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Malayalam Short Film 2017 | Rubik’s cube | Latest Malayalam Comedy Short Film | Balu Varghese Comedy

(—No Dialogue—) (—No Dialogue—) (—Phone ringing—) (—Phone ringing—) (—Phone ringing—) Where are you man?
Long time since seen Where you? on roaming?
No man, I was busy Busy…? Party, Liquor and
Ladies that is your busy, no? Go man, if you don’t
expose, I’ll tell one thing What man? Did you marry? Tomorrow is my house warming man You should come in the morning House warming that is great man Mother must be happy, know? Of course, Actually, I forgot about you,
it was mother who reminded me only your mother loves
me at your home Hey man you should
come early, okay The function is at 10
in the morning Morning at 10? Hey man
at 10 I have an interview Have you left that company also? Didn’t you get fed up
after attending the interview? can’t you get settled even now? Hey man, I can’t
work only for money In our freedom when we
do something creative- – that pleasure is there,
know? I’ll settle on that always love your job, not
the company cause you may not know when
your company stops loving you I don’t say such a big
philosophy to others It is free for you my dear friend Okay carry on
which is this company? you know the company
” Pinnacle” But the interview is different man
Its through phone I’m for the first time attending
an interview over the phone Fully confused
Why is that? Don’t know what kind of questions It is over the phone,know?
The things are easy, know? Can openly say
what you have to tell I’ve also attended one, okay
Is it so? Have you attended? I’m after this for 2 days, can you
tell what was your experience? Hey man, that is.. it
will not be common questions Then if you search on
google won’t get it also Then?
They will know your patience, behaviour- -common sense and all they will
know without your knowledge like an attitude test Hey man what kind of
questions did they ask you? Say one example If you ask like that, they
asked something in a time limit I said something and all- – after the interview
no question was there in my mind I understood one thing, how we
react that is what they want to know Hey man, you might be
remembering one question isn’t it? If it is necessary I’ll tell You listen carefully, don’t
ask again and waste my time Tell man Ram, you are searching
for a place Middle of the journey, the
route got divided into two One route is to true village
and other route is to lie village You should reach to true village For the two villagers
there is a peculiarity People in true village will say
only true, villagers in lie village They will say only lies In the junction where you have
reached , Ram sees one stranger Ram, doesn’t know
which village he is from Which means we do not know
what he says is true or false You can ask only
one question to him With that only question and with that
only answer you should find way- – to reach true village What will be that question? How is that? We do not know
whether he says true or lies? That is the peculiarity
of such questions Also your interviews Have you called me
to put me in tension? You think, even after interview
tomorrow you should come Mother will wait, okay
Okay All the best..
Thanks dear, Bye (—No Dialogue—) True village, lie village One question Brother, Do you Know
the route to true village? How is that possible? What if, he lies? (no dialogue) Julie, are you from
true village or lie village? Julie.. In most of the moves this a property
to introduce people who are thinkers I also checked on this site If you learn 8 algorithm
anyone can do it On the YouTube there are the ways Hey girl, there is no brilliance on
solving using days and lot of time Fast and with limited time, eyes
fingers and brain should work together That is the thing If you doubt, you just see Before you count to 100, I’ll solve Is it so?
Yes Then I need to see that Here You count (—1,2,3, counting—) (counting—) 95,96,97,98,99 and…?
100 100 All this is good Ram, to solve my father
all this is not enough For that at least now you should
stick on to any of the company You laugh, my father has started
searching the matrimonial sites Ram, the post you are attending the
interview tomorrow, you must get it Don’t you know my father?
he is very practical To certain limit I’m also Ram, Please be serious Chinnu, the specialty of cube which
is life, can’t be solved for years Certain algorithms which
is not found out so far The time will give that With a short to solve,
the life is not to become first With love and attention Should make it colorful Ram? What happened to you? You only told me to
become serious Oh Chinnu I am very much confident
about my carrier, Life, and…. and….?? and You…. Hello,Yes Ram here Ram, I am Meera Calling from Pinaccle India
For the Interview We inform you last day
Hello…Ram can you hear me? Yes Mam, Okay..
