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Mark Lowry – Nanny, Papaw & The Baptist Rapture (Comedy/Live)

I want you all to meet my nanny. This is my mama’s parents,
Nanny and Paw Paw. That is Paw Paw on the right and that is Nanny on the left. And back in the ’30s, a preacher was going
door-to-door visiting, and he knocked on their door at 911 Prince in Houston, Texas, and led Paw Paw to the Lord. And then Paw Paw told Nanny
she was gonna get saved, and we think she did. [laughter] And my mama met my daddy
in that church. It was the Berean Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Brother H. Frank Fort
was our pastor. I grew up in that church and used to go
to choir practice. Mama’d be in the choir, and I’d
be exploring the old sanctuary. I had a wonderful time
in that church. And I was asleep
on Nanny’s arm, 1963. I was five years old, and Brother Fort was preaching
on Sunday morning. And all of a sudden
he had a stroke on his third point, and he died. And he always said
he wanted to die preaching, and he got to. And so the committee
got together. You know,
the Independent Baptists, they do everything by committee. And so they got together and– You know what a committee–
You know what a camel is? It’s a horse that was
built by a committee. [laughter] So they start searching
for a new preacher, and they found this young fellow
right out of cemetery, and he came to our church and started preaching that we were going to have to
through the great tribulation in a Baptist church. We was counting on the rapture. Well, my daddy didn’t want to go
through the great tribulation. So we crossed the street, and joined a Baptist church
that was going in the rapture. We sure did. We did. And I always felt sorry
for those people at the old church having
to go through that tribulation when they could have walked
across the street. But I grew up loving harmony. My nanny and Paw Paw, we’d drive out into the country to go get cheese, and pigs’ feet,
and crackers. Pickled pigs’ feet.
Got to try them. We’d drive out and I’d stand. That was back in the day
when you could stand. You didn’t have
to be buckled in. You were little enough
to stand in the front seat. You know, we care too much
about our children these days. That was so fun. Remember when you would sleep
under that back window? You’d get arrested for that now, but, oh, it was so warm there. I was standing in the middle. Nanny would be singing lead, and Paw Paw would be
singing harmony, and I’d be trying
to sing something. And I remember those memories.
I fell in love with harmony. And then I joined
the Gaither Vocal Band. In 1992 I was walking
around the quartet convention with Michael English and a little lady
ran up to me and said, “I want you to hear
my kids sing,” and stuck a cassette in my hand. You know, that happens a lot.
You got to do that. When you’re getting started,
you better give out your CDs and cassettes and whatever
you got, because how’s anybody gonna know you exist
if you don’t give it to anybody? But, you songwriters, be careful when you go up
to give someone your song. Don’t say God
gave you this song. Because usually after we hear
it we realize He gave it to you ’cause He didn’t want it. [laughter] Be careful
what you blame on God. But that was not the case
this particular day. The little lady
who came up to me with a cassette tape
was The Martins’ mama. It was. And so, Michael English,
who was with me, said, “Man, I’ve heard
they’re real good. Let’s go to the bus
and listen to them.” So we went to the bus,
listened to it, and then tell what happened. – A couple of weeks later,
Michael called us and said, “We really liked what we heard, and we’d like to be a part
of what you guys are doing. The first thing
we want to do is introduce you to Bill Gaither,” which was an answer
to our mother’s prayer. Our mom taught us to sing, and she would pray over us. She still prays over us, and she prays out loud
walking around the house. And I can remember
like it was yesterday she would pray out loud. “Oh, God, please let Bill Gaither
hear my kids sing.” Well, Mark and Michael
made that happen. So they said,
“The best chance we have at getting you
in front of Bill is go with us to one
of the tapings.” He had just started
doing the videos, and so they were doing
a new video in Indiana. “Go with us, and we’ll see
if he has time. No promises, but we’re
gonna take the shot.” So we made the trip to Indiana, and the night
before the taping began, they were gathering
in a church there in Anderson. And we were-
– I mean, all of them. Howard, Vestal,
all of them were alive then. – They were, yes. – Now you watch those videos, it’s just dead, dead,
dead, dead, dead, dead, me, dead, dead, Bill Gaither, almost dead, dead, dead. Oh, I told Bill
if he didn’t hurry up, Vestal’s gonna think
he didn’t make it. [laughter] Well, you know it’s the truth. – So anyway, so they’re all gathered
in the auditorium around the piano
rehearsing the songs for the next day’s taping. Well, we were in the lobby watching it through
the little windows in the doors. – We were all invited by Mark,
and that didn’t mean nothing. – That’s right.
So we were in the lobby minding our own business, and Gloria walks into the lobby. And when she walks
into the lobby, Mark says, “Will you please listen
to these kids sing?” and she graciously agreed. And so Mark found the first room that was unlocked
when he pushed the door open. – The ladies restroom. – Yes.
Honest. – Well, the acoustics
are so good in there. – They are good.
They’re really good. That’s true. And so we walked
into the ladies restroom– – And we sang “He Leadeth Me.”
– And we sang. – In the restroom.
In the restroom. – We did. We sang “He Leadeth Me”
for Gloria and Michael and Mark
and a couple of other friends that were gathered
there with us. And evidently she told Bill
what she had heard. And so the next day
we were at the taping, and we were in
one of the offices just watching everything happen
on the television monitor. And right before they took
a break for lunch, now, granted,
we had never met Bill. Bill had never heard us sing. And all of a sudden
we’re watching, and he says, “Where are
those Martin kids?” and I immediately got diarrhea. – Oh, Joyce! – I was scared. – Can we edit that?
– No. – So we took her back
in the ladies restroom. – I was so–that’s right–
I was so nervous. Well, we were scared to death. We were kids.
– Yeah, true. – And there we are in that room
with all those people, and he said sing that song
you sang for Gloria last night.

