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Markiplier Tries: TOBii EYE TRACKER

I got myself a Tobii Eye Tracker Y E S That thing that makes you look at bOObs The- this. If you can see this On my desktop I’ve got a little circle And it’s showing exactly where I’m looking Which is SO useful because the eyes are the windows of T R U T H And justice Your eyes basically tell you what you want Or what you THINK you want Maybe what you don’t even know you that want But you can see it now because it’s in your eyes So, with this, what kinda person does it say about ME?! Er- of the things that I’m looking at You know what I mean? Does that make any sense? It doesn’t make any sense ;-; So, if I was looking at a picture And it was thi- oh.. Yeah.. *stutters* yeah..oh…so…it So basically… Yeah.. That works.. *laughter* I .. uhhh Yeah. Think of this. Think of what I’m doing right now as a calibration to make My brain and my eyes are working properly. You know hand eye coordination. I just want to see if it is reflected in what we got. *laughter* Yeah okay nothing wrong here *laughter* Yeah Oh my Okay so you get a general sense of like what that is But that’s not *slams desk* That’s not *desk shatters and man screams* that’s not the main reason about this. The whole point of this in knowing where your eyes goes is to show you what your preferences are. Because where your eye is drawn Is what really matters to you most. So what I have here are a bunch of match-ups. Basically, Pictures that I have prepared, that I don’t particularly know the order of umm, where I have things matched up one against the other. So, for example: If I close my eyes, and then open them. And I looked at the puppy first! *children cheering* Yayyyyy! Wouldn’t you know it?! I prefer the puppy! My eye was drawn to the puppy, do you see what that says about me? (You like dogs?…) So I’m gonna go through these, And you guys just mark down my preferences, *breath* And that will tell a story of my s o u l (finish undertale you coward that we love) Of my true self, of my heart, my deepest heart. That’s what that says about me. *violin music* Bunny! (My bunnies are cuter though) That’s so cute! Look it! Not that the piggy’s not cute – the piggy’s cute, that piggy’s really cute, but my eye was drawn to the bunny. Specifically that bunny’s eyes. If I was a hunter… Pew! Dead. (Bunnies make great pets) *violin music* Oh, Star Wars! Okay, see- it’s not that I don’t like Star Trek! I love you Picard. [sound effect: “NO!”] You know, I, I remember Star Wars. *laughs* Maybe it’s cause he’s holding a gun at me, [background: “give me your fukin money”] and that’s morally threatening. *violin music* Oh, minion. *stumbles over words* I didn’t necessarily expect that, except maybe it’s because that minion is… absolutely, utterly terrifying. Like- unbelievably, the eyes are just- (its also because the yellow is the most visible colour which gets your attention first) a horror show of death. And as much as, like… *a lot of stumbling, mismatched sentences and coughs ;)* *cough cough* *more coughs* I was inspecting Shreks, umm, *gone wrong* g i r t h, there *chuckle* *Shrek impression* ????, me eyes are up here! That’s my Shrek impression, do you guys like it? Umm, nothing to speak of down there! Uh, Mr Minion. *cough/grunt* *violin music* Ohhhhhh Boobs v Butt! I’m not sure which one I went to, I think it might’ve been butt? I’m pretty sure, that was probably very much butt. Boobs v Butt, I think this says that I’m an ass man. [sound effect: “WRONG!”] *violin music* Oh! *laughs* Boobs v Shrek. Well, boobs won. (Liar.) By far. [WRONG AGAIN] Not that I don’t, not that I don’t- Really appreciate your boobage there, Shreky. Uhh, but, to be perfectly honest I don’t think you would’ve won that one anyway, so uhhh. Yeah, boobs. *sad piano music* *violin music* Ah, yep, sorry, minion! [sound effect] “why you always lyin’?” Although my eyes did snap to those eyes just in real quick, real quick lil’ tizzy there I think that’s because there’s something very THREATENING about those eyes, but I think boobs still won. *violin music* Oh ohhhh! Puppyyyyy! *Laughter* PUPPY! 😀 Puppy *Laughter* Puppy beep boo *Laughter* *violin music* Ohh penis *Mark dying* That is a BIG Old Dick that *giggles* that is *continues laughing* Ah that’s quite a.. that’s quite a cock and balls right there *laughter* Sorry boobs uhhh I wish it weren’t so but something about a I think this might just be because a big ole dick on your screen ain’t the ah… ain’t the most *heavy breath* I-it’s kinda surprising if a dick just appears out of nowhere. *continues staring at the screen* Yeah that’s why I’m going to go with that one *violin music* (laughing) God damn it Ahh Uhh *cough* PeNiUSssss peniUSSSS *violin music* God damn it. Alright you know what I would have thought the Minion is very phallic shaped But uhh something about that dick and balls real eye catching. *violin music* OH Beavis *wrong answer buzzer* *violin music* * laughter * * more laughter * Ah that is-that’s just a butthole * drawn out laughter * *violin music* *stares at Pewdiepie first* OH noo oh NOOOO I think it’s just because it’s a big red symbol (in deep voice) I am sorry I am just (intense) ABSOLUTELY LIVID at the moment I …. have some ‘splaining to dooo *violin music* *laughter* Alright well this isn’t a fair match up I *laugh* as charming as Felix’s smile is here and as dapper as he looks. There is still just something shocking about a big ole dick just suddenly appearing on my desktop. Just something about it is very disconcerting. *violin music* Ah dick! Alright dick again If my parents walked in on me right now I don’t think I could explain what I’m doing cuz I would tell them that I’m trying to reveal the truth of my soul (laughing) and then they would still *deep breath* Have SO MANY QUESTIONS *glitching laugh* *violin music* (laughing) Ohh hohohohoho *laughter* *breathes in* Welllll Well shiver me timbers apparently a rock that looks like a (laughing) penis is more eye catching than a (laughing) real penis I don’t know what the truth of my soul is and what this says about me but boy howdy I am leaving *violin music* Dog! *violin music* Shrek! *violin music* Minion! Okay now I feel bad because I can’t say it’s because T-Series was bright red logo now I (laughing) gotta just gotta say Anyway whatever *violin music* Awwww a cute pup *glitching violin music* Huh wa haha huwa hah Ahh haha ah Alright well I think this one is obvious just because this one is like that’s actually scary and uhhh I think.. I think biologically a threat A terrifying threat would be much more eye catching than *total silence* *scary noise* *more glitched violin music* Ahh uh no the boobs I.. I swear I wanna look at the boobs but it’s like which pair of eyes do I wanna look at here (deep gargled) Oh noo *strange reversed violin music* Ahhh NOO AHHH I ca-(laughing) Just the It’s the big ole It’s the curse of the dick Like just a big ole dick It’s just a.. I’m sorry maybe because I’m desensitized to this picture now but (laugh) I just I uh it I’m going to have to replay the footage and really slow that down (deep) DISAPPOINTED I will wait for the judges call on that one Okay so I think I revealed the truth of my soul I’m not sure if I’m happy with the results I think the ranking is Uhh Penis beats everything Its like you’re playing rock, paper, scissors but you’re play Shrek, Minion Uh boobs and penis It’s like rock, paper, scissors or Shrek, Minion, and boobs But then penis is like your friend going like (dumb voice) I got dynamite He blows up everything. So penis just gets in your life and blows up everything So That’s my Tobii Eye Tracker. That’s.. that’s what that is I don’t feel too proud of myself *horse lip noise* But anyway thank you everybody so much for watching Uhh if you got other ideas for Tobii stuff that I can do or stuff with the eye tracker there are games out there that are eye tacker enabled Um So if you wanna let me know what you want me to do let me know down in the comments. I’ve got some ideas myself. I’m going to do that whole don’t look at boobs and butt challenge but the hard mode is going to be don’t look at the penis (laughing) challenge. Which I think is a different different challenge entirely So anyway Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video bye bye! (have a good day :D)

