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Make Laughing Cups! - Homemade Harmonies with Ellen Chang

hey everyone and welcome to the very first episode of homemade harmonies Ellenton today we're gonna have lots of laughs but not just from you that's right we're gonna learn how to make our cut slab so come on let's get started so first let's start off with what materials we need you're gonna need one paper cup some yarn or some string one paperclip it can be any color or size you want a pair of scissors and some water so the first thing you're gonna want to do is measure out about two to three feet of yarn and once you have the right length go ahead and ask for a grown-up's help with those scissors and give that yarn a little snippety-snip and we can't forget about our cut friend he's feeling a little lonely over there so for him all we're gonna do is make a hole in the bottom of our cup very carefully just big enough for our yarn to fit through like this okay so now let's join our two friends together and we're going to string our yarn through the hole in the bottom of the cup and leave a little bit of a tail at the top oh well hi there paper clip I knew we weren't gonna forget about you so now let's just take our paper clip and you string it through the yarn and then go ahead and tie a little knot and a second one just to make sure it's super tight there you go and then you should be able to pull your string from the bottom and your paperclip will stay on top of the cup now if you were trying to tie a knot on your paperclip and your string was too short don't worry don't get frustrated it's okay all we have to do is pull our string out a little bit further just so we have enough room and then we should be able to tie our knot around our paperclip no blame oh it's decorating time I'm just kidding so go ahead and grab your markers crayons stickers whatever you have around the house to decorate your cup I even made one that looks like a robot but of course there are a lot of different options you have it just depends on how you want to express yourself Wow your instruments look great but wait a minute this was a little funny how are we supposed to play our cups that's right this is where we need our water I'm just gonna dip my string into my cup of water all right now they're not me all you have to do now is take your hands and pinch the very top of the yarn right about here and when I count to three we're gonna take our pinchy fingers and pull it all the way down the yarn and we should hear a sound are you ready one two three did you make a sound it's okay that did it just like with any other instrument sometimes we need to practice first but now we get to do the most fun part we're going to make our cuts laughs so to do this we're gonna start off just like we did earlier and put our pinchy fingers right at the top of our yarn but this time instead pulling it down once all the way through we're gonna pause a little bit in between here I'll show you okay now you guys try it wow you just made your cup laughs are you guys wondering how this instrument works well let's find out together whenever we hear music or any sound we hear it because it's traveling through the air in waves oh the same thing happens in your clear cups when you pull down on your yarn the sound waves travel through the air until they reach your ear then your ear sends a signal to your brain letting you know that you just heard a sound pretty cool thank you some sound waves are long and others are short long sound waves like from a whale sound lower well well in short sound waves like from a mouse sound higher so what kind of wave do you think your cup is making I'd love to see your laughing cups make a video and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag cartoon iam jr. and I'll be sure to check it out so we are going to be making a whole band so make sure to check out these videos to find other instruments that you can make and make sure to subscribe to cartoon iam jr. for even more fun by music makers and I hope you

7 thoughts on “Make Laughing Cups! – Homemade Harmonies with Ellen Chang

  1. Your video is fantastic and funny. Also, the drum is too easy to make myself. I like your cartoon though I'm 15 :v

  2. This was so much fun to make and I love how everything turned out! ^^ Thanks for having me on your channel! 🙂

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