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Marc Savard, Four Time King of Corny Jokes!

[Music] And yours? Adam. Adam. Should have
introduced you first? It’s a it’s a Genesis joke. Mom Beck, Adam, the name
like Adam you a lot of history with stick. How about you Matthew what do you do? Um I’m a package handle a FedEx Oh! Okay! good thing you said FedEx because I handled my package what I often do Alright. It’s all team the Golden Knights
just played your coyotes tonight and they beat him and overtime to the oneVegas is undefeated to a no expansion team. It’s crazy they have their home
opener on Tuesday you look like you love hockey? No no play hockey. Okay. What do you do for a living? Basketball coach. [Laughter] The person— what do you do? Nothing. Good for you. Alright! Future now. In between jobs money’s tight missing a new head to
Vegas. All right that’s good financial planning Where are you from? Utah Where? Payson Okay! [Music] of course you’re good . Jackie’s gonna try something she’s been wanting to motorboat. Haha! Oh my goodness. whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa stopping right there. Wow. Stop it. Who watch Jackie to try something else
raise your hand [Laughter] We got the votes. Kelly we got the vote.
Carson you didn’t raise your hand. Your girlfriend’s here? No? Boyfriend? No?
You just not into Jackie that way. Okay. That’s fine. Totally fine. Totally fine.
It’s okay. But she likes guys with jobs. I just mess it up. I just messed her with you. I just mess everything. Buddy Lauri what do you do? Um I’m— I sell anti harassment training during
the day and I sing in the weekends . That’s nice. And where you from? Sacramento Sacramento This right. Right over here. Good spread over here. A friend of mine sells anti-sexual
harassment training from Sacramento. Yeah! Are you Canadian? I am. Yeah wait from? Grand Grand Prairie Alberta. Oh! Excellent Grand Prairie Alberta. My parents actually live in Grand Prairie Alberta. I’m from the Peace River area little tiny town called Grimshaw about two
hours. Oh 2,800 people populations never changed.
Yep been that for 30 years mainly because Gorga’s pregnant guy leaves town. Gorga’s pregnant guy leaves town. kind of keeps the population the same. I left in 92 If you’ve got your cell phone on you turn it to the off position that way
it’s not gonna bother anyone up here or at least turn it to the pleasure mode
that would be sufficient enough and ladies have you got your handbags wait a minute. [Laughter] I just seen one in a museum before I’d
never seen one in my life. You know if you call your company I’m sure there’s an upgrade available on your account. Probably for free. They can upgrade you
to the iPhone one. Kelly if your last name is Fornia that’ll be awesome. That’s not. Alright. Okay. It’s not. I get a little tiny bit.
What are you for living sir? UPS UPS. Alright. So those are what you tell the ladies in the bedroom what can the brown do for you. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It’s a good slogan and they’re like what and you’re like here’s my card bitch. Yeah! So I’m talking about that’s what I would do. No. That’s just me. Where are you from? California Ah! Yes of course California. Alright! Great!
What’s it? Get it off. Get it off. I don’t know— I don’t even know how to
get off a snake. I don’t even— I don’t even know where his little snake dick is. So either. [Laughter] [Music] That’s probably not Kosher. [Laughter] Cookie! Cookie I like that name. Good nice to meet you. Hi cookie good to have you here! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Cookie is that a nickname or your
real name? That’s a nickname. Nickname but use what you go by all the time? Yeah. Yeah! Cookie. [Laughter] Looks like tonight I might be having more friends cookies. [Laughter] What about you what do you do? I’m a fan [Laughter] Am I counting? [Laughter] Well, it’s kind of the same job at the
end of the day somebody’s getting fucked [Laughter] What nationality are you? Chinese. Oh. You guys should be worried because if the snake eats her, I’d be hungry again in 30 minutes. [Laughter] Okay. It’s something good. Oh my! Oh my
god. Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh! That’s gonna leave a mark. That was two knuckles deep. That was a — that was unnatural. Oh! I see what you’re an excellent. I don’t know what you’re Australian is call that. We call that down under How about you Nathan? What do you do? Detective. Detective. Where are you from? Kentucky. Right. We talked about that
we’re in Kentucky? Georgetown. Good to have you here. Nice to meet you. What kind of detective work are you? Cyber crimes. Oh. So you check people’s computers and stuff That’s right. Oh okay! If ever you were checking mine, I was searching Gary oldman. I just forgot what they are. [Laughter] Keep staring there. Here we go. Ten, Nine, Eight, keep staring there do not look away. If you look away it will break the
effect. Eight and Seven, Six, Five, Four. You may
begin to feel a tunneling effect. That’s a kid it’s a good sign. Four and Three, Two, One. Look at summers ahead grow. [Laughter] I told you that’d be cool right. All
right. Thank you so much. It works the other way too, if you spin the other way the head goes small. Shana come back. If you give me a little head. No that
didn’t sound right. I’m sorry. I didn’t. Forget it. Forget it. Forget that. Where you from Ashiya? Where’re your from? Chicago. I love Chicago used to go there all the
time. How do how much anymore I’ve nowhere to stay when they go. You’re strong. I’m strong [Laughter] Thank you. Just in that arm. I hope not. [Laughter] Your name sir? I’m JP uh are also you can call me Jumbo Penis. [Laughter] JP stands for Jumbo Penis. [Laughter] I’m sure it’s all a matter of
perspective. When you’re weighting a hundred and eight pounds everything
looks jumbo. Be fly on the ground check it out it’s called sleep dust if you get any on. You fall into a deep deep sleep starting over on this end check it out. Oh come on. Just a little rest. [Laughter] He’s bottom heavy because of the jumbo
penis. [Laughter] It was a bad situation but it’s under control now. Got to be careful situation to panic like
that with the arms outside you could. If you miss you can rip your dick off. You got to be careful. But certain I have. [Laughter] Right Karen so what I’m saying? Yeah! That’s right! You got — you got some serious garden
hoses there. So you don’t wanna mess around with those [Music]

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  1. Hmmm Grimshaw, peace river I worked in them area's lot's on seismic peace river is a gorgeous place. Marc did you know the guy in Grimshaw that had heli drills?

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