gutted I should have listened to my sister. My thumbs are down bigtime😤🤯👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎. Sorry to all you people who enjoyed watching it.😎

  4. i really thought that someone might have done a voice over for the character 'red' since it really doesnt sound like lupita. but at some time on the movie, i found out it was her. she was the one doing that voice and i was really amazed. kudos to her 👏👏

  5. Finally! A movie that has a character with my name in it! My name is so uncommon I was starting to think that I was the only one in the world with the name Adelaide

  6. So many started laughing when she started speaking like that. After it stopped being funny it was just cringe

  7. I Would Smash Lupita Nyong’o’ She Bad AF Smart/Intelligent And Those Thick Thighs I Would Beat That Shit Up And Not Pull Out 😍🤤💯💯💯….. OHH Shit This Isn’t Pornhub…

  8. Most honest reviews said this movie sucked and Lupita's scary voice was a joke. People were laughing and walking out of the theater halfway through. It's crazy how critics are still afraid to give black movies bad reviews.

  9. It always reminded me of Jordan’s voice from the hall of mirrors sketch with the murderer pretending he was a reflection to the detective

  10. Shit that’s so scary… wow I’m actually really creeped out and I only head her say ‘be careful haha’ ….

  11. Wait, so they were switched, but she obviously knew some English before she was switched. Why didn’t she teach others to talk?

  12. See it’s just inspired by the condition people need to take a chill pill man I mean his dead anyway

  13. Rumor has it that the reason Tethered Lupita’s voice is so weird is because (spoilers below)

    Her vocal cords got crushed during the strangling by the real Tethered when they met as a child

  14. Am I really the only one who wasn't creeped out by the voice? I actually almost couldn't take the movie seriously cause of it

  15. I was so underwhelmed with this movie. No sense of tension or feeling like the main family was actually in danger ever in the movie. They were protected so heavily by plot armore it just destroyed any scariness it could have had. At least to me.

    And i watched it in a drive in with some friends. I tried like really TRIED to get into this movie and get scared but i just couldn't. The tonal shifts were too much, the comedy went on too long kinda destroyed any creepy atmosphere. You couldn't really take anything seriously. And yes, I'm sorry, but her voice just sounded a little silly to me not creepy. I get it her character was choked and had damaged vocal chords but yeah.

    The only part of the movie i thought was really cool and done really well was the end fight/dance scene. The switching back and forth with the parallells was really cool and artistic. But the rest of the movie just kinda sucked for me.

  16. Oh dang I had thought they just had her lip syncing to someone else talking, or that they’d altered her voice with a computer. I had no idea she actually made her voice do that. What an incredible actress, wow!!

  17. The voice was the #1 worst thing about the entire movie. It ruined the mood, it sounded like she was making fun of a retarded person. I love how the Tim and Eric guy (Tim Heidecker) was like 'Wow, that's a big choice.. that's a brave choice, it's so out there." (I've removed the little buffers he slipped between to make it sound complimentary, but you could tell he wanted to clown so hard but would be labeled racist so he masqued it a bit!) And I've been in black and black-heavy area movie theatres and you can NOT lie to me and tell me that theatre was quiet when she's making this dumbass voice, you know half the audience was clowning on her and laughing and mocking her voice. Don't even play- but ya'll don't wanna talk about that cause you know it goes against your 'support all black cinema even if it's bad cause we're also people of color' is biased bullshit. And you know let's be real on the "yah but she won an Oscar" thing, boo – she won an Oscar while playing a lead role in a slave movie and we all know about a. how many people voted on the movie to win but didn't view it, b. slave movies are oscar bait due to white and jewish white guilt, so winning an oscar for any role associated with a slave movie is like wondering if a celebrity's or senator's child will make it into Harvard or Yale or X Ivy League school. (It's already in the bag..)

  18. I watched this movie with my mom and I was genuinely a little creeped out. This movie had chills running down my spine honestly.

  19. Best horror movie this year. I usually can figure out what's happening in the first 20 minutes of horror films, but I was guessing the whole time

  20. Wow i haven't heard an interview of her for a few months now and I really noticed she has lost her accent from when she started.

  21. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with portraying a disorder as long as it’s done correctly, and she did a lot of research and worked with actual doctors. I see no issue

  22. i appreciate the detail she puts into her craft so much. you can really see that she’s passionate about being a performer.

  23. Why were they all so surprised when they were shooting the movie? Didn't they rehearse alot prior so they would've already heard the voice.

  24. so I rlly wanted to watch the video, but while an ad was playing I read through a few of the comments and–
    having second thoughts I'll be back when it isn't 2 am in the morning

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