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Mac Miller – Stopped Making Excuses (Documentary)

I’m probably going to cry a few times during
the course of this thing I’m an emotional guy Funny though because I always get the question
of like You’re white? How did you start rapping? And to me it was never like a weird thing
I guess I just never really thought about it Like I obviously like knew most rappers aren’t
white But I wasn’t like should I be doing this? On the other side I think I get a benefit From being white I think that white kids can see me and see
themselves like That could be me So I mean I think that was a huge boost for
me And a guilty thing when I was coming up Like ah fuck am I only here because I’m
white Is that the only reason So yeah I think I had to prove to myself that I
was more than just A white guy that is lucky because he’s white Damn Mac Miller is super lonely in New York Nobody lives with him Just him and his two cats See in my old days I would hire somebody for
this But I’m trying to get some real life experiences Drove my own UHaul Everybody’s got to grow up some time But I was an easy target I admit that like I don’t know what changed I think I think I just got more conceptual with what
I was doing People just started maybe getting how real
everything was to me I’d say I think I just kinda started giving more of
myself and who like Who I actually am Could you give me like a little bit of reverb And I think like it also became one of those
things Where I got like so much negativity That it almost became like okay There’s no point to overly hate on this
dude When we actually see what he’s doing Then when you look in there there’s some
good music there You know what’s a lot of it I always have
respect for my peers It almost becomes like if the people you love
fuck with me Maybe you might not be correct in your assumptions you know Fuck Probably should’ve woke up went to work but I didn’t I probably shouldv’e saved a little money I didn’t Probably shouldn’t be high everyday but It’s my hats off to all the people that
did like champion me And did say you know what we fuck with him And it’s real I think for me I just wanted to get as far
away from home as I could Like I went out there I started recording
Macadelic And I just loved the environment and I was
like I’m staying Certain energy out there that’s beautiful
and unmatched anywhere else So I think I just you know I caught the vibes
you know like And just wanted to ride it out and see where
it went And it went to places I could never imagine To have all that space is a pro and a con Depending on how you look at it But it’s really just something within myself That was the thing that initially That I liked for a while But that’s more dangerous than actually
LA is Just kind of sitting there by myself all the
time You know it just becomes like It becomes toxic It started by me just sitting inside all day And then it’s like then you get bored Then you’re like well I could just be high And I could have a whole adventure in this
room I’m always like if somebody like you wanna
try this And I’m like yeah sure And then it just kind of fucks you up when
you have a bunch of money Cause like you try a drug and you like it Then you can buy a lot of it you know so I
went through about everything Let me clear a couple of things here There’s a lot of people talking about me
being on drugs Look at me Do I like I’m on drugs to you? Not on drugs Drugs are on me, alright? That was a fucking quote That was a quote At one point weed didn’t relax me from everything It made me more paranoid about all the shit
happening Right so like I needed to get a drug that was a little more
numbing if you will And less like in your head So yeah that’s I think that’s what really
sparked me doing drugs Is because I hate being sober I wanted a drug to do Nah this is too much though nah like this
is the pure No no no I’m saying I’m saying that’s
how pure the ocean No you’re not listening to me this is not This is not even the one that you think is it This is the one that’s really it Listen to me I’m your brother this right
here I’ll taste I’ll let you know You’re gonna miss a couple of shows No way This is perfect this is mud I rather be the corny white rapper than the
drugged out mess Who can’t even get out of his house Overdosing is just not cool There’s no legendary romance You don’t go down in history because you
overdosed You just die When you stop making excuses for myself that’s
really when it was When it’s like I step out and look at how
this looks to someone Who doesn’t have any idea that I’m famous
or whatever Just like walks in and looks at the situation They’re gonna be this is fucked up you know Being able to admit that that’s not the
way to live And you can still have fun I mean I’m not
fucking sober I get fucked up like let’s keep it real I get super fucked up Still all the time that will never stop But I am just in control of my life I am not fucked up right now I am chilling I spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh towards
around finishing the album Just like hanging out with my friends that
I grew up with And everyone and going out and drinking Being around people that I’ve known for
a long time and that just That feels nice It’s great to drive around without a GPS It’s great to fucking know where to go to
get anything at any time It’s great to go back to places you ran
around as a kid in as an adult I don’t know man there’s no better thing
than having Your hometown love you I think the love me
I hope they do I love them Please welcome international recording artist
and Pittsburgh native Mac Miller Steeler’s nation wave those terrible towels I wanna be positive as a human being And through music but I also want to have
low points it’s like an ascension There’s moments when they get dark Because it’s not Nothing is all good Are these albums not having the cut all highly drug induced albums Definitely Are they great definitely You know I’m not gonna take anything away
from the shit that I went through To make these albums I’m not going to write them off just because
I was on drugs Because I went through too much emotionally
and mentally and negative against me physically to act
like it was for nothing I went all over Performing right But there’s special there’s something
that’s the most important There’s something that’s my favorite thing
in the motherfucking world To perform is Pittsburgh you feel me When I come home I want to see shit be the
craziest that I’ve ever seen In my motherfucking life Yeah am I real rapper? Yeah that’s what
I am I’m out here I have complete confidence in my ability I’m not tripping on having to overflex or
anything I have accomplishments and they speak for
themselves And I have music and it speaks for itself Man I must be a real rapper

