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Mark Lowry – Interruptions (Comedy/Live)

– You’re gonna make it through. You’re gonna make it through, and you’re not even gonna
have to make it. He’s gonna make it for you. We used to sing this song
in the Vocal Band. “When I get to heaven I’ll tell
King Jesus how I made it over.” I hated that song. I’m not gonna get to heaven and say, “Hey, Jesus, come here. Let me tell You
how I made it over.” I don’t even know where it is. If He don’t come get me,
I ain’t going. All the Glory will go to Him
when we get home, y’all. We won’t be able to have
any bragging rights. I love these kids. Kids, they’re ten years younger
than me, but they’re kids. [cheers and applause] And I love this one too. [cheers and applause] I’ve been so blessed because I’m entering
my senior years, y’all. And I’m excited about it. You know you’re getting old when your niece
looks at you and says, “You look like that old man
in the “Up” movie. [laughter] There it is. [laughter] Get a side-by-side of that. But I’m so excited tonight,
TaRanda, to have had you. Thank you for that song
that Dan Dean wrote. What a writer he is. And this sweet darling here
I’ve known forever, Gloria Land, she works for Loretta Lynn. And Reba Rambo McGuire. Lord, y’all,
I was 12 years old. Stand up. I was 12 years old. I cannot believe she is
in a concert watching me. I was 12 years old; Mama took me
to the Jones Hall in Houston, Texas, and Buck, Dottie,
and Reba were there. I’d never heard them because I was raised
Independent Baptist and our music was a little
on the just, you know, it was not–it didn’t pull
against the rhythm. Hearing the Rambos sing was like
watching someone ride a bronco. They were just pulling
against the rhythm, and they were together, and they’re inverting
the harmonies. I didn’t even know what all
that meat back then, but I heard the lyrics
that, even before I even knew the Lord, I heard those lyrics, and I remember you had your–
Dottie had her hair up and down
because in y’all’s church some people believed
it should be up and some thought
it should be down. So she was covering
all the bases. And Reba had her get her bass, and Buck had that Elvis lip that, I mean, I studied them. Thank you so much
for being here. – I love you.
– I love you. And, Duane,
thank you for coming. Duane of the Oak Ridge Boys. I knew them
when they were gospel. [laughter] Hey, they’re hauling the water
to the desert, folks. There’s nothing wrong with that. And so, anyway,
I was thinking that, you know, I’m so grateful
for the people like Reba. Reba has poured
a lot of God into me. I mean, I look for anybody
that knows something about God I don’t. And it’s not
because I’m spiritual. I am not spiritual. I am curious. And the most fascinating thing I’ve ever encountered was God. And my Mama made me
believe in Him first. Mama told me His name, but Mama did
nothing else right. She got His name right. And she didn’t, you know, she didn’t do everything
right because, you know, she was walking
in all the light she had. It finally dawned on me one day,
because I was so angry with her because you look up
to your parents. You want them to keep up. And I was learning things
from Gloria, and I’d go home
and tell Mama about them, and she wanted me to come back
into the legalistic realm of things
where she felt comfortable. But God was expanding my mind to realize that Presbyterians
could go to heaven too. And that Pentecostals
could go to heaven too. And Catholics could know Jesus. You know, Jesus said,
“I told you I got sheep you don’t know about.” And, man, I’m telling you, the one, though, above all, I mean, Mama mostly, but Gloria Gaither, thank you Lord
that I met her. That woman is so stinking smart. Her blond does not
go to the root. I mean, she reads
everything loose, and then she tells me
about it over breakfast. That way I don’t
have to read it. She told me one day,
we were having breakfast and this had such
a profound impact on me. She said, “Mark,
it just seems to me “like God is in
the interruptions of my life, and He’s seldom in my plans.” And I thought,
“What’s that mean?” and then she explained it
and I thought, “Well, that’s the same with me.”
You know, I was born. That was the first interruption,
I didn’t ask to be born. But Mama met Daddy,
and bada bing, bada bang, here I am. And then I had ADHD before they could abbreviate it, and I was on Ritalin as a child, and all these things. Then I’ve had
two tumor surgeries. I had a thyroid tumor
right here. I thought I had
two Adam’s apples for a while. And then I had
a carotid gland tumor, and they turned out
to be all right. But interruptions,
we’ve all had them. When you go home tonight,
think about your life when you were really
interrupted. Was God there? Did you see diamonds
laying around? That’s what He does.
‘Cause this is boot camp. This is where we get
to learn to walk by faith. When we get to heaven,
I’ve wondered how are we going to please God, because without faith,
it’s impossible to please God. When we get to heaven
will we be able to please Him because faith will be–that’s
the way my brain works. I don’t know. But Gloria said
God’s in the interruptions and then I started thinking,
“Well, if we’re interrupted, I wonder if Jesus
was ever interrupted?” And I went hunting it,
and I found a couple. Remember that woman
with the issue of blood. She interrupted His journey. She got healed,
and she made the Bible. We’re still talking about her. Remember that time
Jesus was preaching, and we don’t know
what He was preaching about because nobody wrote it down, but He was on His third point when they sawed through the roof and let a crippled guy
down in front of Jesus, and Jesus heals him,
and He saves him. And the interruption
made the Bible, and the sermon didn’t. Here’s God on foot preaching, and nobody took notes. And Mary was interrupted. She was 13 years old, you know, when the Angel of the Lord– Well, my Bible professor
said she was, but I learned a lot of things
in Bible school I never read in the Bible. But I do know she was young. Because back then they had
to get married young or start having babies because they died at 40 or 50. Now we got medicine.
People don’t know when to die. [laughter] Some of y’all need to lay down. [laughter] But here’s Mary,
she’s sitting in her room playing with her dolls, and Gabriel shows up and interrupts her morning. Says, “You’re gonna birth
a baby.” And she says, “But I’ve never
known a man,” which was a very good start
of the conversation. And he explained how
that was gonna happen. And then she says,
“Be it unto me as you say.” I was reading this one day
on the back porch with my dogs and I was thinking, “Be it unto me
as you say?” And then she started singing
and worshipping the Lord. I’m thinking, “This ain’t
no time for a concert.” “You have an angel in your room. Ask him some questions.” I think the first thing
I’d have asked him, “Could you run
by my mama’s room? She is gonna
need an explanation.” [laughter] “You’ve already made the trip. One more stop ain’t
gonna kill you.” [laughter] But not Mary. “Be it unto me as you say.” ♪ Oh, solo mio ♪ [laughter] And then, thankfully,
the angel stopped by and told Joseph.
Thank goodness. You know what, Joseph, that’s
an interesting character. He never said anything
worth writing down. Not one word
in that Bible’s from Joseph. I mean, good night,
even the cows got in that they were lowing. You’re in the room.
Say something. He sticks her on a donkey,
and they go 90 miles. No wonder her water broke. And… [laughter] he forgot
to book a room. Don’t tell me God
can’t use anybody. I mean, the whole Bible’s
full of freaks, frauds, and failures, just like you, and just like me. Because on our best days
we’re a pack of freaks trying to find
our way home, and our big brother
has come for us. Joseph. Oh, there’s other ones.
Look in the Old Testament. King David, if he’d had Prozac,
we’d never had Psalms. He was up one Psalm,
down the next. Up one Psalm, down the next. Prozac would have
leveled that out. [laughter] And look what
we would have missed. Listen, your brokenness
is a good part of your personality because broken pots
spill more water. It’s those people
that got their fig leaves so tightly bound they’ve
forgotten the seeping wounds beneath the foliage
you need to worry about. When someone won’t show you
their scars, I don’t really care
to see their trophies. Show me your scars. Tell me what
you’ve been through. So she goes to Bethlehem. No room. She’s on a cobblestone floor with a few moo cows
staring at her, and mute Joseph in the corner. [laughter] And she births that baby. And Mama and I talked
a lot about this. Like, what was it like? You know I wrote this lyric,
“Mary Did You Know,” but I didn’t get
all my questions in there. I have a lot more questions.

