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Man Tries To Swallow Crack During Traffic Stop | Season 1 Ep. 12 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

Hey. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. What did you just
put in your mouth? MAN: [inaudible] What did you
put in your mouth? Nothing. Did you just go to
a store on Delpit? Yes, sir. What did you get? – Nothing.
– OK. Step out for me. Sure. Open your mouth. Move your tongue
around everything else. Got anything in your pockets
I need to know about? Don’t reach. Did you eat it? No, sir. We watched you. That’s it right there. OK. Is that all that you had? Yes, sir. Where– is it– so you tried eating it? What, was it in a bag? What– No, that’s all I had. Put your hands
behind your back. Is there any more? No. How much more did you
eat, the size of this rock? Yes, sir. So you got two
rocks this size? Yes, sir. All you got to
do is be honest. We watched you buy it. I’m sorry. Have a seat. Do you know anything about
the guy you met with? Not really. So how did you know
to go buy crack there? Is that where you’ve
always bought crack? Pretty much. It’s always at the store? Was he keeping it inside? No, outside. Where does he keep it? I don’t know. They– they throw
it on the ground. It’s all around. And it was the guy
with the tank top? All right. So we set up on the store. We always know there’s
a lot of drug activity. Watched this gentleman
go up and buy some dope. And we formed a traffic stop. This was a small
crack rock that was located on the driver’s side in
between the seat and the door. He further admitted that he ate
another rock about this size. So we’re going to finish
searching his car, but he’s going to be going
to jail for possession of crack cocaine.

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