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but don't rely on love and blessings but never just a sign that heaven will somehow your dreams have marriage made in heaven seem so far away just learn to give and take and then one day you will just like in our village we carry on a tradition established in the reign of Henry the sixth each year before a judge and jury a public trial is held of any couple who can prove that they are past a year of Angmar married bliss to the successful claimants the court Awards a flitch of bacon we honey crafts or something of an authority on this ancient custom and have always seen it through without a hitch until last year when the tophams took up India well your father got you or peed on again I see what is it this time I've been nominated for the Fitch committee any better watch out the Vickers sister wants your blood oh not again I gave a pint last week no no no darling I mean she's getting beady eyed about you you know the green-eyed monster after all we are foreigners you know he lived here 15 years remember truce talks collapse generals fly back to front I beg the front whatever for to keep the Sun out of their eyes well by the way mother I got a letter for your other half of it a Texas had the other half of breakfast now he's lucky he's the only one that's eaten here yet and what's happened to breakfast it's grandpa's time Oh cranky stand by for Sanders wishing you've never be listen to this Indian Adam we are very pleased to be able to tell you that we have obtained from our Austrian branch a Hungarian domestic she will arrive on the 6:30 p.m. boat train of Victoria the 7th in Skype when is the seventh inst today is the sim is it inst of course it is might be out how could it be out was last month so she's really coming no more indigestion no more midday pangs and no more breakfast over cooked by grandpa hip-hip-hooray she looks a very nice girl I hope she won't get lost in London nice girls often do I better me to myself I'll get straight from the office well you better take a look at that you've got to recognize her in the platform yes I'd I'd better get an eyeful oh I say I just remembered I have a meeting in the office have until 6:30 tonight that puts me out oh what a nuisance or Brie no stockbrokers rarely work as late as that and sometimes worse like stop taking mother darling checking all the stock they haven't broken and you can meet her bezel taught me all right you miss hungry of 1910 sorry father I don't have time oh yes you will you leave me your office citrus don't you not sixish father six yeah well you can meet and have supper later eight ish no eight morning Marjorie morning dear what about me no I know why people talk about the certain problem take a look at that Judy when you get your own house you'll know just what it means to have a maid whatever she looks like when we get our own house Grimes are still working on the foundations yeah that's something yes but when's he going to finish it that depends on when he's going to start it it's a place on fire or something yeah a little overcook now Jimmy what do you think of this you want me to tell your grandfather yeah if you wake up wishing you would never been born our skills grosser for Rita God see it's Nelly right we took on born door oh wait horn if you wake up hearing the hunting-horn ask your grocer for we took on how's that but he wouldn't have it hunting with him any sort of sandwich form these are positively the last kippers to be cremated in this house well the fisherman's truck yeah we have oh you won't have to now we've got a maid well good I wonder she's any good as Lewin's 8:43 hi spitting breakfast anyway now battle never forget about the maid hmm I must dash what are you in the fabric a Jew he would be if they asked her don't whether I think I shall take my umbrella dolly you've taken your umbrella every day for 20 years there's been funny sort of weather for 20 years that's why usual train tonight oh yes dear yes I thought you said you'd be late at the office and no Tim no that was last night Oh what is it here soft sugar there's no soft sugar I have have my lemons is it Ted when I get to the office never mind darling it's my turn to cook breakfast tomorrow I say there's old Grimes car he must have struck oil we're not in our own house by Christmas I'll go mom by Christmas we'll freeze to death it's not funny basil I leave you if we have to live with your family much longer they're very sweet but one can have too much of a good sermon and one of you is enough so nobody can pretend we're gonna get in tomorrow the topham sir morning mr. baron morning mrs. Turpin top him of the morning to you mr. Grimes finished my Christmas now I hope mr. battle when no talent mr. battle he's no telling darling why I always say you can't make bricks without straw yeah it's best not and there's the timbrels as I was saying to mrs. Grimes last night I don't seem able to see the wood for the tree today then there's the fixtures yeah get over the past night but you don't seem able to get over the tabs really funny think they'll last you you could get over the tasks but you couldn't get out of the bath well still things looking up it's better to have a bath without taps and taps without a bath top so damp eh mr. Grimes cheer up there it's a step in the right direction hey Julie she works in the library pretty strict there you know rather like it to be punctual when there's the labor yes I see it as I always state rome wasn't built in a day no I bet it was finished by Christmas well I'm just kidding