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  1. This must be the same Paw Paw Mark talked about back on his "Mouth In Motion" or "The Last Word" video! Mark mentions he had a chin that "entered the room before he did"! Mark Lowry is the Clown Prince of Gospel!

  2. I love this guy lol he's hilarious! he shows that just because you're a Christian, it doesn't mean that you can't laugh at some things, even religious things. I believe that God has a sense of humor, and we're made in His image, so it's a given that we do to. Mark is hilarious, and he does it without being vulgar and cussing and all of that and at the same time, he's preaching, too! it's so cool, I love it!

  3. Love ya, Mark but there is no pre trib rapture…that's ear tickling. Nobody is escaping the tribulation, He will bring us through it. Just like He did for Noah, just like He did for Shaddrack, Meshach and Abednego(Hanniniah, Asariah and Mishael) in the fiery furnace, and just like Daniel in the lion's den.

  4. Wow! He's so old now! I've been watching a lot of his videos and I had no Idea they were that old. He maintained such a young spirit though. If this was just audio I would have never known he had grey hair.

  5. Pickled pigs feet,,,,,,,oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have eaten those since i was a little girl,,,loooovvvvveeeeeeeeeee them,,,,,love you Mark,,,,

  6. Where can I hear the rest of this story about the Martin's? Mark is soooooo funny! He makes you laugh while he's building to an important point. Brilliantly done. But I still want to hear the rest of the Martin's story!

  7. can't wait until mark lowry dies stupid fuck is not funny he's a moron no talent i hope someone kills you die fucker

  8. "My" (or formerly, not officially but kinda unofficially) Baptist Church doesn't believe in the rapture. Or the 1000 year reign either for that matter.

  9. That's too funny! I saw the Martin's when I was still a member at Brooklyn Tabernacle about 18 yrs ago, they also gave their testimonies- it was such an awesome time!! 🙂

  10. I prefer you ministry in song, God has blessed you with a beautiful voice, but more important Mark loves the Lord and that comes forth in hissinging.

  11. I’m aware of several ways people relate to the prophecies in the book of Revelation. 1. Some people have assumed that the book is “sealed” and that, therefore, it cannot be understood. 2. Some people have compared the prophecies with historical events and have concluded that, because the prophecies that have already been fulfilled have not been fulfilled in the exact order in which they appear in that book, the prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled might also not be fulfilled in the exact order in which they appear. This method of interpretation, when combined with the fact that some prophecies are conditional (see the story of Jonah) and some prophecies may have dual application, is sometimes called the historicist method of Bible interpretation. 3. Some people have compared the prophecies in the book of Revelation with historical events and have concluded that all or virtually all of those prophecies have already been fulfilled. This is sometimes called the preterist view. 4. Some people (apparently unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge the ways some of the prophecies in the book of Revelation have already been fulfilled) have concluded that almost all of those prophecies will occur in the future. Attempts to develop eschatology on this premise is sometimes called the futurist method of interpretation. Most futurists (it seems to me) try to make their eschatology fit the order in which the prophecies in the book of Revelation occur in the text. (If you study the prophecies for yourself, you can decide for yourself whether they have been successful in doing this.) 5. Some people have decided all or nearly all of prophecies in the book of Revelation are merely allegories–not intended to be understood as referring to historical OR future events. (If someone knows of one or more other methods of interpretation, please let me know.)

    I’m not aware of any baptists who promoted the futurist method or futurist eschatology before about the end of the nineteenth century. Most people–including most baptists–are unaware of this and so would not realize the humor of referring to the doctrine of a pre tribulation rapture as “baptist”.

    I worry that people who subscribe to the doctrine of a pretribulation rapture a) are not prepared for persecution and b) are being set up to accept a false messiah. I have suspected that many people adopt that theology based on their preference to not experience tribulation. This is the first time I have heard someone say that his parents’ preference was based on that. I recommend that people examine the other methods of interpretation–especially the history of the above-mentioned five methods–when they were adopted or developed and why–and then pay attention to some advice from Sir. Isaac Newton: "The folly of interpreters has been to foretell times and things by this prophecy [Revelation], as if God designed to make them prophets. By this rashness they have not only exposed themselves, but brought the prophecy also into contempt. The design of God was much otherwise. He gave this and the prophecies of the Old Testament, not to gratify men's curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event, and his own providence, not the interpreters', be then manifested thereby to the world. For the event of things predicted many ages before will then be a convincing argument that the world is governed by Providence."

