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making mountains out of rose podiums: bachelorette crack

this isn't over for me there's now three men that is not correct know what listen I can't go home No and I'm gonna stand here all day until you know you're not get away from yo I'm bout to go psycho I need clarity right now I have clarity and listen I'm we're talking about here this is a religion it's this is not about your heart I'm so I'm so tired of you can this is your so narcissistic it was always about my this my back my back it's not this is not about your heart my heart hasn't broken yet cuz I'm still standing here and this is an this isn't over for me all right what up dude you guys know we didn't lay your hands oh yeah what are you gonna do I'm telling you right now I'm not going anywhere until I get a chance to share with you yeah dude you suck bout move yourself I'm just trying to explain a few things and never have I ever condemned or judge you don't you needa put it down – he's such a that's like what a freaking hate that guy I've never been so stoked to see someone we we start tonight with Luke Luke come on out if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing nothing where I'm coming from you down over there all right is that man I just got a call when I see it and I think that ultimately Evan he's this is Devin everybody g-man I just my blood has been boiling now for you best ins I'm not here to argue whoever's next to come out lay it on well all the guys are about to come out [Applause] Garret [Applause] the tale [Applause] the oven Dustin [Applause] Jonathan [Applause] Turner Garrett naked it is time to rebuild the brand-new bachelor big night you are a narcissistic cantankerous misogynist I think that your future wife is one of you a prisoner of you we didn't have any immediate drama you and I but I for one am thankful for you because you're making me look like a freak insane oh and want to get to everybody cuz everyone has a story to tell and obviously Hannah's gonna be out here a little later as well bye I'd like to say something Chris real quick so it dies ladies John Paul Jones appreciate the good vibes thank you all so much it's been interesting for what's that coming up cutting your hair and in honor of JPJ I'll bring it out nuggets for everybody [Applause] Oh [Applause] you guys give it up for telling Paul Joe I do want closure and I want to make sure that she is okay what she's going through and to let her know that I still think she's fine as hell and she's in a finished fantasy suites aren't used for sex Luke you didn't have one say maybe you don't know but the fantasy suites already used that does that make sense yes [Applause] Luke just got up and left so there you go and I'm rooting for you for the best I think what America really wants to know how did you let JPJ go ya square important so he accept this raise yeah screaming that's right the limos I just want to say bachelor nation I'm sorry I'm sorry for this whole thing with in him just being on our television screens for so long way longer than really any of us ever desired it's my fault a lot his but I did it I was there I'm sorry Nuggets got love for all of y'all and most y'all my bros even forgive those who say I wanted a pity rose but this is for the girl that we call Hannah y'all can see me in paradise tamanna Cabana [Applause]

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  1. Never saw this season, don’t plan on watching future seasons, but I’m sad it’s over cause I won’t have these edits to watch. Please continue this is my only entertainment.

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