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Marianne Williamson on Humor, Morality and Beating Trump in 2020

-Welcome to the show. -Thank you. Thank you so much
for having me. -So, obviously, when you
undertake something like this, you know you’re gonna get to
speak to a lot of people. You also know you’re gonna
be open to criticism. When you went into the first
debate, were you prepared for — Because you became
very meme-able right away. -Yes, very meme-able.
[ Laughter ] -Did you enjoy those? Were you suspecting that? -They were mainly hilarious. -Okay, good.
-So, I was down on the floor laughing as much
as everybody was. -We were watching
the first debate that night. Kate McKinnon was on our show. And I was watching the debate
live with her. And when you first
started to speak, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen
her eyes get. [ Laughter ] Because she then immediately
had an impression of you. -But do I have big eyes? -No, just her eyes
got big with excitement to have a political impression
that she could do that quickly. [ Laughter ] Did you enjoy it? -Yeah.
-Okay. -The vast majority of the stuff
around the memes and stuff, it wasn’t malevolence there. And I think that, you know, it’s like what you were doing
earlier on the show. First of all, political cartoons
and jokes goes back all the way to the beginning of our country, and it’s an important part of
our public discourse. Look what you did earlier
this evening. Very funny. Very funny. And then somehow
that opened a space and you got really serious. -I try. -About trucking
and the harm being done. And the fact you began it with
humor I think it’s important. It opened the space. -That’s the trick.
-That’s the trick. [ Laughter ] I know it has a place.
That’s a good thing. -You’ve talked about bringing
a moral compass to politics, and I think, obviously,
that is drawing a distinction with what is happening right now
in the White House. Do you think that moral compass
would be a platform that would resonate
as much right now if there was someone else
in the White House? -Well, hopefully
we wouldn’t need it if somebody else
was in the White House, but the issue is that he is. And I don’t believe we will beat
him with a political argument or an economic argument or even
a purely rational argument, but we will beat him
with a moral argument. He has no defense there because he has no sense of
morality or ethics. So he has no defense against it.
He can’t engage. -I think a lot of people, certainly voters
in the Democratic primary, have already reached the
conclusion that he is immoral, which is the position you hold
and that some people are also — Some criticism has been
that you have said that plans are less important than drawing
this moral distinction. How do you react to that? -I have never said that plans
were less important in terms of the presidency. I have talked about
how we defeat him in 2020. And for that, I say, “Let’s
remember, in the last election, we had
the most qualified candidate, and she certainly had plans. All I’m talking about
when I talk about plans alone will not get the job done has to do with defeating him
in 2020.” You know, sometimes Democrats
don’t realize — I think a lot of us
don’t realize, the part of the brain that
rationally analyzes an issue is not always
the same part of the brain that decides who to vote for. So we have to have
a much more expanded, much more integrative
political strategy that includes psychology
and emotion, and, yes, even spirituality
and morality. That’s where people live
and that’s where you vote from. -Are you finding it hard in the
constraints of a debate format to get across a message of spirituality
and morality and psychology? ‘Cause it’s just you have
small chunks of time to talk, and I think ultimately,
even if you have specific plans, they are 90-second
chunks of time. Have you been frustrated by that
when you’re out there? -Well, except for Montana,
I was the most Googled person. -You were the most Googled
person in Montana? [ Laughter ]
-No. No. I was the most —
After the second debate, I was the most Googled person
except Montana because — -Oh, Steve Bullock, right.
-Steve Bullock. They didn’t know
who their governor was. So I’m saying —
[ Laughter ] So I think I’m doing okay.
-Yeah. I’m sorry. Well, look. Obviously, you know,
hopefully tonight people in Montana
will be Googling. -I love Montana. -Don’t pander. [ Laughter ]
-You can’t say anything.

100 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson on Humor, Morality and Beating Trump in 2020

  1. If only she weren't an anti-science, anti-vax creep who hates disabled people.

    Just because she seems warm and fuzzy doesn't make her a good candidate and it doesn't mean she's not out to do huge harm to disabled folks.

    She is a bad person. Stop giving her airtime.

  2. I wish Seth would do a segment like his "news we need right now" about her being the president we need right now. Don't get me wrong, I love Bernie, Yang is cool (love his $1,000 a month plan) Tulsi is awesome with her anti-war stance as someone who has served and I like Warren too oh! and that guy from Washington State with the glasses who was very outspoken about the environment… I think that MW could do a good job of giving these people appropriate positions in her administration if they wanted them. But as for the president, Marianne is what we all need right now. People are traumatized and struggling severely here and need some serious healing and calm. I read a comment yesterday where someone said that they have felt angry lately and just listening to her had made him calmer. IMagine! INstead of hearing from and about Trump everyday if we got to listen to and hear about her! What kind of world would that be? DOn't you want to see? Check her out here AND there are some TedTalks from her on here that are really great too. @t

  3. As always, MW was classy and respectful despite Seth Meyers being a rude host. What's with hosts like Seth, Anderson Cooper, and the ladies of The View inviting her only to act rudely towards her? Very unprofessional.