100 thoughts on “Markiplier Tries: TOBii EYE TRACKER

  1. This is so wrong. The composition of the pictures needs to be more similar and there need to be no reused pictures. You get used to seeing that same pic and your eye goes to what’s new. Same with the composition, the bunny and puppy are much clearer and brighter than the pig and kitten. It says nothing

  2. Everyone's saying in this video Mark learned he was pretty gay but then he's also in a relationship with a female…

    let me learn y'all about bisexuality

  3. 2:30 Look where his eyes go.
    look closely
    Also he's not gay, (he has a girlfriend) he just looks at penis because he's immature.

  4. After coming back to watch this video after watching some of the things Mark and Ethan have been doing on their other channel Unus Annus it kinda makes you think about what's really in Mark's soul. Eye opening

  5. Listen up people there are lots of you giving hate to markiplier and your putting opinions on him but what you don't realize is what he is feeling about these opinions because thinking that someone is gay and saying that in comment could really hurt his feelings think about all the subscribers he has he took his time and soul to make his channel what it is today and I hope he reads this because he needs support because so many things have happened to him in the past and he probably still lives with those problems because I'm on markiplier's side because he worked so hard and devoted his life to this channel for you

  6. Markiplier if your listening and reading this than you get what I said – It is not a video that defines you it's you and your mind and heart that define you not a video

  7. Ok we've found out that mark is gay and likes rock hard penises from a person with a scary face and likes dogs
    from a minion

  8. his parents are probably in the other room while he's in here screaming, "It's the curse of the dick. Like, just a big ol' dick!"

  9. Me: He got D*** like 6-7 times
    Some people: MARK=GAY CONFIRMED

    He explained why he kept looking at it si dont judge me :•<

  10. you fool you have displeased the community by not looking and thy lord ,thou shalt have thy fate decided by the council for displeasing thy lord Shrek

  11. this was literally mark getting things he didn't want for Christmas I mean seriously his reactions says it all lol

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