Ram You can choose the Medium for the interview in English or Malayalam Mam, I am Okay with both Languages But I like Malayalam more ok Ram..Then we can
continue in Malayalam ok ma’am.. Ram has to answer 15 questions The time allotted for that
by company is only 15 minutes If you don’t understand the
questions, I’ll repeat it as many times But exactly after 15 minutes – – you should give correct
answer to 12 questions I hope It’s clear Yes mam For some questions again
there will be time limit Which is 10 seconds, 20 seconds 30 seconds, like that Only for such special
questions, that will be told If you want to know the
correct answers for- – wrong questions, Ram
can openly ask that one But you will be losing your time Without any disturbance Ram
should be on the phone for 15 minutes Shouldn’t attend any other calls Within 5 minutes I’ll call again Wish you all success
Thank you mam (—No Dialogue—) (—No Dialogue—) (—No Dialogue—) Hello Ram, Yes Mam
Your Time starts now, Okay When Ram is in an interview board
when I arrive as a candidate Ram, what will be the first
question that you ask me? Mam, can I talk as if
I’m in that interview board? Yes Ram, That is what we want
Thank you mam Miss Meera, I checked your profile Its good For all the examinations that you had
attended had scored above 90% I liked your character also To prove your skill, this company
has chosen you, I congratulate you because its growing now Right now Meera who
has joined as HR executive In future you may be
promoted as HR manager At that time Meera will be doing
all the recruitments for company Am I right Meera?Yes..
Yes If that is the case While selecting the
marketing staff of the company The MBA candidate
who comes before Meera The first question
that is asked by Meera What will be that one? Madam, this will be my first question Very good, second question Right now Ram is
standing facing the east From there, after moving
100 meters to left On turning 150 degree Walked backwards 200 meters After that 100 meters
to left turned to right Walked 300 meters forward Again turned left Walked 100 meters backwards If that is the case, in which
direction is Ram looking now? Sorry mam, Next Question ok Ram third question A car numbers first
digit’s double is the last digit Second and third digit is the same The first digit’s double
is the last two digits If so, what is the number of the car? (—No Dialogue—) It’s 4998 mam You are right Next Question The meaning of the
word ‘Yahoo’ in Malayalam? Ram, are you there? Yes mam, I am here ‘Human animal’ (—No Dialogue—) Yes, why is Meera
becoming formal to me? If you need anything
say it openly Sir, as you know for the last 3 years
I’m working here as HR senior executive I came to know that an interview is
called for the vacant HR manager post Lot of applicants has also come
I’ve also applied If there is sir’s recommendation,
I will get the post It should be a great help for me Ofcourse, I can..
If I do Like that Suppose Meera think, I did like that What is my profit? What you mean? I mean What will you give to me? No, Thanks… I’ll meet MD Good morning sir
Morning… I can’t do it Meera I know you’re qualified
and experienced But I can’t violate the
rules of the company You know Meera..after
my father’s death not even one year has finished
since I’m running this company In between that if company
grown this much The reason for that is
company’s mission and vision Madam, my situation Why you are saying
like this Meera? Can I run this company by
looking at Meera’s family situation? You can attend the interview.
That’s all (No dialogue) anything else..? (No dialogue) No Ma’am second yes ma’am I can do onething
for you Meera. Tomorrow I am
conducting an interview For our marketing department hmmm One Mr. Ram, a well
qualified young guy Can Meera attend that interview? you mean… I mean..Tomorrow’s interview
time, that is 15 minutes Meera should the
company’s MD You must be the MD
of the company Tomorrow’s 15 minutes will be an
interview for Meera also for HR manager ok…? come on Meera..
say Yes or No Yes…I will Thank you ma’am
thanks a lot Good Go and meet the GM, GM will
give the questions to be asked Ma’am..that is…
ya..I can understand Right from father’s times
Gopakumar is a senior staff I know several things but for
the time being I’m neglecting it Meera you may go, don’t
worry I’ll call and tell yes ma’am…
Thank you Excuse me Meera.. If Sruthi is ready to come,
I’ll take you to Malaysia Go sir Excuse me May I…?
ok…see you I will call in the evening
bye take your seat No sir..Did madam
call you..? If you could give the
questions I could prepare it oh..yes..yes..yes Here is… There are lot of questions Out of this, 15 numbers
Meera you may select it sure sir The interview is at
10 O’clock morning One thing Before the interview, Meera should
show me the questions selected ok…?
yes sir Meera.. All the best Thank you (background music) (background music) (background music) (background music) Good! very good
selections Sir! Out of 15, we have
to change 5 questions How is that? I can help you Sir, this only 2 questions The balance 3 Oh!
