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Maggie – 6 – What’s In The Bag? / Beastly Picture / The Push-Me Popper

♪ ♪ Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ In Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey, ho,
come on, let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly. MAGGIE:
“What’s In the Bag? I can’t wait to see
what you made for lunch, Maggie. I hope you like it. And there’s an extra
special treat for dessert. I was perfectly willing
to make the lunch. MAGGIE:
But you always do it. I thought you liked
my lunches. Of course we do,
and I’m sure my lunch won’t be nearly as good
as yours always are. Oh, well,
I wouldn’t say that. Did you cut the crusts off
the bread like Hamilton does? No, I forgot. It’s just
my little touch. This looks like
a good place to stop. Oh, goody. I’m hungry. (Slurping) (Chewing) This is really… delicious, Maggie. (Lips smacking) It’s too dry. I forgot the jelly. Just remember next time
that peanut butter is too dry
on plain bread. A spoonful
of strawberry jam with the peanut butter
would have helped. (All slurping) I’m ready for my extra
special dessert now. (Rustling) Wait, did you hear
something? No. (Rustling and whining) There it is again. (Indistinct whining) It sounds like
it’s coming from in there. But the only thing in here
is our dessert. Oh! It moved. (Chattering) Those are the jelly beans
I brought for dessert. I love jelly beans.
Open the bag. (Indistinct chattering) (Angry chattering) Put up your dukes. Oh, my.
Please don’t quarrel. Get in there and fight. Hey! Now what’s the big idea? Stop that. Must you shout? I’m sorry,
but why are you quarreling? Greenie here thinks
he’s better than the rest of us. Come on, Red,
let’s see what you got. I’m ready, come on. Imagine. Who does he think he is? VOICE:
Fight, fight, fight! Will you please stop? What are you? I’m a pig. A pig? What’s a pig? A pig is a very friendly,
intelligent animal. Look at this one.
He’s as big as a mountain. (Laughing) I’m not a mountain.
I’m a ferocious beast. Stop it! (Laughing) You’re tickling! Greenie here thinks
we should all be green. We greens are the best.
We are better than all the rest. You’re the best? And what about purple? No way! Yellow, mellow. Red forever! Let’s fix that
jelly bean machine… Hmm. Beast, Hamilton,
I have a plan. (Whispering) Attention,
jelly beans! (Indistinct chattering) MAGGIE:
It’s too hot to argue. Wouldn’t you all
like to go swimming? Swimming?
What’s swimming? You jump in some water
and splash around. It’s lots of fun! And very cooling. Okay, so where’s
the water? I will make you
your very own swimming pool. ♪ (Indistinct chattering) I’m not so sure
about this. Oh! (Gasping) Hey, it is cool. (All cheering and laughing) My colour’s gone. So is mine. Aren’t you pleased?
Now you’re all the same. I want to be green again. I used to be
a lovely purple. I want to be red again. I think we should
all be the same colour. And what colour
should that be? Yellow, of course. No, never! Yellow? Yuck! No, orange is the best. Purple’s much better
than yellow. You looked beautiful when
you were all different colours. She’s right, you know. But what can we do now? If you promise
not to quarrel anymore, I think I can give
you back your colours. How are you going
to do that? I’ll use the stuff
for making coloured icing. Do you really think
it will work? We’ll find out soon.
Here comes Hamilton. ♪ All right now, anyone who wants
to be red, jump in. Oh, I don’t know
about this. Go on! Do you want
to be red or not? All right, here I go. (All cheering) Oh, you’re brave. Ooh, very nice. (Jelly beans laughing
and cheering) That was an excellent idea,
Hamilton. ALL:
Three cheers for Hamilton! Hooray, hooray, hooray! Gee, thanks. It’s getting late.
We have to go now. Goodbye. And please come back
and visit. MAGGIE:
We’ll be back. Bye-bye. Bye, now. Maggie, we didn’t
get to eat the dessert. (Laughing) MAGGIE:
Goodbye! Arrivederci! Bye! Bye-bye! Farewell! See you later! MAGGIE:
“Beastly Picture.” (Maggie humming) Hi, Maggie. Hi, Hamilton. (Humming) Now give me a really
ferocious look. Hmm. (Growling) No, hmm. (Snarling) Hmm. (Roaring) No. Ooh. (Yelling) Perfect! (Growling) When can I see it? Pretty soon, Beast.