along yes so you don't want to be late at the auto any time does for me I'm my own master Oona sorry boss Tom nah you just imagine are these the ones missus talkin oh yes they're the ones Thank You Ethel husbands galore oh that was a lovely book hmm no well why do we ever get married men are the end oh I think they're lovely I do really honest I do well you try living with three oh what a thing to say mrs. topham not three you can't train a husband in the middle of his family it's bad for discipline I tell you if I have to live in them all much longer I'll I'll run amuck you'd never I will I put on top um in the coal cellar middle tough him in the dog kennel and young Topham Marsh leopard basil I don't know I'm sure neither do I now look here mrs. topham you shouldn't take arms sir perhaps your husband needs a hobby now take my bird as soon as he leaves the railway off he goes with his gun and gets a nice bird for the table Oh does he where did he shoot them I don't know I'm sure ask no questions here no lies that's what I always say good morning oh good morning miss Hanikra had a copy of the history that I'm oh flesh we had one of the vicarage my brother simply cannot find it anywhere ah thank you my brother and I just want to refresh our memories before the meeting oh yes I believe as his mother's going to I'm sure she is but we old warhorses still pull our weight to know where lime has been running along with me to starting any minute now good morning good morning miss handicraft she gives me the needle she does really comment that'll be alright with the inspector if it's all right with Colonel Hart it's agree that we asked Colonel arms for the use of the ground as usual right in that settle now maybe we have a few words would have a good Saturday mr. jebin I think first of all we should remind ourselves of the essence of this ancient custom I quote he that repents him not of his marriage in a year and a day either sleeping or waking may lawfully go to done mow and fetch a gallon of bacon like to see him Chinese days he gets six months a good point I have it covered there the Ministry of food informs me that the bacon is on its way from New Zealand oh now marriage is when all is said and done a maiden him and I thank you Rick up well later gentlemen know that mr. Croft has said all yes to say it's good over the doing that's right sergeant man when it arrives you'll take it into safe custody at the police station oh no custom dictates that it should be kept at the vicarage and common sense dictates it should be kept at the PlayStation are you suggesting that we are not to be trusted with the care of the course not Miss Honey Croft I'm sure our Chairman was only trying to save you any inconvenience are they well in vicar but you'll be responsible well later gentlemen it seems we've got a flinch all we need now is a judge a council for the claimants and a council for the Baker if I may say so I think we ought to appoint them now well later determine any suggestions I propose mr. Grimes for the judge unanimous well I'll do my best I should be quite willing to be counsel for the bacon and this counsel for the claimants I propose a lady whom we all respect and admire a man I'm afraid I I couldn't cope but I'm sure my husband would love to do it good moon animus what about the couples they are the most important aren't they this year none has come forward it's most disturbing I doubt there's many's qualified vicar Campbell there's no need to indulge in cynicism all they need is a lead surely it should be easy enough to find one couple well if mrs. boffin thinks it's so easy I voted with a vote that mrs. Popham be given the privilege of finding well yes indeed only yesterday resume were saying that these you bestowed the narrowed on the world like a colossus it is speaking socially of course I second that agreed they're open right and I declare this meeting closed excuse me are you mr. token yeah oh then I am for you oh hi oh nice today the agency has told me that that would be a meeting give it a whole agency then it's you I'm looking for yeah yeah are you the me from hungry you didn't think to see me here well yes and no we do not stay here do we Oh rather not know it's far too noisy you you must be hungry hold on hello basil what's the matter what do you mean she's ravished you know mother she's famished hungry peckish she leaves building up a little let's go and eat yeah I think we can probably get a table in here in Budapest we have the reeds do you have one here would you please look after supporter know where to say the ritzy wasn't very good photograph who said from hungry I suppose all the photographs out there a mess produced was it was no dye and I'll say it wasn't it was my name you're married I could not get a job in England when I used to send my photograph you couldn't that's funny I just thought the people would have snapped you out that is what the wives thought that our husbands you know so I sent that say we have a maid in Budapest just one but in the country more yes up to ninety thirty nine we had this 1515 badger Moraga team please if you were saying that in the in the country yes at my shots I don't want it my castle oh my god was that was my home not happening hell yeah wait uh do you have a schnapps no not a splash of dust ahem wait oh do sit down yeah Marjorie doesn't take three hours to eat a sandwich your Victoria they must have had an accident you're doing the police I thought it was usually the other way around with the police or any other much cheaper if they do oh you're all so beastly