The balance 3? That should be created by Meera With this short time, sir
how can I create 3 questions? Must create it, that is
not enough Meera That should be in such a
way that he can never answer it But if the answer is wrong
on the 2 questions which I gave he must answer Sir, how can that be? Without saying the answer
what if he says next? To make him speak something that’s your duty Meera Make him to answer
my questions What if , if he answers
the questions which I create? of fail in
this game Meera “For a bunch of dreams,
there is no limit in the sky” “Who is searching
for the other shore?” “Inside the burning ember,
looking for a support” “Who is searching in the darkness?” “Who is that? Who is
searching in unending dreams?” “Who is it and what is it?” “When are the days with no
depths?” What is it mother? Daughter, how long I was calling? Along with panchayat president
I had gone to meet bank manager Like what president has told
they will re schedule the loan But the present salary certificate is
not enough, that’s what they say If the loan is not rescheduled,
house and enclosure will be confiscated This the place
where our father sleeps Daughter, won’t you
get the promotion? I’ll come to the office “What are the stories
yet to give the reply?” “Again what are the routes?” “Without knowing the distance,
covering certain narrow paths” “Which is the shore?” “Even in this hot summer,
my dreams get blossomed” “Who is that, singing at a distance?” “Without knowing each
other, joins on this journey” “What is that we
search, which is very near” “For a bunch of dreams,
there is no limit in the sky” “Who is searching
for the other shore?” “Inside the burning
ember, looking for a support” “Who is searching in the darkness?” “Who is that? Who is
searching in unending dreams?” “Who is it and what is it?” “When are the
days with no depths?” Ram Are you there? yes Ma’am.
I’m here brutal man hmm ok Ma’am Even if the answer is wrong
for the 2 questions which I gave he must answer (background music) Approximately after 3 or 4 years Suppose, think Ram becomes the
marketing head of this company just imagine Ram ok..
one day.. .. exactly at 6 O’clock Ram comes out from the office hmmm After traveling one hour, Ram
has to attend an urgent meeting Ok.With this meeting company
gets 50 lakh contract hmm As Ram goes out, the security
staff wishes you who is a womanizer ok..
ok Suddenly Ram remembers one thing My beautiful collegue She is alone in
the office room She has got urgent
work to do In such a situation what
will be Ram’s decision? Will stay there at the office as
a company for your staff or-? – will you sign the important
contract of the company? – madam, definitely I’ll
give more importance- – to the protection of my colleague beacause..
