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Manish Gupta – Have a Nice Life (Stand Up Comedy)

It’s very nice out here but you know.
people are nice. but there are limits like you can say ‘have a nice day’ But don’t say. Have a nice ‘life’ That’s too far [laugh] Your friends will unfriend you on FaceBook. [laugh] What’s that sweet time period that you can wish good luck and still be friends with them? Like have a nice week is OK. Totaly acceptable. People will like you for that How about, have a nice four days. [laugh] that’s sounds, CREEEEPY… [laugh] What’s wrong with the fifth day? [laugh] That becomes the day you have to see them
again. [laugh] It’s only when your friend is getting married.
You can say, Have a nice life. Bcoz, you know the BITCH isn’t going to
let him OUT. [applause]

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