Laughter is the Best Medicine


♪ ♪ Maggie and the
Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ In Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey, ho, come on,
let’s go to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! ♪ (Humming) Oh. Oh Hamilton,
the table looks beautiful! Please, Beast,
try to stay out of the way. I have a lot to do. Hamilton. Yes? You forgot the cake. Cake? Oh my,
I forgot the cake! It has to be a special cake. What kind of special
cake had you in mind? Well, we could make a cake
that looks just like me. Oh, all right. BEAST:
Oh, Hamilton! I’m so excited! I’ve never met
my cousin Reggie Van Beast. Well, Maggie should be
bringing him along any minute. I wonder if
he’ll look like me. Well there’s bound
to be a family resemblance. I wish I had a gift for him. (Crashing)
But I can’t think of anything. What are you talking about? You weren’t listening. I said I wish
I had a gift for him. Oh. Perhaps I could bake
him a cake to take home. How about giving
him one of my spots? I don’t think so. He probably has
spots of his own. Hamilton. Yes? Suppose he doesn’t like me. Good gracious,
why wouldn’t he like you? As I’ve told you
so many times, you are
a very likable fellow. (Gasping) I don’t believe it! Amazing! MAGGIE:
Hi Hamilton, hi Beast. This is Reggie, your cousin. Hello, cousin Reggie. I’m happy to finally meet you. (Laughing) Cousin Ferocious! What a strange-looking fellow. Your spots are all red,
unlike mine which are yellow. Huh? And I’m Hamilton Hocks. Welcome. I’ll tell you once
and I won’t repeat a list of foods
I will not eat. Anything made with
pumpkins is out, along with hot dogs
and sauerkraut. Do you mean you
don’t like pumpkins? I’ll be happy to prepare
something special for you if you’ll tell me
what you’d like. I’m really not
very hard to please. Something simple, like
a bowl of carrots and peas. I’d be delighted. Excuse me while I pick
some fresh from the garden. Reggie, would you
like to play ball? Great googly moogly!
Good idea, Maggie. Humph! Throw it to me! Here, Reggie,
you catch it first. (Sighing) (Popping) (Laughing) You broke it. I didn’t want to play anyway. But that was Maggie’s
beautiful new beach ball. Oh Beast,
don’t worry about it. It’s quite all right, Reggie. (Sneezing) Oh, Cousin Reggie, you ruined
Hamilton’s lovely table! Sorry, but they were
only wildflowers. They grow like weeds. Reggie’s right, Beast.
It doesn’t matter. HAMILTON:
Lunch will be ready
in a few minutes. But first I want
to take a picture– What happened? I’m allergic to weeds. Well, really? MAGGIE:
Hamilton. Oh, that’s too bad, Reggie. Now, let’s get
this picture taken. Beast, stand here
next to Reggie and me. Oh, all right. Don’t take all day,
Hamilton. Ha. Cheese. Cheese. (Shutter clicking)
Got it. Now it’s time for lunch. Take your places at the table
and I’ll serve the food. Why are you and Hamilton
being so nice to Reggie? He’s rather unpleasant. He’s your cousin
and our guest. Come along, Reggie. Please sit here. (Sighing) MAGGIE:
Hamilton, that was delicious. Yes, that pumpkin
soufflé was unbelievable. Thank you. And how were your
carrots and peas, Reggie? A bit overdone,
but I was hungry. Now it’s time for dessert. I made it in honour
of Reggie’s visit. Oh Hamilton,
it’s beautiful! You’ve outdone
yourself, Hamilton. Too bad
it’s the wrong color. Um, let’s play a game. Okay, I’ll clear the table. (Humming) Hey! (Laughing) Whoa! Stop it, Reggie, stop it! Turn off that hose, Reggie! BEAST:
You’re getting us wet! Humph! Cousin Ferocious,
from the way you spoke it’s clear that
you can’t take a joke. I didn’t think
it was very funny. Reggie just wanted to
have a little fun, Beast. Humph! Reggie, here’s
the photo I just snapped. It’s for you to take home. I guess this means
you’d like me to go. It is getting late and you
do have a long way to travel. This is usually
the way a visit ends. I’m a ferocious beast
without any friends. BEAST:
Reggie, there’s
something you should know. I think
you acted rudely today and you weren’t very nice
to my friends. Oh. Well, before I go, there’s
something you should know. (Clearing throat) I think you are
an outstanding fellow even though
your spots aren’t yellow. Oh. Thank you, Reggie. I’ll show you the way
out of Nowhere Land. I’ll find
the way out on my own. I don’t mind going home alone. Bye. Bye, Reggie. Goodbye. Don’t feel bad,