Basil's never been as late as this before perhaps you well you have it it's not much of me little around the house can they be doing don't worry Julie expect there they can be love it no were they properly shuffled in the lake of fetch sounds justice all the place for you mother I'll go to dictators or brain there's all the difference in the world between dieting and not eating enough not to the casual observer although oh how do you do oh yeah I hope you had a pleasant journey please would you like to see your room please you must be very hungry we have left some soup and salad in the kitchen oh no we have already dined you'll die if you can call it there what else would you like to call it we have dined at the Ritz it was so kind of mr. Bassel oh should I call him master bathroom no we gave that up some weeks ago do come and see your room please well yeah we are mrs. Topham I understand English oh it's small of course but then I always like small rooms please do not let me take it from you then ooh no no I I have another one and my husband takes up so much room hmm yeah Nelly she was very happy here for 20 years until she joined the 80s then she became a little strange how funny nearly must have fought against you so to speak we have a small world it is well that's the room it is not pretty no but it is clean it really beautiful I love beauty I must have beauty round me without Beauty life is nothing as we say in Hungary oh do he do well I hope you will be comfortable the house is quite labor-saving but it was too much for me to cope with alone of course my husband had some did their best but men are so useless don't you think well now here is the daily programme a first thing the kitchen boiler it's simple enough to clean and never give some nerds trouble good morning good morning I was just showing her how good idea well don't just stand there going if you want to help go get some coke No let me show you in the ash yeah don't you have these safety hungry no really we can't get on without him yeah a good idea you have just had a talk a talk on Mangal Wurzels by mr. by mr. Jack Blackman oh oh there you are darling she's never seen anything like this before neither have i well it really wants something you know how I stood Lily's cooking for 20 years I don't know I must have a cast iron stomach probably her father it's not only the cooking my boy food isn't everything it's that old caboodle look at the house it looks wonderful do you know she even polished the silver band around my umbrella handle this morning me the initial stood out wonderfully st they thought your name is Albright I found it in an underground in 1929 you ought to give it back to the last company office hardly worth it the federal giving up looking for it by now as for my shoes pinching no shining shining like the Sun on a car windscreen on the downs in August steady on father wonderful you know you're a very lucky woman Marjorie I'm not so sure it makes it very difficult to diet I've got six more pounds to lose before August bank holiday ladies we kept our skeletons in the cupboard now they're all over the house well I must be going it's the drama room tonight why don't you come Marjorie Julie you know mother resigned the handicraft after to play Falstaff you mind if I come along instead really basil if they could told me you were quite rude to him the other day when he asked you to join yeah there's a man that I've had a bit of consciousness about that so I thought I'd go along tonight and put things right how nice of you dear better than a toy man I thought I'd make it up to the vicar in a big way yeah so I persuaded Marta to join she's very keen on acting I quite agree she never stops yeah hey I thought you ought to go on tonight oh no there's no other way to the hall and it's her first night off you could draw her a nap and Panda they're crazy on acting and hungry it's sort of second nature to them instead of bridge or bebop they just clap on the old grease bag and tear off a play you seem to have been raising the Iron Curtain in a big way broadens the mind you know what do they know of England who only England knows No you're wasted on the stock exchange what is the net ideas you're always bickering I'm sure the food must be too rich game every day I can't think where she gets it from you're quite right my dear I have dreadful indigestion I think I'll take a walk out stroll along with him I shall have a chat with the vicar no I haven't seen hippy yes he's a nice fella people must be nice to him you man you're not nice enough for because really yes how beautiful they are they're yours to now you know sorry darling how strange it is to think those stars are shining down on Hungary they may not be it may be cloudy there oh it must not be I like to think the stars are shining down upon the villages and my schloss that's the star of Venus there low down maybe she has been naughty and she has fallen down no sorry no persuaded basil yes Julie's most persuasive and mr. Thapa – then tell me were persuaded him to attend as well yes anything to help that's what I like to hear Suzi Azzam do I believe you'll play Hamlet if you thought it would help well I never crack a little Romeo yes this is Marta she's from Hungary our help she helps us all along from Hungary oh poor child poor innocent child we will protect you here in England one need have no fear head wolf what's the minimum three criminal there's nobody there must have been a moon leaving me all alone I might have been murdered in my bed yes but you weren't in your bed mother you spend