Pretty soon. BEAST:
Does it really look ferocious? It certainly does. (Giggling) Can I see it now? MAGGIE (Laughing):
Okay, Beast. Ooh, great googly moogly. It does look ferocious. Just like me. (All laughing) (Sheep bleating) Did you hear that? Look, the dream sheep. (Bleating) I’m going to take a ride
on one of their clouds. Who wants to come
with me? But I just baked
a batch of pumpkin muffins. Mmm, I love
pumpkin muffins. Okay. I’ll see you later. (Bleating) Bye! Bye. Thank you. Here you go, Beast.
They’re still warm. Mmm-mmm. (Humming) Look out! Whew, that was close. HAMILTON:
Watch out… for the paint. Uh-oh. How are you going
to tell Maggie? Maybe she won’t notice. But the sky
has red spots all over it. Maybe I can wipe them off. You’d better
be careful, Beast, or else you’re going to… rip it. Uh-oh. Now I’ve really
done it. Now she’s going
to notice. I know. I’ll paint
a picture myself. One that looks just the same. Hmm, a little higher. (Hamilton grunting) Oops, too high. A bit lower. (Grunting) It would be
a lot easier if you could remember
what you look like. Hmm, have to hold
this crayon tighter. HAMILTON:
Gently, gently. (Sighing) Perhaps you should try
some paint instead. Uh-huh. (Grunting) Oops! I know. Be careful you don’t… (Spitting) …bite too hard. BEAST:
I can’t help it. I am ferocious,
you know. You need to use something
that won’t break. Something that
won’t break. Hmm. (Gasping) I know. Oh, gently, Beast.
Gently. (Laughing) I’m painting,
just like a real… artist. (Sighing) Where’s the red paint? You spilled it,
remember? (Sighing) But a ferocious beast
has to have red polka dot spots. Hmm, maybe you can find
something else that’s red. Something red. Hmm, I know. They’re perfect. What are you doing,
Beast? Making spots. Well, what do you think? Uh… It does have two eyes. Just like
Maggie’s painting. And four legs. Just like Maggie’s
painting. But I don’t think
it’s going to fool her. I should have known. I’m a ferocious beast,
not an artist. And there I was, floating on a cloud
with the dream sheep. I can’t wait to paint
a picture of everything I saw. (Both gasping) You’re going
to paint a picture? (Gulping) Right now? Mm-hmm. But, uh…
aren’t you hungry? Thanks, Hamilton. Whew. I can eat it
while I’m painting. (Laughing) You’ll need to move
if I’m going to use my easel. Um, uh…oh, uh. You sure are
acting strange, Beast. Is something wrong? (Maggie gasping) MAGGIE:
What happened? I tried to make it
look just like yours, but… (Gasping) It’s beautiful! It is? It is? I never knew you were
such a talented artist, Beast. Whoo-wee!
Did you hear that, Beast? You’re an artist. I’m an artist! I’ve never seen
anything like it. You can have it
if you want. Oh, I couldn’t.
Unless… Unless what? I can paint
another picture of you. You can keep the new painting,
and I can keep this one. Will it look
really ferocious, just like the first one? Of course it will. After all,
you are a ferocious beast. (All laughing) MAGGIE:
“The Push-Me Popper.” Hi, Maggie.
Who’s the present for? Hi, Beast.
It’s for Hamilton. Whoa! Hamilton, come out
and open your present. My present? Where? BEAST:
Who’s it from? Who’s it from? Phew! Hi, Hamilton. Hi, Maggie.
What a beautiful present. It’s for you,
Hamilton. I entered your pumpkin muffin
recipe in a baking contest, and you won
first prize. I did? For my pumpkin muffins? I’ve never won a prize! I’m really happy for you,
Hamilton. Come on, open it up. Let’s see,
if I’m very careful, I can save the ribbon. (Sighing) I better fold it
so it doesn’t get wrinkled. Hamilton, please hurry.
I want to see what you won. I want to save this paper. It’s beautiful. Dum-de-dum-dum-dum, dum-de-dum-dum-dum. Hamilton,
will you please hurry. It might be
something to eat. I never thought of that. Do you suppose
it’s something to eat, Maggie? (Laughing) I don’t know. But perhaps you should
speed it up a bit. I just wanted this
wonderful moment to last. The best part
of a surprise is before you discover what it is. (Sighing) Dear Hamilton, you really are
a wise little pig. And I love you. (Gasping) Oh, it’s a push-me popper. I always wanted
a push-me popper. Oh, isn’t it the most beautiful
thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe it.
