Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hi Friends !!! You liked our earlier riddle video right? So we are here with another riddle video. Today we will ask more funny riddles Welcome to Aayu and Pihu Show First Riddle is Green Thief, red house. Sister, I know Let me first finish Green thief, red house. With black monster. Comes in summers and disappears in winters. What is it? What my house is black? My house is yellow. (clock ticking) 1 but thieves are black. Watermelon. I already knew the answer. He is so happy after giving only 1 answer More questions are coming. Watermelon is green in colour. Red tasty pulp is red house. Black seeds are black monster. It comes in summers and does not comes in winters. Do you like Watermelon? I like it a lot. I love Watermelon. I will ask the next riddle. This riddle is for your mom Black horse and white rider. When first gets down, another starts riding. Tell sister, what is it ? Countdown starts. What is the answer? Flat bread and frying pan Oh yes, black horse means frying pan and white rider means flat bread when one comes off next goes on You can ask this riddle to your mother. Next riddle is …. How many seconds are there in 1 minute? 60 seconds. I won, I gave the answer. This is not the riddle. How many seconds are there in 1 year. I will become old, if I will start counting that. Then all my friends will call me Aayu Uncle. That is what the riddle is I do not know the answer. This is a wrong question. Answer is 12 seconds. What? 60 seconds are there in 1 minute. Then how come 12 seconds are there in 1 year? I am not a fool. It will be more… You must be thinking, how 1 year has only 12 seconds. I will answer. 2ns Jan, 2nd Feb, 2nd Mar There is a special 2nd also. That is 2nd April. That is my birthday. Sister, but this is cheating. This is not a riddle. You have made me a fool. I will also ask same type of riddle If 1 flat bread is made in 2 min, then half roti will be made in how many mins? Half a flat bread will be made in 1 minute. No Wrong answer What is the answer? You can not make half a flat bread Even half a flat bread will take 2 minutes Aayu has asked riddles for mom. Then I will also ask. Tell me a thing. Which will be full even we eat it half. I know that fried bread Correct See, I know all the answers. Yes I know you are very intelligent. I will ask a very difficult riddle. Get ready… A bow, which kids love. Are you talking about bow and arrow? RAINBOW Yes, I like 7 colored rainbow very much. Sister do you know names of all 7 colours of rainbow. Yes, I know. There is a very easy method to remember their names. VIBGYOR VOILET – INDIGO – BLUE GREEN – YELLOW – ORANGE & RED Great sister, now I know all the colours of rainbow. Please like our video Bye

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