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Macadamia nutcracker, a faster way to get cracking..

How’s it going. Doing a bit of a
different clip today. It’s not chickens, the ladies are behind me here and it’s not
the aquaponics that are behind you chaps. It’s on a nutcracker.
I had a gent PM me and he was telling me that, PM personal message, he was telling me that he’s on nutcracker and avocado farm in Hawaii so G’Day Islander, that’s
his YouTube tag and I thought I’d just do a bit of a quick clip to show you
mate the nutcracker that we use and everyone
else. It’s a bit of a funky design it’s made by an Aussie just north of us. North
of Brisbane he lives. His name’s Nigel the nutcracker man and he’s come up
with this idea and it’s a fantastic way to crack your nuts basically. We use it
on Maccas, pecans, don’t really needed to use it on pecans but you can, walnuts as
well. So I’ll stop muttering on and I’ll bring you down and have a bit of a look
at how it works. So this is the nutcracker itself it’s made from beautiful
Australian hardwood very solid very solid sturdy piece. We actually bought
this from a flea markets out of Fernvale a couple of, fair few years ago now actually
and yeah it’s a great little unit. This little stand we bought off Nigel, the nutcracker man and sell for the BOGI fair the Brisbane organic growers fair last
year and it is a really good investment. It holds the nutcracker in there nicely
and it gives you a nice hard solid surface to crack these nuts. The
way it works is you have this little rubber sleeve and you pop your macadamia
nut in there or walnut or any other sort of hard-shelled nut that you wanna crack
and you give it a good bash on the solid plate down there once it’s cracked you
use this rod at the back just to push the nut out like that. It’s a real
beautiful little simple system no messing around with holes in concrete
and hammers and hurt fingers and that like in the last house we lived at. So
with the actual nuts themselves the smaller they are the harder they are to
crack. The larger nuts these are only second grade maccas I think, the larger A grade ones are probably about half as big as that again and just because of
their size they’re a little bit easier to crack the smaller a sphere gets it’s
just a little bit harder and the shell itself becomes denser. So I’m going to
have a go at trying to crack these five as fast as I
can just by pushing this in there giving it a whack on the plate down the bottom
there and you push the stent nut out like that throw another one in and away
you go. I’ll try not to embarrass myself. Might take a few whacks at some
of the nuts to get them done but we’ll see how we go hey.
So here we go number one so there we go there’s all five and we’ll see what they look
like. Aww that one there, he’s a bit hammered. a bit of a shell stuck in him. A
nice little solid one down there and one here that’s ah no. I broke him in half in the shell. But that just gives you a bit of an idea on how fast you can go
through these things. I’ve seen people just, you know basically line up nuts
pick them up with this hitting down on them pick them off the table giving them a smashing & into the bowl. They’re a fantastic little unit. It’s great for
walnuts to. Not too good for the pecans, the first pecan I tried in here
from Dave, thanks mate, I actually smashed it to smithereens nut, shell the works. So I just thought I’d give you a bit of a look at that mate. I just thought it was a
really nifty little nutcracker. Just for anyone who’s interested I’ll put Nigel’s
details in the description below here and yeah see how you go. So there you go
mate I hope you like that look at that fantastic little nutcracker. It’s an
awesome piece of Australian ingenuity. I reckon you know Nigel’s come up with a
bit of a cracker on that one pun intended I suppose. So yeah pretty much we’ll leave it there. I hope you all have a
fantastic week and I’ll catch you next time, Cheers.
just a bit of a disclaimer here many nuts were cracked during the making of
this clip and all of them tasty.

36 thoughts on “Macadamia nutcracker, a faster way to get cracking..

  1. that's pretty quick i use a vice type one might have to chase one of those up, what did it set you back! got 3 macadamia trees down the front!

  2. That is a significantly better design then the little silver one I have ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. That was hands down the coolest little gadget I have ever seen. LOL I literally am going on ebay to find one right now! Thanks for sharing, Very Very cool. 

  4. That's a really cool design @Rob Bob, thank you for sharing. I think something like that could be crafted fairly quickly with just a few tools. Awesome video brother.

  5. Mate.
    Thats the mutts nuts;-) Sorry… I wanted to say what a good design. I do like nuts. I planted a hazelnut tree in last year. Just got to wait now lol. Nice one Dave.

  6. It's always good to have variety on a YouTube channel! Really cool nutcracker there Rob! Thanks for sharing that! You really cracked me up with your puns 😉 I give this video a knuckle cracking thumbs up!

  7. Hey Rob, great do you think it would cope with Nectarine or peach stones with the intent on planting the seeds? Cheers. Chris

  8. Took 2:30 to see a nut cracked… that's rough for product reviewers.   I do like the item though.  Not sure it's a fit for TV to mass market distribution that I work in but bet it will do great in stores around the holidays.   Good luck!

  9. I understand you have to dry the macadamias in the sun for two to three weeks before you can get them out of the shell. Can we just dry them in the oven instead of out in the sun and will that cut short the time needed to dry them out?

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