because… Perhaps if I sign the contract the
company might get a profit of 50 lakhs but the womanizer
character of security staff If something happens
to my colleague Perhaps the very
company may be stopped Then one more thing, this
question is really irrelavent The reason? because.. I know this
company’s MD is a young lady This lady who is capable
of knowing the chances Madam, will not allow such kind
of immoral staff to continue there sixth question With an intelligent trader, there is
3 sacks each of 30 coconuts In 3 sacks, there are
90 coconuts in total This trader has to pass 30
check post to reach the market In each check post he has to
give one coconut as tax per sack Which means in one
tax point 3 coconuts After covering 30 check post will
there be any coconut with trader? If so, how many? (background music) Ram your time is going (no dialogue) How will an ordinary
person handle this situation? Very decently he’ll give one
coconut each from 3 sacks- – in 30 check post Then he’ll cry like this Isn’t it? But our hero he’ll pass 30 check
post with 3 sacks for sure And there will be balance
coconut in hand Sir, greetings, 3 sacks, 3 coconut Now to walk in our
native we’ve to give toll Sir, since it is a riddle can’t bluff also For them they need to receive
coconut as per the sack, know? Why should they look
into from which sack it is? So, after covering 10 check
post my one sack is empty So the load is reduced and
intelligently avoided one sack also Now there is only 2 sacks,
let them take 2 coconuts “In the native of coconut trees,
I have a”..Sir two coconuts! Now open that gate Now my second sack is also empty Now in my hand there
is only one sack As per Indian check post act,
for one sack, one coconut Like that from 26 to 30th check
post I’ll give one coconut each! When I cover the
30th check post and go The number of coconuts
in my sack is..! My answer is 25 Ma’am You are correct Ram Here is this 7th question He should be never able to
answer to your questions Ram, for this question you must
answer within 10 seconds ok Ma’am what is the name of Mulavukaddu
panchayat president in Ernakulam district? Sorry Ma’am,
I don’t know Mr. Ram its your Panchayat Not that Madam, who is that? Your panchayat president’s
name is K.N Dinakkaran The 8th question Ram is driving a transport
bus from Ernakulam to Allappey yes ma’am Now listen carefully This is math’s, it’ll not be repeated ok In the bus there are12 people totally From the next stop
two people got inside the bus One person got down From the next stop,
3 people got inside the bus 2 people got down ok..
ok ma’am.. From the next stop
5 people got inside the bus But 3 people didn’t have
the cash in hand The conductor told
2 people to get down For one person, the friend who
was sitting near took the ticket ok Ram…
ok Ma’am If so What is the
age of the driver? (background music) (background music) The bus which travels from
Ernakulam to Alleppy, I being the driver The driver’s age is 25! Yes you’re right Ram, question number 9
ok Ma’am Within 100 seconds you should say
100 words that does not have letter “A” Your time starts now (background music) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 11,…35,36,37,38,39,40 41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48 98,99,100 Its my answer Ma’am You’re right Ram (background music) Ram its 10 second quesion
and 10th question Which is the most densely
populated Island in Asia ? (background music) sorry Ma’am I don’t know (background music) Do you want tot know
the answer Ram? Yes Ma’am It is very near to Ram’s native– the Vypinkara is the most
densely populated Island in Asia Ram here is your
11th question Yes Ma’am Ram with you, there are 2 tablets
each for fever and cough yes All the 4 tablets have same
color, same size, same smell And same weight
ok Ma’am Now Ram has to take
each tablets for fever and cough what will you do? (background music) I’ll cut 4 tablets into two
and take half of each tablets My goodness!
Father! You’re right Ram
Thank you Ma’am 12th question In a room there are 3 people,
if they shake hand each other How many shake
hands will be there in total? Answer in 10 seconds (Look, call has come,
I’m going all the best) Its 3 Ma’am
You’re right Ram Question No.13 If hardwork is 90% ,
knowledge is 96% love is 54,luck is 47
money is 72 and leadership is 97% Then what is the
percentage of attitude? (background music) sorry Ma’am next question please
ok Ram (no dialogue) In world which is the
toy, that is sold more? (no dialogue) Invented by Ern Rubik an
architect from England in 1977 “Rubik’s Cube” is the
most sold out toy in the world You’re right Ram
Thank you Ma’am (no dialogue) Ram now u answered
10 questions Here is your last question ok Ma’am Sir, this question..I..? Yes.. You must Meera (background music) If Ram’s mother is a
prostitute.. (background music) what will be your
attitude.? (background music) (background music) (phone is ringing) Yea Amma (Mother) (background music) (background music) I’m at home now. How is the tour and all?
It is really cold here You should have also come
Then what? Go mother In your honey moon
journey, why should I be there? Hey boy, how is my Julie?
She is here (no dialogue) (no dialogue) You told about some interview
It is going on now, mother Is it so?
When it is over, I’ll call you back Mother I’ll call
Okay son Hello Ma’am
Ram, why did you cut the phone? That is because the range was cut Didn’t I tell you initially should stand,
where there is range, in the rules? Are you answering this or..?