  4. OMG! I had the same thought as her when I saw Montana googled their own Governor the most during that 2nd debate.

  5. After the first debate Seth said she looked like "she rose up out of a lake under a full moon"

    You could tell he was a little bit unsure how she would react and wanted to be sure she was not upset by the "memes" about her.

  6. I wouldn't vote for her as POTUS, but I do think more people in DC need to consult with her… open their minds a bit.

  7. Hey people, don’t bother with this interview. It’s clear Seth doesn’t take her seriously and is only obligated to interview her.

    Rather watch her appearance on the daily show. Trevor Noah asks her real questions about her stances and policies and not about how memeable she is

  8. I don't know which would be more difficult – getting your point across in 90 seconds or tiptoeing around a joke-fodder minefield.
    Progressives are going to blow it again by taking it even less seriously in 2020 than they did the first time around.
    America. SMH

  9. So flaky… Even the cadence of her speech annoys me.
    Warren for me. She is the only one with actual policy.

  10. She talks a lot about morality but as a Jew where does she stands or what did she do regarding abuse of Palestinian people and land grabbing policy by Israel.

  11. Yes please! Let’s put a strong, intelligent, authentic woman in charge. It’s time America. I want an adult in the White House!!

  12. Williamson made a cottage industry on the backs of men dying with AIDS. She is intelligent and charismatic . B e W a r n e d

  13. The jokes don't go back to the beginning of this country, they were splashed across the walls of ancient Rome and Athens

  14. I do love her personality, but the second she said Hillary was the most qualified in 2016…gurl….that was not her. It was Bernie.

  15. I don't necessarily think she should be President. But I'd like to see more of her in the government. Maybe as a congresswoman or something.

  16. Trump could never hold even the simplest of conversations with her. She speaks on a whole different level. Love her Clinton jab at Trump.

  17. My sister, Who happens to be mixed race likes Marianne. So do I. I think misogynistic men in America will dislike her very much. Probably because she would never fall for any of their bullshit.

  18. Marianne Williamson is just what America needs right now. Thank you Seth for having her on. She is says the things no one else running will say. Addressing the deeper issues that we need to address.

    That said, people should check out her extended interview with Trevor Noah. It's definitely the better interview

  19. Not presidential, but she can do a lot of good at the cabinet level. It's sad we have to have somebody not amoral and evil to set the bar high again.

  20. i dont know why but i woud vote for her, i still think Trump is going to get re-elected, Waren is the better candidate for the win.

  21. She seems great but I'm concerned that she wouldn't understand how to use the position of president to fix all the problems caused by the current administration. We need someone more politicly familiar to do that.

  22. Haha! This appeared to announce: "Marianne Williamson on Humor, Morality and Beating Trump in". Got quite excited. 🙂

  23. yes, joining the points as always Marianne, she didn't intend to dunk on Bullock, nowadays if you were the most googled name , within your own home state it probably is a bad sign that people don't know who their governor is… #Bigtruths can be harsh… But it did cross my mind, I just thought I would come across as a troll is I said the truth out loud.
    It is funny when a person accustomed to truth telling thinks aloud, and the truth comes a bit incisive… Oh well, no harm intended, peace love and geodes.. #OrbGang
    PS. Seth, get a hearing aid, she speaks clearly and calmly, you just don't know how to listen.

  24. Couldn't believe she was 67. No hint of chicken neck. But does appear to use the botox.

  25. Seth looks nervous in this interview … Which is understandable given the bad jokes he'd made after the debates about MW being spiritual. And that's probably where his first question about her being memeable comes from.
    MW's response and her remark on humor was incredibly wise, and compassionate toward Seth. Watching them interact is something special.
    Thank you Seth for this interview.

  26. This woman belongs as a WH aide, in foreign diplomacy, or in education. So excited to have a woman like this willing to serve her country.

  27. I like Seth, but he could've asked her better questions. I don't know if others have noticed this, but her interviews from those on network TV are fairly rough and they tend to give her a harder time and don't ask the more important questions. Her interviews with Trevor Noah (comedy central) and Bill Maher (HBO) were much much stronger. Makes one wonder who is giving $$ to the major networks.

  28. Becoming a big fan of Marianne with every interview! To paraphrase, spirituality and morality is where humans function even if they are not aware.

    Why I think Marianne would be interesting is for following reasons.

    Trump is assured of the 45-48% vote share from a devoted voter base that he manages / panders to very well. In that vote share are a good number of moderate Republicans who don't like President Trump.

    Candidates like Sen. Warren / Bernie/ Kamala Harris are great candidates but considered too leftist by American standards. Therefore, the disillusioned Republicans would never vote for them.