  12. Bill Gaither is the man when it comes to Christian music, kind of like Ralph Emery is to Country music. If you impress him, you got a shot.

  13. I absolutely love all of those old Gaither Homecoming videos. I named my son after Anthony Burger and I loved JD Sumner, Vestal and Howard, Sue Dodge and all the other original crew.

  14. Right after 6:48, and at the same second that I put a spoon of cereal into my mouth she says, "And I immediately got diarrhea." UHG!!!

  15. Mark Lowry never grew up. I was a little kid watching him clown Wally Varner back in the day! What a dude? haha!

  16. Can't wait to meet him!! He's coming to our church Dothan First Assembly of God Church in Dothan Alabama August 17th!!! 😂☺

  17. Bill Gaither you need to visit Bakersfield, California. I have conections with 5 churches who want to see you and connections with about 10 other ministries. We want to see you before we go to Heaven pleasei

  18. That is why Mark Lowery is such a comedy genius! He slips in those really intense and profound Throughs that slip by some people ! God bless you all and Angles watching over us! Safe in the Master hand !
    🙏 Update 11/1/2018🙏

  19. What a huge huge blessing to watch this! Christians are not stuffy or uptight. We are just normal folk who love to laugh and God is right there laughing with us!

  20. I have a friend told this story about a Baptist church in Colorado she and her husband visited one Sunday, she said that the church had a meeting to select a committee to disband the committee they had used to select the pastor. 👀😊😂

  21. Who told this man he was funny? I will be embarrsed for them, as it is apparent they have no sense of dencency or thry are too ignorant to know.

  22. This guy is not right in the head. If anyone thinks he is just kidding around, you're wrong. He is nuts, and not in a funny way.

  23. Ephesians 5:1 Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; 2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. 3 But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; 4 Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

  24. These books contain the MOST important information for our time. That you might know what is ahead let me recommend some books for you so that you may have the most important answers to the questions regarding salvation & redemption.

    The Great Controversy, Between Christ and Satan.
    Audio –

    The Desire of Ages

    Steps to Christ
    Will there be a secret rapture? The answer is no. See the following videos.

  25. Jokers,story tellers are sinful folk who should never be on a platform,but in a circus,God will punish these folk,make no mistake.

  26. I have always been taught that the Rapture of the church proceeds the Great Tribulation. You could not contemplate the Church, the bride of Christ, being left here without the Holy

    Spirit, could you?

    2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness already works; only there is he who restrains now until he be gone, [ I take that to mean at the rapture ].

    2Th 2:8 and then the lawless one shall be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus shall consume with the breath of his mouth, and shall annul by the appearing of his coming; [that is the second coming of the Son of Man in His glory, with His, holy, glorified saints].

    No believer, who has the Spirit will ever see the Anti-Christ (The Man of Sin) or be left here to face the terrors of the great tribulation. Praise the Lord! I believe that the Lord Jesus, in the gospels is primarily addressing His people Israel, that will be saved through the tribulation. This directly fulfils the prophesy of Moses, servant of God: Deu_4:30 In thy tribulation, and when all these things shall come upon thee, at the end of days, thou shalt return to Jehovah thy God, and shalt hearken to his voice, I don’t think it is without significance Rev_3:10 that the church is promised to be kept from the hour of trial; Not that we don't go though many tribulations which also abound to hope. Rom 5. Rev_3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee out of the hour of trial, which is about to come upon the whole habitable world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

    There are three aspects to the Kingdom of God, I believe. 1. 1Co 15:23 The first-fruits. Christ and the Church; 2. Rev_20:4 Those out of the tribulation. 3. Mat_25:34 Those of the House of Israel who are the 'meek'; rewarded by Christ the King.

  27. As much as I love the Gaither Vocal Band's music, joking about the gospel is an abomination to me, and has no place in the Christians life. I'm not down on humor, but there's a time and a place for everything. Sometimes funny things just come out naturally in a church service or religious venue, and is not done on purpose, so I may laugh just like most others do. It's the pre-planned comedy routines like this that I take issue with. The fact that Mark makes a lot of money doing this makes it even worse in my mind. I'm not the judge, Christ is, so these are just my observations and how I feel about it. The Bible says:

    Eph_5:4 Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

    These routines belong in the nightclubs, or late night entertainment shows, and is certainly a worldly undertaking—nothing Christlike about it. My favorite Christian writer says:

    "This spirit of jesting and joking, of lightness and trifling, is a stumbling block to sinners and a worse stumbling block to those who give way to the inclination of the unsanctified heart. The fact that some have allowed this trait to develop and strengthen until jesting is as natural as their breath, does not lessen its evil effects. When anyone can point to one trifling word spoken by our Lord, or to any lightness seen in His character, he may feel that lightness and jesting are excusable in himself. This spirit is unchristian; for to be a Christian is to be Christlike. Jesus is a perfect pattern, and we must imitate His example. A Christian is the highest type of man, a representative of Christ." {Ev 641.2}

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