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Mansplaining Feminism – Bonnie McFarlane – This Week at the Comedy Cellar

My name is Bonnie Mcfarlane
and I’m from Canada, Alberta, to be more specific.
And now, I’m here. Well, when people hear
that I grew up in Canada, they think like,
oh, you grew up super poor with no electricity
or running water, and that is true.
That’s actually totally true. I have a daughter, she is,
I want to say 11 and she can’t sit
in the front seat yet, so I know she’s not 12. When I bring my daughter
to shows, sometimes people get
a little judgy about it, but I always remind them
that she’s my designated driver. Okay, so at least
I’m not going to drive drunk. The advice that I wish
that I had gotten when I first started
was to just be myself on stage despite what the audience
thought of me because I feel like I’ve spent
my whole career changing who I was
and finally coming back around to being the comedian
that I actually started as. Clap everybody for
Bonnie Mcfarlane. Thank you. I’m an atheist,
I’m a feminist, I’m a vegan,
let’s have some fun. People are like,
I want my money back. This is not
what I signed up for. I am a vegan.
Do we have vegans here tonight? That’s what they sound like,
and then they go right to sleep. It’s late. This guy mansplained the women’s
movement to me recently. He was like, hey,
you know what? Feminists better pump the brakes
on this whole equality thing because it’s going to be
a disaster zone up here. This city’s going
to be underwater because the ice caps
are melting and I don’t think
you want to give up that whole women and children
first card just yet. I was like,
that guy has a point. Let’s put our pussy
hats away for a moment. Just take a step back,
see where we’re at. I don’t want to get my hair wet. But then it was like there is no
women and children first card. It’s just children first
and then somebody has to take care of the children
and men would rather drown. You guys have been so fun.
Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Mansplaining Feminism – Bonnie McFarlane – This Week at the Comedy Cellar

  1. Modern Feminism: "Woman are equally qualified to earn anything a man can, so let's prove it by attempting to rig the US Democratic election because Hilary DESERVES to be president! Oops, we got caught redhanded breaking federal law on live national television and guaranteed Trump's election?! Well… men are scum!!!"

  2. Design her out
    Now we can become our own species
    It's good news
    she will become obsolete

  3. This is comedy GOLD, and if you don't like it, you are a fucking sexist pig!! 


  4. It's a genocide
    the same technology that makes mans strength less
    Is the same technology to design you out
    why do you assume the future is feminist or even human?

  5. Never get married
    never trust a women

  6. Wait actually that was pretty good. It never played on any false premises like men wanting to subjugate women. The only male-female joke ended up saying men would rather drown than take care of children. Pretty funny. At least it wasnt about the wage gap, manspreading, or abortion

  7. I dont really understand she is not even funny like i dont know if its just me i dont find anything she says is funny

  8. You know what, as a person who is critical of present-day feminism (not first/second wave), I was going to give her the benefit of a doubt because its just comedy. And then I realized shes not even funny.

  9. Oh wow, I never wanna go to Alberta Canada if they make comedians like that. Those "jokes" in the beginning about her kid were fucking atrocious too.

  10. A little over three quarters of the video was just her talking about herself. I feel like I should of seen it coming

  11. Came to make a red dead joke, found a bunch of incel comedy critics. If you can’t grasp the “men would rather drown” punchline then I suggest you start taking estrogen cause your manhood is totally on sabbatical. Unless you disagree and would love to raise a child as a single father lol

  12. It was literally just the title with the words "mansplain" and "feminism" that offended a lot of these trogs in the comments, they didn't even watch the clip. Amusing.

  13. These female comedians who use mansplained like they use it outside of their set are the problem with now

  14. I'll put this in terms you neckbeards can understand: Bonnie is a comedy Jedi and by striking her down you've only made her more powerful

  15. Y'all must not know… Bonnie is not what you think. She's REALLY funny. This may not be her best clip, but believe me … She's awesome.

  16. If this shit gets more woke and less funny i think i'm unsubscribing.. This is some feminist bullshit not comedy..

  17. Im tired of this "woke" society we live in. A society of sjw people who scream over everyone they don't agree with and bully everyone in the exact same way they claim to be victimized with..
    Words like "mansplaining" aren't sexist. That's okay
    Yet if similar terms were flipped around, all hell will break loose.
    The world needs to get over itself

  18. Vid had too much non-comedy stuff in it but she made me laugh twice after she finally hit the stage so good job Bonnie, bad job Comedy Central. I think.

  19. Definitely stole that joke from bill burr . "Why men make more money " Titanic situation . Children and women first . "What about me " …

  20. I hope this womansplaining incident makes bonnie consider how committed she is to comedy, maybe waiting tables is a better choice for her.

  21. LOL. Woke comedy is like overcooked steak.😂

    The only group This unfunny quota woman dares to joke about are…men.

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