all day at the office and then come back here go straight out again I never see you listen when you do you will tell me I'm too fat oh oh great what you want to go to the drama group for you've never been before oh well I just thought I'd look in I've always been interested in the drama how ridiculous at your age you mean ridiculous oh really you're making me unhappy I believe I'm losing weight I don't make you happy yes and then I put it on again well I'll tell you why I went I didn't want to worry with it before but I I went to keep an eye on basil and I hope Bessel yes if you ask me he's paying too much attention to that little maid poor child poor lonely child and another thing I think it's disgusting the way honey crafts given her the leave right away took me a whole year of coming on asking moon for a game of tennis before I even had a small park darling how would you like it if you were all alone in Hungary taking by your kind employers to the local drama group in in bosque wait one sec southeast a beautiful wouldn't you expect the local vicar to give you a lead just to keep you cheerful no I wouldn't not unless I was not unless I was not at all what unless I was good but who says mother isn't good I'm sure she's good I'm sure she's very good darling my pin think of the poor little girl almost a child alone alone think of a darling stranger in a strange land young beautiful beautiful home she's had to leave behind darling don't be jealous let her have a little bit of fun he's not like you'd be jealous children Oh dolly peanut right Maya well anyway my mother's very pleased about Marta Oh mother's pleased is she you you are it's applied what is this is hot milk look but it is good for you you must be thinking of someone else I think your needs are looking after I had the looking after from my late wife for 50 years I'm just beginning to get over it you give that back to the cow in the morning Oh Bree don't you think to be why didn't you go to sleep my dear I'm so worried about Basel Oh keep him till morning I hope anyway there's nothing wrong in liking a pretty face do you think she's very pretty no no no my Devon when I'm older than bears off still I must say she she catches the eye the fridge it's not her fault she's pretty marjorie the bleach I got it The Vicar wanted me to think of somebody to enter for the flitch trial I'll enter basil and Julian heaven's sake why you have to prove in public that you've had a domestic bliss for a year yes that's all keeping out of trouble Aubry Obie are you asleep ma'am I don't know I I was just thinking about the fridge don't worry dear I'll tell the vicar at the square-dancing tomorrow night square dancing that's all I need [Applause] [Applause] turn that musket inside between [Applause] [Applause] stan lemonade how is our little refugee everybody it's so kind to me now a wonderful girl that you're a wonderful girl it's a pleasure to sit down to meals naviga oh oh yeah so kind it's so lovely here it's so healthy in your country it's also so beautiful I I sometimes sometimes wish to cry of course things are so different for me now I would be so excited on this day at home why is specially today because it's my birthday father I see really what a go insanely happy returns of the day you may have very many more happy birthdays I'll bet you did you haven't had many yet I shall never forget my 21st birthday which was wonderful on this day our people came from all over the estate they brought me presents fruit and flowers and vegetables simple things you understand but very touching the good father Canyon ski would bring me those whom he deemed worthy of our charity and he would help me to distribute golden pieces from my Treasury [Applause] sausage rule hid work and then before lunch Shigella over the steps with a captain of my guard a gallant soldier and the perfect gentleman he would have died for me he was an autocrat how we would ride across the unknown plane to a lonely spot beneath the dream there I would take a glass of golden wine protected from the bandits by the captain of my god like some mustard on it nothing you do and when they denied my birthday party the riots robbing no the balalaikas mine and laughter by my side the young count Slava who says stayed was next to mine 200 miles away clumsy gear he'd worth are you going to make this announcement or are you not the dance is nearly over and in the good old days we danced till 5:00 and then they galloped through the stepstool door didn't find little Gera is about generous and charitable now I have your attention please I just like to remind you all the next week on the same there's the flitch trial and the annual fair and circus we have our church bazaar I do hope you'll all collect what you can for my sister's white elephant store yes they're all the stuff you bought from it last year just bring them along to the vicarage and my sister will tell you what to do with them once again the bishop will grace the occasion with his presence so all hamster the pomp and maximum effort everybody bring the fair to the fair and now I have great pleasure in announcing that the couple entering for this year's flitch trial are our popular young marrieds basil and Julia Topham the Kokomo wheel on your partners I think you did well tonight mother's night I think it's scandalous what is my dear like mother like some that come on pushing himself forward people are looking I quite forgot to tell you basil I'm so glad you aren't angry we would you be angry if I ended you to swim the channel that will be silly I can't swim then