dear Beast. (Sobbing) I felt bad because
it seemed as if you liked Reggie
better than me. But now I feel bad
because I feel sorry for Reggie. (Sniffling) He doesn’t have many friends. Well, he was rude when
he knocked down my flowers. And he has no manners. He did burst my beach ball. I think maybe we should
invite him again soon. What do you think,
Hamilton? Hmm, I think
we could do that. Great googly moogly!
Thank you. ♪ Thank you for
teaching me to knit. It’s so relaxing. Yes, it is isn’t it? Great googly moogly! What are those long, skinny
things you’re making? They’re thingamajigs. (Laughing)
What are thingamajigs? (Laughing)
They’re long, skinny,
knitted things that don’t
have another name. HAMILTON:
Maggie, that’s so funny! I don’t think it’s funny. You don’t think
thingamajig is a funny name? No, and would
you mind telling me what your thingamajigs
are used for? We’ll think of something. Yes, and in the meantime
we’re learning to knit. See, these are knitting needles. You use them to knit
the wool together. Well, I think it’s silly. Don’t be cross, Beast,
just because you can’t knit. I beg your pardon! I could knit
if I set my mind to it. (Groaning) But I think
I’ll take a walk instead. That’s nice. (Gasping)
Maggie, I think
I dropped a stitch. Here, let me
fix that for you. I’m going now. ♪ I may be gone
most of the day. Have a nice time. I will. HAMILTON:
Bye, Beast. (Sighing) ♪ (Groaning) ♪ (Sighing) I don’t much like
exploring by myself. I wonder where I am. Nothing looks familiar. (Gobbling)
What’s that? It’s coming from
beyond that hill. (Gobbling) (Gasping)
This must be Turkey Town! ♪ Maggie. Hmm? These thingamajigs
are getting awfully long. Boy, they sure are. But let’s just keep knitting. I’m enjoying it so much. Maggie, I just realized
we knitted right through lunch. How about some grilled
cheese sandwiches? Sounds great. I was in Cheese Town
yesterday and I got some lovely
Swiss cheese. And for dessert
we’ll have peaches. MAGGIE:
Hamilton? Yes? I wonder where
the Beast is. ♪ This is a very
handsome turkey. I like his hat. (Gobbling) I guess this must be
the founder of Turkey Town. (Slowly)
Would you like to
play a game? (Gobbling) (Carefully:)
A game, a game. (Gobbling) Hide-and-go-seek? (Gobbling) I’ll go and hide,
then you try to find me. (Gobbling) No, no, no,
you can’t follow me! (Gobbling) Stay here. (Gobbling) Here! Oh my, I think
I’m late for lunch. I have to go now.
Goodbye! (Gobbling) I’m sorry,
but you can’t follow me. I’m going home now. I go! You stay! (Gobbling) That was delicious, Hamilton. I can’t wait to get
back to my knitting. Me too, but I do wish we were
working on something useful. (Gobbling) What’s that? Maggie, Hamilton!
I don’t know what to do! They just keep following me. Green tangerine! By the looks of things, you must have
visited Turkey Town. Oops, I did,
but they won’t leave me alone. We’ll just have
to take them back. Hamilton, bring
those thingamajigs. Hooey! (Grunting) Move out! (Gobbling) Wow, so this is Turkey Town. HAMILTON:
That’s a very impressive statue. (Turkeys gobbling) (Gasping) Are you all right? (Gobbling) May I have your
attention, please? We’re going now. You must stay here. Hurry, Beast. (Gobbling) You have to stay here. Please, don’t follow us. Maggie, Hamilton,
they’re doing it again! (Laughing) Do either of you
have any suggestions? I’m sorry. I can’t keep walking around
with turkeys attached to me. I have a plan. We can use the thingamajigs. Hamilton, find me
four sticks about this high. Okay, Maggie. You aren’t going to
start knitting again?? Of course not,
but I have a plan. And these thingamajigs
are an important part of it. There you go. Good. Follow me. Hamilton,
grab hold of this end. We’re going to wrap
this around the sticks and make a fence
around the turkeys. Okay, but what
about the Beast? Yes, what about me? Get ready to slip away. (Turkeys gobbling) Hurry, Beast! Hurry, Hamilton, climb on! (Gobbling) Get going, Beast! We have to get away
before they get loose. That thingamajig was
useful after all. Yes, and we still
have one left. That’s right, Hamilton. And take good care of it,
because you never know when you might need
another thingamajig. (Laughing) ♪ ♪ Hi, Maggie. Great googly moogly! Hello Max, Zack, Oscar. Aren’t you going to say
