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Mariah Carey Makes Shaq Apologize For A Bad Joke 😱 | Wild ‘N Out | #WildThoughts

– Hey, you know what else
rhymes with climb the ranks? – You lost your job to Tyra Banks? (crowd cheers) – He wasn’t the only one making
Mariah hit them high notes. (crowd cheers) – When you drop a album,
it’s more like a fumble. (crowd cheers) – That’s probably one of the best burns. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Coming up, I wanted to be a
comic, I wanted to be a rapper I wanted to be a star,
I wanted to be a factor. I didn’t know if I was
talented enough to matter, then I saw Nick Cannon and I realized, talent didn’t matter. (crowd cheers) – That actually didn’t
rhyme or make sense. I don’t know why everybody
thought that was so hot. That was horrible Lil Dickie. – Knick knack paddy whack, Cannon with no balls. – This hurt. – Once you lost Mariah,
you know you lost it all. – I was actually a fan
of these young ladies, and this hurt my feelings.
– First it went your talent – I had to go sit down after this one. – Along with your career. – I know it must be hard for
you, but baby wipe your tears. – They dissed me in harmony. Do you know how it feels
to get dissed melodically? – 50 thousand for the ring, that’s how I get my bling on. – Speak on it. – Make some noise if y’all
wanna hear Nick’s new song. – See, usually, what I do, I don’t go crazy at the beginning. I just let the guests come at me, and if they get disrespectful, I kill the ants with a sledgehammer. I go super hard. My comeback
on Tyga, slaughtered. You wanna talk about my ex; let’s make one thing clear. Your ex ain’t even old
enough to get up in here. (cheering) Had to send him back to rehab. (laughs) He didn’t like that.
But hey. He came at me. I’m the nicest guy in the
world, until you disrespect me, then I gotta put you in your place, and then we hug it out at the end. – Nick Cannon, I came
here to climb the ranks. Wait, you know what else
rhymes with climb the ranks? – You lost your job to Tyra Banks? (crowd exclaims) – See, Sharone actually,
the way he got his job, he actually wanted to
battle me in real life. So I was like, “yo, come on the
show, let’s make it happen.” He was real disrespectful
then, he’s still disrespectful. Big Snoop Dogg, straight reppin’ the blue, but how you gon’ Crip Walk with
them ugly-ass church shoes? (crowd cheers) – Me and Snoop always go at it. On camera, off camera,
the dude is the man. – I can look so fresh and
so clean, and so stacked. But let me tell you about
your rap, it’s straight wack. You can’t get it, and you don’t do it, I’m supposed to do two bars,
but I’m about to ruin your day. Wild ‘N Out, the platinum crew, we came to get you, and you, and you, too. – Snoops like me. He
don’t write nothing down, he don’t prepare, it’s
just whatever comes off the top of his head and
that’s real hip hop. – A football jersey? You
aint trying to rumble. When you drop an album,
it’s more like a fumble. (crowd exclaims) – I was trying to figure
out who wrote this for her. It was too good, the
execution, she killed it. That’s probably one of the best burns, and it came from Skylar. I
didn’t expect it. I didn’t know. I usually go light on all of the guests, and she had the theatrics, and
it just made so much sense. I had on a football jersey.
How did she come up with that? Talent. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – And there’s (bleep) young Vic Mensa before anybody knew who he was. It was like Jaden Smith. – Stop it. I’ll settle at his head. Nick Cannon still dress like
he want to be in Jagged Edge. (background noise drowns out other sounds) (crowd cheers) – He was such a young,
sweet, innocent guy then. – You claim you like chicks, man. Dog you lying. Everybody give
it up for the jolly gay giant. (crowd cheers) – (mumbles) He’s good. – Jolly Gay, I like that quote. You wasn’t the only one making
Mariah hit them high notes. (crown exclaims) – He had to apologize to Mariah for that, so joke is on you, Shaq. Haha big fella. (violin music)

100 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Makes Shaq Apologize For A Bad Joke 😱 | Wild ‘N Out | #WildThoughts

  1. When I heard Nick say that him in Snoop are the same because they don't write their roasts down on paper..

    I kinda wondered if Emanual's jokes were all written down and they didn't come from creativity. I had to sit on my bed and think about it..

  2. " they dissed me in harmony, you know how hard it is to get dissed medolicly" – Nick Cannon 😂😂😂😂

  3. Nick speaks TOO MUCH . . . . . 😑😤
    Couldn't even hear what that white guy and black short guy were saying

  4. Why he tryna say Dickie didn't rhyme when it rhymed better than snoops an he ain't got nuttin to say about that but props…no wonder he can't rap for shit

  5. Bro he is on a show that is just about roasting each other and he keeps getting taken back when one of his guest plays by the rules

  6. Damn man.. I'm sorry for all that fr tho I feel so bad for him… if i were you I fr couldn't be able to take it.

  7. Nick was lowkey offended when lil dicky came for him even though he started it by trying to take his girl

  8. When he said lil dicky was wack I came to the comments quick. He just salty af cause the white boy is a better rapper!


  10. Knickknack patty wack cannon with no balls

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