I can't flick how could you without telling us wasn't me you talk a mineral in life because water what is the good of trying to argue with Marjorie [Applause] as being very difficult yes when they fix we divers for 200 years and they can fix without us for another 200 they can't you're the only entrance try to you keep out of this room you must if you're a huge the whole village will assume you wouldn't we don't get all would you do it that's not like we would you father you tell me to keep out of this what Oh heavy yes well I was going to stop yes and I know what he's having to I'd like a word I know I know we've been slow and I'm sitting the boys on overtime next week well I've got the bricks you wanted to come down to the morning accuse bring the missus I'd like you to have the color you won that's very kind of you ha don't mix it well the moment I heard I said there there's a couple I'd like to work for it it'd be a pleasure to build a house but a couple of our unselfie should have to want to set our young people an example yeah they sound all right who's the couple say to mrs. Grubbs there's a couple of deserve to with the Flitz yeah yes that's nice to think God building a house for the winner of the fridge I says I'll give them overtime I mean if you're serving the community it's up to the community to serve you mr. dazzle if you win that flitch I'll have you in your house by Christmas you will I said have another no don't worry about there any two double scotches please you ask me it's plain disgraceful you should have to come for because the locals are two laps are musical if you ask me mr. Jenkins I think it's utterly disgraceful that our local couples just because of their natural diffidence to be shown to the side by these newcomers from the past well that's damn over cents matter indeed well I feel the view should enter for the flips and keep the flag of Dumbo flying that's what I feel I'm always telling bear that's what I feel then in that case I'm sure you will allow me to put down your names Oh what is screams boom miss undercroft much as I'd like to but it's not as if it's just birth Jenkins being entered that would be all right but now I'm nationalized to keep you in the British Railways so to speak well I'm sure they'd appreciate the flitch the passengers would anyway yeah Easi Ethel easy Miss Honey Croft I hate to let you down I'm sure you do I knew you were a spot good night miss Annie coughed My dear lady if he refuses what are we to do well you must talk why miss certainly will I mean after all the bacons here have you been arranging things with Grimes you want to be in by Christmas their job who bears life just been telling all family about the bacon it's arrived in England sweets yes please basil please just for me well you lost the graboid what do you want me to join her no no the flitch please do not sabotage the flitch for me several thousands of fish I like that what we bicker well I think the hell things are well oh I am so glad your mother gave me the impression that you went going through with it rubbish all of this nonsense this isn't true are you all right and I'm just a little tired that's all are you sure that's all course is I don't know what you're talking about let's say you look just like my little wife Julia good graces you are my little wife Julia everything's splendid terrific wonderful absolutely fine oh this is grand I wonder would you mind collecting the flitch from the station on bringing it to the vicarage tomorrow of course I will rather Hellenic drinka did you hear that today we finally have a drink vicar Reza Bella will be delighted when she hears she takes the ceremony very serious to you now good a face a face at the window I saw a face nobody that face again what's it dark sinister and foreign looking it was indeed almost a guitar dushman I mean his phone the police at once yes look up the number of the piece of mr. honey Croft I can manage under P yes I know okay Freddy's you're wanted on the blower sergeant Oh me I'm off-duty what about my five-day week good thank you the sergeant says he'll be over at once sergeant man that's a fat lot of good there's probably time being on the job all day fella be in the next County by the time he gets here bicarbonate filters I'll tell you what we kept handle this you take the front I'll take the back mm man yell Gillette you do ho got enough money don't ya worry mother will fix it come on vicar no thought I'd warn you there's a funny looking character hanging around the house nothing to worry about if you see anything suspicious just hop in the cupboard No listen your mother oh no I don't think so mr. Tom hold your horses I'll come and look Julie let's wait upstairs even eating uses company lemon this is tough oh how I assist have you seen a piece of paper with a fireman at about Witek on with a cotton I don't know you are looking for a drink it's only wasted time there's never any booze in this house [Laughter] if you use a no-cut third reason like I do wouldn't miss your face up like that goodbye good morning lovely day lovely weather lovely greengage gem did you make it Margaret no mater did it's wonderful it's greengage jam I said we're engaged in many hushed alleys are getting long must you be funny in the morning grandpa good tonight see a dresser house no no it's Saturday and it isn't Charley's aunt it's Miss Honey crafts Debbie when the Vikings came to Danville they'll be the only people who will come do it battle is a Viking I didn't know he was a member he and Marta joined the same eating what is she the