hello to Uncle Ferocious? Maggie, I don’t think
they remember me. Sure they do. (Laughing) Hi, little Oscar. (Laughing) Where’s Hamilton? HAMILTON:
I’m here. (Gasping)
You brought the triplets! Coochie coo! (Laughing) Maggie, what are we
going to do today? I thought we’d visit
the garden of the kindly giant. See, it’s right here. Hmm, I don’t know
if we should, Maggie. I hear the giant
is awfully big. Nonsense, he’s called
the kindly giant. I think maybe the Beast
is right, Maggie. Especially since we’re taking
the little ones with us. They might get scared. But he’s kind. Impossible. We’ll be fine.
Come on, it’ll be an adventure. We must be here. I see something
I hardly believe. Oh, let me see, Maggie. What is it? (Gasping)
Oh Maggie,
do you think it’s real? Is what real? It sure looks real. What?? Beast, what are
you shouting about? (Sighing)
Never mind. (Crying) Beast, the triplets
are getting restless. Hand them down to me,
Hamilton. ♪ (Cooing) Blueberries! Maggie,
it’s almost as big as me! Great googly moogly! I believe I’ll try one. (Chomping) Mmm, delicious. (Gasping) MAGGIE:
Max, Zack, Oscar! Stop! (Laughing) (Splat) Oh! Oh. I wonder how many pies
that one blueberry would make. Looking at that blueberry, I think the giant
must be huge. Maybe we should get going. Don’t be afraid, Hamilton,
I’ll protect you. I’m not afraid. I just don’t believe in
looking for trouble. Where are the triplets? They were here a minute ago. Well, they can’t be far. Max! Zack! Oscar! ♪ (Laughing) Hat! Hat. Hat! (Laughing) MAGGIE:
Zack! BEAST:
Oscar! MAGGIE:
You mustn’t
run off like that again. Hat. (Gasping) Maggie, did you hear that? I think Max just
spoke his first word! Great googly moogly! Max, did you say “hat”? Hat! Hat! Hat! (Laughing) Yes, and fine hats they are. Now let’s stay together. ♪ Look, Maggie!
I think this strawberry is even bigger
than the blueberry. I’m going to eat one
of these strawberries. Mm! Mm, that’s even more
delicious than the blueberry! (Laughing) Don’t go too far. Stay where I can see you. Maggie, do you think
we’ll see the kindly giant? Great googly moogly, Hamilton!
I said I’ll protect you. Really, Beast,
I’m not afraid. I’d kind of like to
meet the old boy. Green tangerines,
look at the triplets! (Laughing) Come along! Let’s see what’s on
the other side of that hill. I don’t believe it! That is a monstrous pie. It looks to me like we’re
going to see the kindly giant any minute. Why do you say that? Because someone has already
poured his glass of milk. Tumbling teddy bears,
look at the triplets! (Squealing) (Laughing) We better get down this hill and get them out of that pie
before the giant shows up. I think it’s blueberry. Beast, will you please
stop thinking about the pie and try to figure out how
we can rescue the triplets? They don’t look like
they want to be rescued. Max, Zack, Oscar, come over here. We have to go home. I’m going to eat this pie. (Loud stomping)
What was that? I didn’t hear anything. (Loud footsteps approaching) Oh no, it’s the giant! Oh my! GIANT:
Ah, who is
sitting in my pie? (Laughing) Hello, Mr. Giant! They’re my cousins,
Max, Zack and Oscar. I’m so sorry
they ruined your pie. Please don’t be angry. Yes, please, Mr. Giant,
we just want to be on our way. This is Maggie,
that’s Hamilton, and I am the Ferocious Beast. (Gasping) (Triplets laughing) GIANT:
Here they are. (Laughing) GIANT:
Safe and sound,
although a bit sticky. (Laughing) Thank you, sir. We must be on our way. And once again,
I’m sorry about your pie. GIANT:
No harm done, Maggie. I’ll bake another one. Oh, may I suggest a bit
more butter in the crust? GIANT:
Thank you, Hamilton.
I’ll try that. MAGGIE:
Come on, Hamilton,
let’s go. Goodbye, Mr. Giant. GIANT:
Goodbye, little ones. Come and see me again. (Laughing) (Giant laughing) ♪

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  2. I don't care how old I am I'm still gonna watch this show because it's my childhood Miss It So much…. I love this show so much I grew up this show

  3. You're a copycat you're a copycat you're a copycat you're a copycat you're a copycat you!! Youra copycat!! 😂

  4. Madeline Carroll and Stefanie Scott did make the villain play Guess Who I Am for outsmarting purposes. Pretty and nonviolent. 😍😍
    Also, why is this Nick Jr. show on Qubo?! 🤯

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