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Marvel Infinity War Humor :: Never See It The Same Again*

I'm the creative director Daniel Johnson and we have some Marvel infinity war humor for you enjoy then she returned home and stopped in the ISO to go hmm taking a pod hmm no you're not you will not be taking our pod today it was Friday you seem like a nova leader who you joined me on my quest in nevertheless let me just ask the captain oh wait a second it's me I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I'd become invisible to the eye watch broke up like a band like like the Beatles Kenton I fell out hard we're not on speaking terms perfectly balanced this whole thing should be smells like a new car near how many did you see 14 million 605 how many we win one so you're telling me there's a chance you once and what you weigh from fat yeah right oh all right guardians don't forget this might be dangerous so let's put on our mean faces why was she up there this time I don't work and due to that fact we're now in a flying donut billions of miles from Earth with no backup I'm back no you're still way the adults are talking okay notice is copied my bid right into my wedding Robert is correct and clearly the smartest among you unlock 17a [Applause] dozen seriously leaning on the cauldron of the cosmos never that make your dreams come true just recapture the wonder of life with Vitaphone ex it is not for everyone talk to your doctor if you experience monologuing peripheral vision deficiencies or universe scale Jenna Seidel tendencies B comes in a variety of fruity flavors side effects include muscle spasms lockjaw melanin pigment aberrations hallucinations short-term memory loss and short-term memory loss but if an X has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and other stuff by 50 percent talk to your doctor if Vitaphone X is right for you and live life to the fullest Vitaphone x [Applause] you

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