Laughter is the Best Medicine


and three Wow hey hi um could you get some wine please sure loves them Richard this is Darcy mom I need to call you back something magical is happening company Stark is in my van keep them Tony Stark is in right there notion I knew you were still alive brother you look ravishing don’t say Saint left come on I want to make things awkward for you but I do they show you boom stacks got their drawing card I know I’m sorry’s gonna be here pretty god I’ll dismantle you also your motherboard I’ll turn you into wine rack Oh oh yeah we should tell your hammer yeah I’m so sorry I swear I’m not doing some guys stop we got to talk this through okay three the city no guitar no language no one else is going to do with the fact that cap just said language season works all performance issues hey fellas either one you know where the Smithsonian is I’m gonna pick up a fossil hilarious gosh sake watch your language that’s not going away anytime soon mr. stark please yes sir can I have your attention absolutely sorry I just need to make sure you were real Darcy Jane yeah so we sleep come sleep go to sleep before we get started does anyone want to get out you all of you beneath me find a god you dull creature and I will not be bullied by your you are looking up out to your voice come on let’s go to you listen well Loki’s beyond reason good use of Asgard he’s my brother promise me he killed 80 people in two days is it up with you not a good idea what are you doing gonna break his finger he’s in pain who’s been injured leave me alone sorry I’m smart I’m in the middle of an interrogation is moron is giving me everything we are going to win this more because we have the best man ever and because they’re gonna get better accounting lorelei million look Pearson right she’s cute yeah nobody if I lift it I then rule Asgard ethical reason told me are you on my team just represent ho all right let’s go what’s the sample mark out who’s telling nobody kiss me you’re all not worthy


  1. It's like marvel puts all their personalities in too. It's a great casting for all of them. I love these vids!

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