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Mario Balotelli Funny – Top 5 Quotes!

we have talked about Mario Balotelli
here before by the way hello and welcome to do it. sport we talk about Mario
Balotelli a lot here on this very medium and there seems
to be somewhat Ave yes and no in paper not in favor
mentality when it comes to Mario Balotelli here
the top 5 quotes that might sway your opinion for a guy who don the shirt why always
me when he scored a goal at Manchester City of course now with AC Milan deeply per
Inter Milan and he has you did with coaches these might be the
quote that show you a light-hearted side to Mario ball a
telly here are the top 5 quotes from the
Italian striker number five his quote I want City supporters to know
this when I heard them chant my name it gave
me a really warm feeling inside sometimes I don’t smile outwardly but I
am smiling inside you might take his confidence for
airguns but that certainly shows you something
and it shows something in here from Mario Balotelli that he appreciates it any means that
when he says it so for all you guys now at AC Milan who
are trying to support him outwardly and chanting his name now you
know he certainly takes it to heart number four here’s what he said in an
interview on rubber about Roberto Mancini Mangini said every day I fight against
mario and sometimes I would like to give them a punch Paula
tellers response he couldn’t I do Thai kickboxing I would love to do Thai kickboxing by the way Thai bowl
Thai kickboxing at the way I’m gonna get my ass in shape
to look like Mario Balotelli in number three here’s the quote that he
put up who is the best in the world his response there’s only one player who
is a little stronger than me messing all the others are behind me
well done Mario Balotelli some might say it’s a
christiana man although he certainly left a mop now for all those who got mad at Sep
Blatter for saying that Leo Messi was his favor we understand
where he is coming from because he runs the organization a fee per and Mario Balotelli certainly
does not but now you know he has a ton of respect
for Leo Messi number two Mario Balotelli scored on Joe
the marina marino’s the best coach in the world but as a man he still needs
to learn some manners and respect interesting marine of course feuded
along with Roberto Mancini with Mario Balotelli and at one point
Marino even called Mario Balotelli unmanageable now you know how about Elly certainly stands although he certainly
it seems like he certainly has this respect Bourjos a merino and even tell
has some respect for Roberto man she’d here the number one Mario Balotelli
quote that you guys going to now on the English media England is far
ahead up the rest in terms of steady a and far behind in terms of its media
they’re just trash certainly Luis Suarez is dealing with
that right now I wanna hear all your thoughts by the way the comment section
below what exactly was your favorite quote and what you think about the English
media I’m certainly curious I can read about it on as george bush would say the internets
but I wanna know all your thoughts English media top by Bala tell a quote
what was your favorite thoughts comment section below video
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25 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli Funny – Top 5 Quotes!

  1. Also, as a British person I believe I'm a good authority on the media here. Although Balotelli is right in that we have a lot of really bad tabloid journalism, we do have a lot of very good media outlets. Unfortunately though, a lot of the papers that cover sports stories are really into sensationalism to the point of hysteria and love to invade peoples privacy. Essentially they do the TMZ thing, but as in the USA not all British media is TMZ.

  2. we have the best (guardian, bbc when they aren't being overly corperate) and the worst (daily star, daily mail, sun) media in the world. If you want a good source of satire and english football commentary I would recommend the fiver which is produced by the guardian. As for Balotelli appreciating people chanting his name, I dont think that applies to italian clubs. The rascist portion of their fans have a history of chanting "if you jump up and down balotelli dies".

  3. Love Balotelli, think he is a good guy, maybe not as good as he thinks he is though.
    The English media are trash. They love to kick someone while they're down and print anything negative they can get their hands on. I honestly think they want England to lose every time they play a game!

  4. “We are in 2012, it can’t happen. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him.”

  5. Come on rick I know 5 other balotelli quotes way better then this ones. Like this one :
    "I don't celebrate scoring goals because that is my job. You dont see the postman celebrating everytime he delivers a letter" -balotelli

    razzisti noi? ma se hai un atteggiamento di merda verso tutti gli italiani!!! sei tu razzista!!! se una persona e' una merda e' merda e basta, non e' questione razzismo,,,,bastardo balotelli ,,,,,,sei tu razzista, e con questo vittimismo fai credere il contrario merda!!!

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