Laughter is the Best Medicine

Marcus Aurelius performs Stand Up Comedy

Hey, you know what annoys me? Nothing. Like airplane food… …that’s something I can endure. They give you these tiny packets of peanuts… I’m grateful to have them. Hey, has anyone noticed… …black guys drive like this… …white guys drive like this… …and I don’t care? I don’t control other people. Hey, my mother in law… …doesn’t upset me. My thoughts about her do. But you know what is good? Virtue!

17 thoughts on “Marcus Aurelius performs Stand Up Comedy

  1. Fantastic video, Michael! For more information about taking part in the free international event, Stoic Week (24th-30th November), see:

  2. Excellent one! More such videos are needed, to spread the Stoic ideas everywhere. Even with the use of comedy, Stoic teachings can be relayed to the masses.

  3. Michael, would you say that doing positive (ie: not dreadful, whinny, depressive ) jokes is more difficult than doing negative jokes? it sure seems like it. And if so, would you say that that's a property of humor or it's just our time that has accustom us to perpetual complaining?

    Sorry if I'm getting too philosophical about this (ha!) .

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