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MariaPlantis News 012 – Noticias reales con el toque de humor de LosCannacartoons.

Welcome friends, we start with a new Maria Plantis TV bulletin In the U.S. state of Colorado, the church which spreads the word of cannabis has opened a marijuana museum, a museum which is visited by people around the world. In this building, you can learn everything you need to know about marijuana. Moreover, it counts on the presence of two goats. How did this idea come to reverend Brandon Baker’s mind? The Jesus show Hey, sup, Poncio? What’s good? Nothing, just doing a bit of pilates. Hey guys. Look, Christopher has already come. What’s up, Jesus? C’mon, move over. Couldn’t care less about you, man, I’m not gonna move from here, come hell or high water. Don’t make me do it. What? Lazaro, get up and walk. It isn’t gonna work dude, this shit has me settled. Try it. I’ve tried it better. Who gave you this shit? That weirdo, Judas. Judas? That guy isn’t legit. Last time I smoked his grass I’ve ended up wandering forty days in the desert. I can’t go on, I’m exhausted. What an asshole… This wouldn’t happen if there was more information. It should exist a Mary museum. A museum about your mother? No, about marijuana. AH, a marijuana museum. What a revelation! And, what do you say about this? Is it a good idea? Hey, buddies, what’s up? Sometimes after a copious meal you need a bit of liquor in order to digest one’s food, has this happened to you? Charles. Arthur, the brunch was insultingly delicious. Thank you, let’s go to the smoking room to taste a delicious liquor macerated for years in oak casks. Today, we’re gonna learn how to make a delicious liquor with marijuana. We already have all the ingredients we need ready, which we’ll mix in a big saucepan. Firstly, vodka. We should add the branches from the marijuana plant. Subsequently, we add tasty marijuana buds. We cannot forget to sweeten all of this with honey. Marijuana is really bitter and if we don’t add something sweet to our concoction, this will be the face we’ll get when tasting the liquor. So, just in case, we’ll add sugar and more sugar, better to have too much than too little. I love sugar. Boil the ingredients, but not too much, because it could look thick or dense. We cool it and it’s ready to drink. What is happening here? Everybody go home! But mom…! As I said, everybody go home! Hello to all the friends of Maria Plantis, I’m Wernard Bruining, founder of Positronics Seeds, greetings to all. By the way, I recommend you this liquor our friends have made. It is really good. See you soon!

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  1. nunca me pierdo un capitulo vuestro … estaria bien si haceis una parodia del legued of legends con todos los personajes de mariaplantis

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