Laughter is the Best Medicine

Making Pavlova (and silly jokes) in Norrköping, Sweden

these will now be the supreme manager
eggs these will be the oppressed working class eggs. I give it less than three
generations until there’s a socialist revolution. Okay, now can we separate the… eggs… the whites from the yolks? We will have a class-stratisfied s… we will have a class-stratified society with our eggs, dammit! She said separate the eggs, so we’re going to have a class-stratified society with the eggs. those that own the means of production and those that use the means of production. Political revolution! Lena: Close but no cigar
Pierpaolo: What are you trying to… crack the egg open on the… Hugo: It’s all right; I’m not going to crack the egg on any of your furniture… apart from the table! Angela: Let’s just juggle eggs for the rest of the evening, shall we? A: Put the white of the egg in that bowl. H: Are you being racist against eggs?
We’re not gonna do it in a class Society no no no we’re going to do it in
a racial method because that’s the kind of egg… that’s the kind of sweet making we’re doing these days. There, see, white egg, yellow egg. Hope you’re happy now. [laughs] A: You can explain what you’re doing in Swedish
L: I could just say whatever I like; you’ll have no idea. A: Exactly, and then we’ll add subtitles that say something completely different! You might wanna fast-forward this bit A: Now you have to speak Italian
P: okay [speaks Italian] A: I’m probably gonna be the one that will mess up. Hello! I’m all nervous now. I’ve got egg yolk… egg white all over my fingers
and fingers all over the egg yolk… egg white P: This is the most ridiculous thing…
A: I’m gonna wash my hands Exactly what he said. If they don’t form themselves into soft peaks, try whipping them instead.
If the whips don’t work then may wish to invest yourselves in better egg whites. If your eggwhites continue to scream, don’t worry, that will stop soon enough. [sounds of screaming] H: What did you say about my mother?! H: Look, just because my mother was an eggwhite It signifies nothing! I’m not
trying to make my mother into dessert! My mother wasn’t sweet!
She was savoury! [sounds of screaming] H: Looks like a peak. Is it soft? H: It doesn’t appear to be hard.
A: That’s what she said. A: We need 3/4 of a cup of sugar. But do NOT put it straight into there. We’re going to add it very gradually, one dessert spoon at a time, while continuing to beat the whites into submission.
H: I would like to quantify this as 1/3 of a cup first.
A: 3/4 of a cup. H: if we have a standard issue cup. We could use this asa standard issue measuring cup but if we do this then we will get diabetes. H: …times 1.5 it’s… what’s 62.5… 170… I can’t count. 187.5.
P: also because it’s midnight, so… A: we just got a normal cup and estimate
H: we could, but well, I mean, this is 50, right, so… A: 62.5? No. That’s not right.
P: 187.5
H: so it means we need one, two, three of these plus maybe half… L: Whatever you do, don’t put in too much sugar, all right?
P: It’s 3.75
A: There is no such thing as too much sugar! P: If this is 50, then it’s 3.75. 50. H: yeah so this… this is…
P: 3.75
L: It should be… it’s a decilitre mug, so it should be 100 milliliters I don’t know
why it says 50.
H: So it should be 100mL this makes life so much more complicated!
Right, okay, so we need…
L: It’s 1dL, so, 50 is here, that’s half of it.
H: oh!
L: I would have thought. Methinks. Yeah but that’s that’s 1/4dL that’s half than three-quarters and that’s the full.
H: Oh yeah, you fill it up to the top! L: yeah, and that’s one. You with me?
H: Not really, but I’ll take your word on it. L: Just put lots of sugar in it. It’ll be fine.
H: This is what a day’s worth of sugar has done to us so far. Are you really sure on that? it’s eighty seven point five percent of
this thing full that’s lips one and the last one was less than one so I’m going
to roll with that very gradually yes when the third spring at a time beating
the innocence balloons and unless offender by helper cup than
someone else thank you we’re gonna have to figure out exactly
how much a dessert spoon is and milliliters huh thankfully the great
Soviet revolution will not fail otherwise the counter the anti-bolshevik
in the Russian Civil War pay for this moron they have a fight follow my sister
assuming your son hello dear brothers there shall be
mighty and give great bounty no can I make a pastor from joining to
let a little water on come home see at this point we’re looking for an
elephant draw pinch of salt pinch of salt well beat yes my rose
I needed hope Harry what’s robsons I actually taught me how to be a vampire
no I told me how to be a better man taught me how to beat someone proper
first start you have to make sure it’s not up wound so in worst thing about
rubbing salt in wounds is you rub the salt in it is glossy I don’t have it stands when
cut with a knife thank you know how much we’ve beaten it
I suspect oh let’s go ahead and know the other way of testing it does anybody
want to volunteer all right we just put it in ya it works w watching TV show usually have
like a chef or gay Rosaline chef is it done yet so now we need some baking paper oh
we’re supposed to pay you the other crap now they say you’re supposed to draw a
circle about eight inches in diameter versus 23 centimeters put it all in the
middle and a big pile and and describe what you’re doing Swedish or or make up
some jokes about us in Swedish we wear now you must connect the correct
positioning and placement the artistic value of the meringue with all about
making it complicated um well the rescue the recipe I have
says to make it concave in the middle my mother it says to make it from baked so
I usually make it flash and draw a smiley face and it seems to work as long
as they often miss the right temperature you can do what you want but probably
not like that make it at least sort of a circular I’m still skating you and we will leave it in there for an
hour actually we leave it in there all night
so don’t turn it off it’s supposed to be in the center of the oven
Faramir correctly I’m not even consulting the recipe anymore and now I
play glue for an hour yeah maybe it may be very light yes it means me at bad I go
climbing with the Finnish guy and enthusiastic going to extreme places and
demanding so yeah things like people ironing guy downwind boarding any
strapped and ironing boards there’s not a balloon mechanized wall that the Americans have
had in ages I like really ponder over lifting their training are going so they
have this thing they like versatile driving tanks some tanks like the other
people and they have cases of fire every second relevant is is well say
every stupid funny thing it’s gonna be self deciding what goes in
the outtakes and doing this okay hunting for the brewery oh we’ve hidden the body
well so please don’t they help my man shit shit Cindy got some ways because
this is fit Leslie it’s cut its cases Corey’s I might actually know the lingo
when it floats down so you can’t see but it’s too short too tight back
all science ain’t betting enjoy said hmm yeah will understand so now try it that’s good oh it’s like pasta with
fries well it’s only with pasta much more like yeah
yum like

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