45 thoughts on “Mark Lowry – Interruptions (Comedy/Live)

  1. mark you always made everything more realistic then its original is. though i want to be humour like you and bring people closer to our saviour JESUS CHRIST i cannot be in this world. maybe when we meet in heaven i can be as good as you….hahaha…anyway you are an inpiration to so many people whom you may never meet in this life….. you are indeed anointed by GOD. GOD bless you mark.

  2. Mark Lowry has been and always will be my favorite comedian. I listened to him on cassette tapes. Mark you gave a fellow hyperactive person hope πŸ™‚

  3. for Baptist, Gaither loving people. Nothing wrong with it but very little time I spent laughing. Hardly funny at all. It was all southern Baptist singing.

  4. I doubt Mark will see this, but I have a sincere question for him. If we have no bragging rights (and I believe that is true), then does he have to "try" in any way to be good, or does he have to try to be better, go deeper, or climb higher, or is it automatic with believers?

  5. He's so old-fashioned Texas. I've heard these kinds of stories told this way in the old days. We had fun back then in church.

  6. Is this clip found on any DVDs? The "Dogs Go To Heaven" DVD does not seem to have a clip entitled "Interruptions" in its index list. So I'm wondering maybe this Interruptions bit is not on any DVDs?

  7. Mark Lowery is a rich rich man. He made a lot of money off of
    Jesus. His theology is all over the place. If the last will be first, and the first will be last, this guy will be lucky to get an outhouse when the rest of us get a room in the mansion.

  8. Omg!! I dont personally know him but i love this guy! Im literally LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Mark Lowry… honestly, you murdered all the sermons in my head hahhha… Gods really jenius using you as His Disciple….I have learn a lot from your preaching with comedy. And more than that.. now I understand what the meaning of Jesus said about Holy Spirit…His promise sending a Holy Spirit to help us when He raising to heaven.. indeed…Mark Lowry had a most beautiful spiritual talent I' ve ever heard. And most of all Mark really genuine person in Bill Gaither community. Keep the faith bro.. more blessing and have more courages to share the Gospel of Lord. Amen.😍

  10. Love this clip it's so hilarious πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  11. Mark, remember Levi Dowling? He was 20 years old when President Lincoln assigned him to be Chaplain to the Union Army. Later in life after the Nation was preserved he wrote down an account of the Life Of Jesus that he received through The Holy Spirit. It is available for free on the internet on PDF. It never varies from the Biblical account but almost every year is accounted for. So the question is

    Is it a forgery?
    Is it a fake from the enemy?
    Is it legitimate?
    Since it affirms Jesus to be everything the Apostle John writes about Jesus I think it is legitimate.

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