100 thoughts on “Mac Miller – Stopped Making Excuses (Documentary)

  1. Now he can’t get old and be real cool sittin on the porch with a fresh pair of shoes tell a bunch of stories to the neighborhood kids tell to believe that their making it big😭😢💔 I miss you big homie rest easy

  2. Such a sweet kid, I can tell that’s one thing that made me fuck with your music it reflected your life and personality love you so much Malcolm your music will never die miss you my friend

  3. I'm confuse‼️‼️‼️‼️ bc I seen videos of him before he passed saying that he was clean and he was planning on staying clean and making a change and he proves that with his album ( swimming ) that was opening people eyes, and out of nowhere now he died from drug overdose. But can it be the media playing with our heads??? Or maybe they don't know the reall story‼️‼️‼️‼️I mean why is it that every time a huge artist signed to a mayor record label drops a album that opens the public eyes, touch the public heart and soul, it be their last one🙄 I don't know but everything seems fishy to me. Am I the only one?

  4. Omg 😭😭😭 my heart bro I miss him so much, this is another reason why drugs will never be a regular thing or anything like that. When you do drugs, you’re hurting others

  5. hip hop is a culture for all isn't about white or black broth, you are a great inspiration to me. One of my favorite rappers and artists

  6. RiP Mac. Even now, still one of the greats in my book. Still makes my hair stand on end when he talks about death, like it's not real. "But plenty more songs to make cousin, so why the fuck you buggin'?" Wish we still had more on the way…

  7. You didn't go down in history because you overdosed mac, you went down in history because you're a fucking legend. Rest easy bro

  8. “Overdosing is just not cool. There’s no legendary romance. You don’t go down in history because you overdosed, you just die”
    Damn Mac

  9. 6:47 damn French really be telling Mac that he's putting too much sauce on his drink. That was really a big hint of his addiction

  10. I can't think of another artist that impacted their fans like Mac. Felt like he was family even though we never met. Miss you Malcolm.

  11. Absolute chills and tears when he said overdosing isnt cool, you dont become great from overdosing, you just….die…..
    Miss you Mac, a real one, RIP

  12. This is sad. Seeing him the bathtub was very disturbing. He was really bad there. I wish Mac sticked to drinking kool-aid or beer.. He probably had lived longer. For those that are blaming Ariana Grande. He just said he hated to being sober. That’s not her fault. She probably couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted him to live longer.. she tried getting him help. People still hate her and blame her.. He was a very talented rapper. R.I.P Mac! Gone too soon but never forgotten!

  13. Man this hits home. Lost my brother the same way. At 10:58 during his performance you can tell he’s flying right there. Thank you for your music Mac. I can’t help but see my brother in him. Wow.

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