mechanist she's the leading lady and I'm her understudy Oh congratulations later don't grandpa yeah I have a finish it I'm sorry the Viking that's a salary serious just a ticket isn't it it's very smart Larry has he got my brother fitted with a silly useful in the Russia if you take the Fletch offering yet wouldn't mind having a go for this myself well why don't you just scroll it for Joe Black Flag bomb no Flying Saucer tea cup as well what a lift thank you sir and it's gonna drop some the other vicar and then hell yes sir I got y'all costume in the back oh I cannot wait to put it down I bet it's lovely hmm I hope it is a one that was a plunging neckline and a Broadus that would fit me so I'm sure you look lovely thank you sir what color did you ask for I hope it displayed my favorite color is so colorful two colored hearts that is an omen in my country we always close our eyes and wish before we see its tail quickly now before it passes if your wish come true no no huh be disqualified Oh No good afternoon have you broken down yes in a way can I be of any assistance very it's heard nishan it's a bit too far advanced I think I can handle it I hope so did you get the pledge brother oh how kind just put it inside the back door will you I'll put it in the Lada when I get back from the vestry meeting good bye good bye [Applause] they saw us oh no they didn't relative I'm ready for it disqualified no bacon no house and possibly no wife well I'll tell them that it doesn't or don't get in costume well the trouble is she's not an old Hungarian you really think they didn't see I don't think so the pitch the pitch it's gone Ethan must have fallen out are you sure you haven't seen it I told you no what are you going to do thank you find another where you going with that hello lovely afternoon you know Martha don't you afternoon miss poor little fellow we ran over him in the car I think he sprained his ankle it's all right to me is that good he's very brave I really think I want to take you to the hospital and to the vet looks all right let's say they can run put him down then see that's all right thank you thank you not at all now I must be off to rehearsal my goodness me that the rehearsal no no basil no no you're meant to drink out of that not blue it's nothing in it there will be on the night Cody now try again what's the matter I got the giggles I just think you what would happen if there was a tea in it and I blew down give me a moment I'll laugh it off now come along be dignified you Warriors a little left the second Viking no left not right that's right is it I'm sorry that isn't right move lift where does she want me mum right there sir if you don't know the way ask a policeman kept a nice peasant mister Taupin never I can do with a pig or or half a pig I'm poppy that's difficult you're telling me alright I'll see what I can do it'll come dear though now then off we go bezel 1 2 3 begin full many a moons have waved I trow since first we set sail from from fame done mo now what do you think in this video we will look forward to every morn if you start your breakfast with Rita gone how is that bad oh yeah no it's rather good it flows the first prize is your sewing machine or annoying machine it both use fear in their own way dunno really grandpa's bad enough having the house full of the drama group in 10 minutes but you do too much night out I wonder if I get it from your mother she was as restless as a cricket I don't know why they called him that I should have thought anything to do with the cricket was restful wouldn't you yes grandpa if the maid is singing at the break of dawn it means she's been guzzling we took or is that any good what grandpa Roger do you want a washing machine or not No thank you Father that I use a sponge baseball that I've got a present for you oh no mr. Jenkins not again yeah I happen to notice T's coming along tonight you should not shoot them you'll get in trouble oh go on stick it in your bag I'll shoot anything for you miss muhabba alliance mr. Jenkins if you're not too busy I'd like to close the old yeah and mr. Jenkins a ticket the down to this she'll be withdrawing from the trial oh thank you mr. Grimes it's gone what's gone flitch what we're done no Flitz the flitch of bacon it's gone there's no trace of it what was it like you might have asked is round exactly that's what everyone will say the next thing hideth will be summons by the Ministry of food as my cloth why had you I'm sure it will turn up have you reported it no no not yet what if you do so now please use the telephone no no thank you see Grimes wanted me to keep it at the police station for safety and I refused I was insistent that we kept it at the vicarage where did you find that it was missing after the rehearsal hideth was so tired we went home for a glass of milk but Richard disappear we've searched for it everywhere high and low but there's no trace of it well there it is who could have stolen it I don't know I haven't the faintest idea perhaps the fairground people I think not I've always found bent and comparatively honest it's terrible I don't know what to do we've got to save your baby somehow vicar please don't say anything to anybody about this William no of course not you may rely on me you weren't saying to anybody will you well they're not it must be found oh don't worry I'll tell everyone I see to keep an eye out for it the don't tell him I'll get you another one where from are you leave it to me when you put the flinch exactly well you remember you'll tell me to put it just inside the back door