    Biden / Marianne / Pete Buttegiege are more likely to swing some of the Repubican moderates.

    However, in the microscopically miniscule chance that Marianne wins the nomination, you can bet the Corporate interests would try to damage her campaign very hard !

    But it's definitely exciting to see fresh ideas, high quality spiritual conversations take center stage in the election process and kudos to Marianne for that !

  29. Marianne Williamson is starting to sound like a prime candidate for the position of Philosopher Laureate in the next administration(s).

  30. I'm very sorry Miss Williamson, and believe me I see the light in you and that which you are trying to project however, when you say that a sociopath has no defense against a moral opposition, you have to know that that's because they don't care. Why would they try to fight or argue that point? It just doesn't occur to them. More troubling is the fact that apparently at least 42% of Americans I have no problem with that. I wish you well in your endeavors. And I believe you have my vote if it comes to that.

  31. Come on, why is everyone on the left making her out to be crazy. She has a wonderful message and her voice only helps right now.

  32. Okay Seth. You’re demonstrating basic leftist over-secularized language and behavior and it’s a shame that such an intelligent woman like Marianne can’t get right away to speaking about issues that matter because you mocking her. She is just full of love and light and I’m so proud of the way she handles people like Seth. Eloquent. Respectful. Articulate. Humorous. A QUEEN.

  33. Marianne handled herself well but Seth was a bit clumsy. Its almost as if he underestimated her ability to go along with the parodying.

  34. I wonder how many times a day her tarot cards burst into flames when she asks "Will I win the nomination fo… Another one? Sheesh!"

  35. Seth.What a loser host.He is the lap dog of the big pharma and gmo,weapons companies.Laugh and stab below the gut.

  36. New agism has opened up righteous and wise people to demonic Possession. Anyone who preaches such ideals should be considered a leader to no one.

  37. I’m not voting for her in the primary but I think she going to be president. She is right about the morality thing.

  38. Kinda disturbing how many new fake accounts are posting positive "vote for Marianne" comments on her interviews. Russia, can you hear me?

  39. I love listening to this sweet soul. Not sure if America and it's history of dirty politics is ready for her.

  40. And prior to having her on, Seth repeated made up rumors, and mocked
    her. I unsubscribed after hearing that. Her team noted that she would
    be on Seth's show, so I tuned in. He either does not know how to
    interview, or took some dirty $. Trevor needs to take him to school.

  41. And prior to having her on, Seth repeated made up rumors, and mocked
    her. I unsubscribed after hearing that. Her team noted that she would
    be on Seth's show, so I tuned in. He either does not know how to
    interview, or took some dirty $. Trevor needs to take him to school.

  42. Go watch the interview with Trevor Noah. She's amazing! Extremely well versed and informed. Too bad she is not given more time in her platform. I think she's great.

  43. Marianne’s own words after her media rounds
    “ I understand why some politicians end up saying so little⁠—because you’re aware at every moment that anything you say can be used against you. To be real, to be authentic, to be spontaneous, to be relevant, to be vulnerable⁠—all those things, to me, are necessary components of twenty-first century leadership. I don’t wake up in the morning and think about what I “should” say, to win votes. I wake up in the morning and think about what it seems to me needs to be said. I feel deep gratitude to those who are on this journey with me, supporting it in all the various ways that you do.l”

    This is how a person with integrity behaves. There is coherence between her words, her actions, her presence 💙

  44. Wow. Very well spoken. Totally different impression than when she's on stage with 9 other contestants on "America's Next Top Democrat".

  45. 1 Question does this woman saying she is Christ condone killing babies by abortion? What I hear is the only way to beat Trump is to fake spirituality and morality. Her narcissistic personality is creepy. Keeping tabs on how often she is Googled and pointing it out shows me her ego far exceeds Trumps. There is but 1 true Jesus Christ son of God. Hate the sin and not the sinner. Pray for this woman for she knows not what she does.

  46. she should make Enigma's "Return To Innocence" her campaign song. perfect balance of revoking the Trump presidency & mandate along with new-age granola to suit Marianne's kooky persona.

  47. I like Marrianne a lot. However, I fully support and believe in Tulsi Gabbard as a strong, capable leader. Tulsi is Principled. Ethical. Insightful. Confident. Ethical & moral. As a huge bonus – she is uncorrupted by corporate donors and whimsy. Tulsi & Bernie are both spiritual in their own ways – and both of them avoid forcing their theological beliefs upon others and in their policies. My choices are down to Tulsi Gabbard & Bernie. That being said – I believe Marrianne Williamson would make a wonderful Chief-of-Staff.

  48. Sounds like trump. I have the biggest crowds. I was googled the most. Just what we need is another egotistical coo coo.

  49. When she's President I wonder if she'll make us conservatives do yoga while being sequestered in soul-crushing reeducation camps. Fingers crossed…

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