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Malia Tate ✗ 6A Humor

Malia: “Take a deep breath and look at the
candle. Why does it matter if they’re dead? Dead is dead. Now she just magically writes down all of
the answers.” Deaton: “It’s not quite that simple.” Malia: “This says ‘start’ so maybe it’s not
that complicated.” Scott: “It’s complicated.” Malia: “After the orderlies at Eichen House,
I’m pretty sure we handle some nurses.” Nurse: “Oh Mother…” Chris: “I need a babysitter.” Malia: “I’m not the babysitting type, coyotes
eat their young.” Nathan: “I’m kinda not used to sleeping like
this.” Malia: “Shhh. You said you needed my help? Oh God. That kind of help. I marked this territory. Visually. I marked it visually. Stiles!” Stiles: “Sorry.” Malia: “Arggg. You ruined it!” It’s alright. I’m okay.” Natalie: “Malia.” Malia: “Can you give me a second alone with
Theo?” Hayden: “Why?” Malia: “So I can kill him. Keep it down old guy. You’ll wake the other old people.” Elias: “I don’t like her.” Malia: “Kidnap her.” Scott: “Do not kidnap her.” Nathan: “Are those chains?” Malia: “Shhh. It’s nothing. Your truck’s broke. Lydia: “Did you find something?” Malia: “I definitely connected.” Scott: “Hey! No, we’re not hurting him.” Elias: “Young lady, you need to clip those
nails.” Chris: “Argg. You’ve got anything for the pain?” Malia: “No, I can take it.” Chris: “It’s for me.” Malia: “Listen up everybody. We’ve all gotta get out of here. We’ve got to go right now. It’s bad! We have to go! Hello? Sir? How do we get them to leave if they can’t
hear us? Found it! I didn’t beat him up. I could have, but I chose not to.” Lydia: “That’s an improvement.” Theo: “He’s not alone. He’s got a pack.” Malia: “And Theo’s not in it. But I am.” Peter: “You know, we never did have that second

50 thoughts on “Malia Tate ✗ 6A Humor

  1. Malia's characters so funny doesn't give a damn about what's she's doing and is so careless makes me laugh!!

  2. Man You're Edits Are Amazing As Always… i Make Lockscreens BTW Of Teen Wolf On instagram @Alpha_Locks Check it out if Possible….Do You Have An instagram ?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I died when Malia told Peter: "I marked the territory." And he gave her the "eww gross" look, and she was like "VISUALLY! I marked it visually." 😂😂😂😂

    I think Peter thought she peed on the ground to mark it 😂😂😂💔💔💔

  4. I like that scene how she shown up nude bw sherrif Lydia's mom n Lydia n Scott n she said I'm fine.Scott won't turned her back BC he knows they'll see her naked but she turned back herself

  5. She's the funniest character after Stiles and since Stiles had few scenes in season 6, Malia brought all the humor to it

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