mr. grind your name is Hannah Kraft enjoy sadly Croft I've struck the Jenkins off what are you talking about mr. Grimes the Fitch your site what'd you say I did well in the village or is it still there well if by it you mean her no it's not it's here no thank you what are you talking about mr. Grimes Jenkins kissing her against her will oh never mind that it's quite an important what already is hit with a new bloke hell it's grass like a drink thanks oh hey one of these two Thanks oh here's to you winner of the Dumbo flits for your bounder with it now you're the only intern left what about the Jenkins pair just qualified you'd never believe it I caught him red-handed kissing your maid ah good evening fit up waiting for the dream they don't tell people well have the rehearses go oh thank you very much I shoved those into water once a onto that the local police believe please do not call this police Oh rather not is such a bore he stops the traffic in this conversation I wish to talk to Martha that's a much better idea please let me talk to her well I'm not stopping you if you want to talk to Martha talk to her every other man does so there is a trouble always there are these other men she told me I had no possessions no ambition no nothing but now I have a farm in Austria if she would come with me we would be very happy on my father but no these men you're not there damn oh man no I'm Eastman I'm from Hungary Hungary most interesting did you ever run across Marta there you want to have a word with her for two years we were better off at the big schloss but I was working on the farm well schloss is how you say a castle we got a lot of them here there's winter slush and elephant in slush well then at the big schloss she was the kitchen maid but would she marry me it's extraordinary that you should wash me that I was just going to ask you she would not marry me that's a pity her father beat her seven times Shem but it was no good she left I followed her I loved her and her cooking it is wonderful her Hollis Lee I dream about it lots of people do around here so I find where Martha is and so I get a job with the circus I come here that was most enterprising who I have arranged a feast for maritime my friends Karabakh he has a how you say a flitch of bacon really yes he seems to be a lot of around huh excuse me I go to seek her in the kitchen they're going seeker in the kitchen I very much doubt with you find her in the kitchen [Laughter] no thank you Bishop's ribbit oh excuse me miss Hammond counsels hitless if the fridge is lost I shall see if the couple's claim to it is lost – do you mean my dad I still give evidence about basil in the car no you can't do that don't I we'll see about that rarely Aubry ought to know better to say why don't you tell her to come out of there get really mad no I never lose my temper Julie I don't want any scenes well I'm not gonna do another thing I'm going to fetch martyr Giulio have been lucky getting a treasure like Martin yes whatever you need to do before you found I used to get a drink at our own party for a start I was the judge I'd give the fits to you I'm not married you know I'd say to that yeah here's the lucky husband and there is a lucky wide hello darling hello sweetheart lucky Devils winning all that bacon they hadn't wanted yet still it's in the bag miss honey Kraft sews the cat until somebody lets adult does anybody feel like a stuffed egg and here is your price men just like a change sometimes that's all don't expect your parents I suppose it's the way she rolls around that gets them well is it outside second on the left behind the rhododendrons no no no even flinch you promised it now I'm getting I know you not I don't know but you said you would yes but it'll take time time there isn't any time be patient patient didn't leave job to be patient in these vile circumstances but he's not here so I'll do the best you can no best won't do a promise is a promise and a fish is a fish in there isn't one cell frayed Rosabelle will insist on me calling her or anything like a chaplain don't know dyin she'll insist on giving evidence that's all right she's got nothing on me she's got her eye on you for one thing and she has heard for some time really she never told me she noticed something strange that afternoon your car broke down and we drove up and I decided to great – you're better than mine she can't do the hell needs must when the devil drives what if you need jumpy little men it must be nerves My dear it's his sister oh honey craft you'll never get preferment to his shaking off that Gorgon well head wolf as the bridge turned up no my god when they're not yet in that case I still give evidence I'd I hardly think a scandal nonsense Edward I refused to allow you to be the laughingstock of the diocese and my brother bishops very new yes it's to start a new scandal is not very charitable charity begins at home what good will it do oh really you are not very quick if they're disqualified we shall need a pledge who's ahead it will come along she's gonna say that she saw me kissing murder and were you about the don't keep asking awkward questions you're my counsel that's not the point we must stop her giving evidence okay I don't know but there must be some way of stopping her going into court and I simply can't go through with it courage my boy carriage remember that tophams were at Waterloo yes I wish I were there now that's what I'm going anywhere that broad can't somebody stop don't you worry I'll take a Rosabelle don't forget the truffles were at Waterloo card is gonna be good