Yes Mam, I’ll answer it If my mother is a prostitute
it doesn’t matter me Ma’am because…
because… (no dialogue) I know my mother! My mother’s
client will be definitely my father! (background music) Then there is one more thing
Madam, if I say that I may not get job But Madam can’t
refrain from saying it (no dialogue) I don’t know about the mother
who has made this question!! (background music) ok Ram (no dialogue) Now questions are over.
2 minutes remain. If Ram needs, I’ll repeat
any one of the questions because you must answer one more
question to pass this interview (no dialogue) Of course Ma’am.Could you
please repeat question No.13 (no dialogue) What if he answers the
questions which I prepare? You fail in this
game Meera. OK Ram If hardwork is 98% ,
knowledge is 96% love is 54,luck is 47
money is 72 and leadership is 97% Then what is the
percentage of attitude? (no dialogue) Mam, I shouldn’t ask
any clue..? (no dialogue) Excuse me Meera Our motive is not to fail him, how
much of his patience, skill – – common sense will benefit the
company, only to know that Also yours!
you got that..? Ram now luck is 47% If you are lucky that’ll
increase into 72% This is my clue.. (background music) (background music) (background music) (background music) (background music) (background music) Ma’am the attitude
is 100% You are absolutely
correct Mr.Ram Thanks Ma’am Ram your interview is over. Ram has given
answer for 12 numbers But the clue..anyway
I’ll get back you soon Thanks Ma’am (no dialogue) (no dialogue) (no dialogue) (no dialogue) (no dialogue) Well done Meera..You
have done a great job Thank you Ma’am (no dialogue) Hello..
Ram I’m the managing director of… Pinnacle Devika here Yes Ma’am.. Congratz Ram.. You are appointed as new marketing
executive of our company Thank you Ma’am And our company wish
you all the very best Thank you Ma’am..
Thank you so much Julie..Julie Actually I’m really
sorry Meera This will be your last day in
this company as HR executive Mr.Gopakumar Meet our New our
HR Manager Miss Meera Congratz Meera Thank you You are welcome (background music) Hi Suneesh Hey man?How was the
interview, man? Its over man
Result…? What more to take place?Dude,
I’m appointed in Pinnacle India! Great.. Then aren’t you coming here?
Yes man Hey man, I don’t know
the route to that place Man, don’t you know that
Kadugaloor junction? -Yeah On reaching there ask someone
Okay man Then dude by the way did you
get the answer for my question? My goodness, I forgot that matter Is it our true village
and lie village? – Yeah! Before reaching your home,
I’ll reach to that “True Village”! ok man “What are the stories yet to give
the reply?”“Again what are the routes?” “Without knowing the distance,
covering certain narrow paths” “Which is the shore?” “Even in this hot summer,
my dreams get blossomed” “Who is that, singing at a distance?” “Without knowing each
other, joins on this journey” “What is that we
search? Which is very near” (background music) Its same like my question (no dialogue) Out of this which is
the ‘true village’ of Sukish? Hey Chetta! (Brother) Do you
know the route to Sukish’s house? Chetta (Brother) Are you from
this place? – What is it son? Do you know the
route to Sukish’s house? Which Sukish? -Today where that
house warming is conducted What does that mean? Which means, starting to
stay in a new house That is the next
house of my house I’m also heading to
that place, shall I come? So, it was better to ask the
route to brother’s house, wasn’t it? Yeah that was enough! Why
simply asking this long route? So brother are you in ‘true village or
lie village?’ -What are you asking? Nothing at all!
Come on brother, pop in! -Okay Hello?
Did you find the route? Found the route and
also got the answer! Did you get it?
Then you say it What will be that single question? Hey man, to that person who
is standing at the path – – just ask him the
route to his home! Whether he is from
‘true village or lie village’ – – the answer will be the
route to ‘true village’ won’t it be? Wow you’re brilliant man..Come fast
Yeah coming man Son, actually you have come to my
home, haven’t you? Yeah sure! Then in that case, take the left! Then where does that route lead to?
As you said, that is to ‘lie village’ You are a comedian brother “After the interval,
one more journey…” (background music)

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