Laughter is the Best Medicine


jay-bez nigga bitch you like big hug but I just hit a nigga find another fuzzy fiend out off that dog that gave a manslaughter yet nigga with a lot of knowledge I'm just getting smarter still ahead and make away 15 like a Vince Carter rich nigga decision at Margiela or just a zombie look like buddies hey BAE tuck your tactile whole life it Americans a side of traffic with the pipes in the Shelby hurt that sale with the problems that we made or that ones here right now that's that one piece gonna read the coin called back and said the don't see I can't perform if he can't get his goodness on some small bar like niggas why you think they may gonna Zion final fight which caught my nigga taste like I'm about to catch a flight with you put some bad how's being going cop some I switch down the odds in the way what all blows on me homeless through me niggas in the van with all the tools all know you can tell a nigga get money by the shoals on them never got a ride to the whip cuz its glued on a bitch niggas busy trying to see move it I'm ami Nichols at my speed next year I'm on the horn anything we talk about it cuz we got cuz we all hate for the tips we cuz they hugs on the fuckers down Buster will see nigga touch the histogram bitch that you cuff see your stuff real fuck the top and let that be spire like his Lister make it types it see you still affirm up the top of let that be his babies now fussy fuck all y'all broke a sneeze

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