My very own push-me popper. Oh, this is my new
most absolute favourite toy. Hamilton,
let me try, please. Just wait, Beast.
I’m playing with it now. Hamilton, we were going
to pick some blueberries for a pie today,
remember? Oh, yes, I forgot. Wait, I’ll put
my push-me popper away. I hope we can find
a lot of blueberries. Don’t you love
to pick blueberries, Beast? Beast! Huh, what did you say? I said,
don’t you love to– All set? Let’s go. Coming, Beast? (Yawning) I think I’ll take
a little nap. ♪ Blueberries, blueberries,
I love them so ♪ ♪ They’ll never know
how I love them so ♪ ♪ Blueberries, blueberries,
I love them so ♪ ♪ They’ll never know
how I love them so ♪ I just want to look at it. I’m sure Hamilton
wouldn’t mind if I just look. I’ll just give it
a little push. (Popping) Ooh, this is fun. Wee! Whoa! (Grunting) (Crashing) (Gasping) Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. ♪ Blueberries, blueberries,
I love them so ♪ ♪ They’ll never know
how I love them so ♪ We sure got a lot
of blueberries, Hamilton. Yes, this pail is heavy. Hi. Did you have
a nice nap? Um, no. I, uh, couldn’t sleep
after all. (Laughing nervously) So you picked
a lot of blueberries? We sure did. You’d better get started
on that blueberry pie right away, Hamilton. I have plenty of time. I want to play
with my push-me popper. Great googly moogly’s,
Hamilton. You promised
to bake a pie. I’ve been sitting here
just waiting for you. Mmm, pie. I said I’d bake a pie,
and I will. But first I’m gonna play
with my push-me popper. (Gasping) You broke
my push-me popper. Oh! Oh, no! (Gasping) How do you know it was me? Who else could have
done it? There’s no one else here. Now, tell the truth. Did you break
my push-me popper? My beautiful
push-me popper. My favourite toy! Oh, Hamilton. (Sobbing) I didn’t mean to. So you admit you broke
my push-me popper. How could you? I’m sorry.
I just wanted to try it. But it was mine. Please forgive me. I’ll give you something
of mine to make up for it. I don’t want anything
but my push-me popper. Well, I’ll give you
my spots. HAMILTON:
What would I do with your spots? Well, they’d make nice
place mats for your new dishes. MAGGIE:
Hey, you two, look. I fixed it.
The top just popped off. I put the balls inside
and snapped the top back on. It’s as good as new. It is? Does it work? (Popping) Yes. Thanks, Maggie! BEAST:
Oh, I’m so glad. I’m really sorry,
Hamilton. Time to shake hands
and be friends again. I shouldn’t have been
so angry. Oh, you had every right. I never should have
touched your toy. Would you really
have given me your spots? Of course. That was awfully
nice of you. BEAST:
Well, it was only fair. I’ve made up my mind. You can play with my push-me
popper whenever you want to. Thank you, Hamilton. Here, Beast,
you play with it first. No, it’s your push-me popper.
You go first. After you. No, after you. I insist. Oh, tumbling teddy bears. Let’s put
the push-me popper away, and get started
on that blueberry pie. Good idea. BEAST:
Pie? Great googly mooglys. (Popping) ♪

72 thoughts on “Maggie – 6 – What’s In The Bag? / Beastly Picture / The Push-Me Popper

  1. Green Jellybean: "Greenies are the best than all the rest".

    Me: Well, I think all the colors of a rainbows are beautiful.

    Red Jellybean: "You do"?

    Me: Yeah! [: Just because all of you are different, doesn't mean you have to fight over it. It just makes things a lot worse.

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  4. It’s all coming back to me…. I was 5 I was watching porn on my Wii U and this came on… I threw the Wii U on the ground and enjoyed

  5. The first episode was talking about being against racism. At 5:53, Maggie says that the jelly beans looked beautiful when they were all different colors. She is saying that we all look beautiful no matter the color of our skin. This is great. I love it when shows do this.

  6. Blue's Clues: Blue Is Frustrated
    Season 2 Episode 18
    Nick Jr Logos: Rabbits
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  7. The only thing I didn't like was how hamilton was acting like a bit of a know it all, and getting upset because maggie made the lunch.

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