before is called consisting of a judge a council for the baton a council for the couple add twelve good jurors and true six good bachelors and six true spinsters this trial commences and now it is my very great pleasure to take my seat as judge at the trial of this charming and Canoe real couple I now call upon counsel for the claimants mr. Aubrey top him to open his case by examining his client you are the son of mr. and mrs. Oprah Topham Hatt is there would you mind answering yes or no would you and you reside at the house of mr. mrs. Overton I do by inclination or necessity necessity am i right in saying that you basil Topham residing in the Grace and favor of your generous parents steady on father your generous parents married your present wife last year that's right and am i right in saying that from that day to this you have not corraled with her more than in the normal give-and-take of married people no they're not more than that would you confirm that mrs. Dublin who are we've we've neither has been in hospital may I have a picture of a hair of Miss Hannah Cosmo no no I got an opponent and these boys have made me later won't take long if you'll just sit here now watch for the birdie you know can you remember when and where you'll first met your wife we were to school together I remember that I was kept in one evening and when I was laid out I found the jewel had been waiting for me by the back yard yay for the tadpole in a jam pot yes proceed Charlie if I'd liked it and said she was sorry I'd been kept in and did you accept the offering took the tadpole if that's what you mean where did you take it – back home put it in your bowler hat what happened to it after there he went up to London the following morning I saw it off for other on mr. topham I find the question of the dead pose is irrelevant m'lady have you finished your examination mr. topham I'm afraid I am but I call out counseled with a baton I should like to have my case by calling a witness mr. Isabel honey honey miss raised a bell and a crop I I call for a postponement for this material witness I protest I met the coke will now adjourn for ten minutes most extraordinary Roosevelt used to have vanished into thin air how much for another half hour never get away with that that's not a flitch oh ain't it no Dame's it's donkey you show me that don't get it's got a flitch like that I can't that's right you can't I can't forget it dead look ere I don't like you I don't like your flesh either I'm telling you this bitch I don't eat do you wanna might samokov it I I'm afraid I couldn't even if I wanted a common folk out you promised me man everyone the thing nearly the gem to find miss honey crops she she luck there well done grandma have you got it it wasn't any good it was donkey donkeys don't have Fletcher's does that matter father not to me to the donkey possibly are you looking for a pitch yes Graham well is friends got one who's its fam you know his friend don't you ease all around the house who is is fan grandfather well he's in the circuses barters boyfriend Martin what boyfriend yeah what am i doing huh you carry on grandfather you're doing fine same again how much well it's a bit dodgy I know cost you another nigga Marta do you know a chap called his fun yes he's not good he had not buffed it ambition who cares about that as long as he's got a fish where is he in his Caravan perhaps where is his Caravan I do not know I say what a lovely smell like I've been this big it Sir John oh now there anymore Caribbeans No yeah only what's your season thank you oh yeah yeah yeah there's Tony's Caravan or sparks away been annoyed housekeeper thanks very much and maybe having sure the man arrested on oh my girl you know my son what are you doing with my girl what are you doing with my excuse me our Channel mr. Ahn is Tran Marta at last alone so I said to the inspector I may not be Sherlock Holmes I said I do know when a donkey hasn't died naturally attention attention mr. Thapa mr. Bassel taco please the finished trial is be commencing [Applause] I don't care what your site that deals are doing someone's got the file icon helped I spent my last did Bob on him oh you have a via well – you comes now the condemned man ate our tip it was debate there okay clever chap there are you walk away with it I thought I had they decided Miss on the cross here it's fake should be here any minute now oh let the marriage brother Adam you know it's thirsty work that's right now wrong on you boys oh this is an outrage and I do now now do your stuff all right bill take him up again second child blimey I don't know yo it's best to only crop I have no witness milord ladies and gentle of the jury your verdict not come back to us Tara with me I I now have a farm and 100 pigs please or mark dog for the demo feature basil and Julie top of a number four new road demo to the Stella Grimes if you have a pig then I clumb after which is it to be I now call upon counsel for the baton to present the pledge Lord that is no there is no couple to whom I would sooner present this much-sought-after piece of bacon [Applause] Ethel found this on the way down here it's for you luck oh I still remember last year to my dying day but as hid worth always says goob comes out of the view and if it hadn't been for those interfering problems Hillary and I would never wonder flitch this year now listen to this Schneider with Rita Cornish after which and you will win the dumb bitch just like dog [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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