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Mario Maker 2 : Revenge of RubberRoss

– [Dunk] Uh-oh! “The troll level.” “Don’t trust anything.” Oh man, this is gonna be a scary one. Hey, look, a door with an arrow pointing to it.
Let’s just go in there. Uh-oh! You trolled me! You got me-! “Spin it to win it!” The-
Now, this a level from Game Grump… “RubberRoss”, who-
He said that “I could never beat this level because he’s a better person than me.” So let- Oh-!
Oh, wow! “Go down a pipe!” (Laughs) Okay, this is hard.
(Laughing) What’s that Game Grumps?
“Go down a slide!” (Laughs) Oh, man. Phew!
They- They always were one of the worst channels. Stupid-ass Bob Ross. Always sitting there painting a tree. Telling me to be cool. “Be Cool, dude!” (Laughs) Be cool- Be- YOU be cool! “Be cool, Bruce.
Let’s just smoke some weed.” I don’t smoke weed, Game Grumps! Sorry! And when they were talking that shit on that game… …and they said it was no good… I know- always- I always knew they were nitpicking and biased. I always knew it from Day 1. This is a pretty good level though. That is if you like Bad Levels. (Donald Duck Sound) Okay, Game Grump. Wanna make a dumb level? I’m not even going to try on this one. Sorry! Not trying! I’ll probably will lose. See? Tony, hold my jacket. That’s it. Nah, nah, nah.
Now you- Now you fucked up! Now I’m going to enter into my Mario Phase… in 3… …2… …1… Mario Phase: Activate! Choo!
(Power Engaged SFX) (Laughs) Now, what will you do, Game Grumps? What will you do?! You’re powerless to me! Look at what I’ve done! I’ve activated my Mario Pha-! Funny story about Game Grumps, they still do the, uh, the human sacrifices. But nobody cares.
Everybody turns a blind eye. Not- Not me. Yah…
Oh- Oh- (Laughs) I will say-
I will say… …great level though. These guys know how to make a level. (Laughs) Oh, you gotta hate ’em though. Bah! Here we go… Yah… Poom! Poh! Ayeee… I beat it! And I beat the level. What a-? What is-? What-?
(Stuttering) Huh? What do you do-?
(Laughing) Ohh… It’s a prank level! It’s Joker’s trick. Oh, if I knew earlier, I would have been playing a whole different way… I didn’t know they did troll levels like this- Ohh… You see-?
You see what I’m talking about? One time, Game Grumps stole money from a charity livestream and spent it on crack to sell to children. So it’s not my fault I can’t beat the level. Great people, by the way. Great level. I like what he does with the slide here. That’s really nice. It’s like “Boom, you bounce and you get a little slide.” Very nice level. Now, watch this… (Laughs) So-
Sorry, Velociraptor! Does that piss you off? To see me defeat your level, so easily? I bet his yelling at Roll right now. (Laugh) “Hey, (unintelligible)” You people are pi — piece of shit. Wheeeeee… (Laughs) Ahhh… Wheeeeee… (Chuckles) … Top 10 Worst Humans… #10 Charles Manson. #9 The Game Grumps Channel. Okay, now, watch closely what I do here.
I’ve- I’ve concocted an — an all-new strategy. I’m not-
‘Cause I’m not gonna play the game by their rules. I’m gonna play-
See what I do-? See what I do there? And you die… But still… You see what I’m talking about? And look, you can go under here… you can get crushed by this thing,
that I didn’t know it was there. This is for all the people betrayed by Game Grumps…
[ ♪ “Nerevar Rising” – The Elder Srolls III: Morrowind ♪ ] – [Sketchman911] “I think the Game Grumps fanbase, is way too much, of a fucking hug box.” – [Dunk] This is for all of you… – [LS Mark] “I think it’s pretty obvious that Game Grumps,” “the main series that is,” “is on its last legs of a dwindling viewership.” – [Dunk] Let us unite… – [Sketchman911] “Mother…” “Fucking…” “Click…” “Bait!” – [Dunk] This is for everybody that… contributed to their Kickstarter, for Shovel Knight 2. I don’t even think they have the license to that character. Choo… (Laughs)
[Morrowind’s song stops] (Laughs) You guys suck!
(Laughing) Game Grumps sucks! They can’t make hard levels! They can’- NO!!! Wait a minute… What if you just go this way? Are you f-? … [OUTRO]
♪ “Yamamura’s Dojo Menu” – Super Mario Maker 2 OST ♪

100 thoughts on “Mario Maker 2 : Revenge of RubberRoss

  1. I love watching videos critiquing the game grumps bc they’re so fucking devoid of joy and fun. Like I don’t even like the game grumps that much but they aren’t hurting anyone at all.

  2. Yeah fuck the game grumps. They aren’t even funny, it just sounds shorta like something funny is happening but it’s just forced bullshit.

  3. yo dumptry youve made mario maker videos but where is the review?i dont know if the game's any good yet .plz i need your guidance

  4. Dear Dunkey, I've been watching your videos for a long time now and I just realized that I still haven't subscribed. My Mistake.

  5. Sorry guys, posting cringe here. I made a level that is very challanging and i want to see if gamer pros can beat it, only one guy has cleared it out of 786 tries so give it a shot if you are intrested. Tell me what you think about it, if you do try it. Course ID: NJC-SBR-R4G .

  6. Hey Dunkey, I've been subscribed to you for like, probably at least 4 days, anyway can you give me $4.12? Like I don't think that's unreasonable. Thank dunks. Can I call you dunks? Listen dunks if you don't like dunks, that is okay. thank you dunk souls.

  7. The kid at 3:35 goes to my school, I saw him literally 3 minutes ago. He’s pretty weird, but this is actually so god damn funny

  8. Dunkey forgot to drink his gamer juice , was blindfolded, and handed the controller to his little brother thats why its seem like he is dying a lot 10/ 10 ign level

  9. I've always found dunkey abit obnoxious but i'd never really watched any of his videos before but I watched a few and now he's probably one of my favourite content creators

  10. I love how angry he gets every time he dies especially when he said the game grumps stole the money from charity and spent it on crack LOL

  11. Hey Dunkey have you ever played geometry dash I think you might enjoy it
    I would really like to hear your input on the game

  12. 4:28
    At that point, you should’ve kept the screen like that, just like with the sledgehammer cauldron naked guy game you played and made a video on

  13. I need to know what that video was with the kid declaring that the fanbase is a "fucking hug box," with the slightly flamboyant conviction of someone who truly believes his opinion about a YouTube channel matters in any way to us as a species. Can someone send me a link because that shit was hilarious!

  14. What a fucking ridiculously easy platforming level.
    What's even more disappointing is that it's not even an actual level.

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