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Marvel ONE-SHOT Short Film: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer |FULL HD| Clark Gregg

Hands up! Don’t move! -Who else is here? -Who owns that car outside? -I do. -But it’s really more like a lease. -Toss the keys over here. -C’mon!
Coulson: Ok, ok. Coulson: Ok, ok. -Now get the cash register
-Start filling this bag -Cigarettes, pac- Coulson: Excuse me!
-Cigarettes, pac- -I also have this gun -You’ll probably be needing that. Burglar 1: Put it down! Right now!
Burglar 2: Put it down! Put it down! -Ok, don’t want any trouble -Toss the piece over here then -I’d prefer not the throw it and risk the gun accidentally going off. -Maybe I could slide it over? -Yes slide it over to my feet, don’t try anything funny. Coulson: Ok. -I’m just going to move over to this aisle Coulson: And I’m gonna slide it over to you. -Ok. [Overly dramatic music starts] [Overly dramatic music continues] -Sorry for the mess. -I couldn’t decide. (o shet wat do i do) Coulson: Keep the change Cashier: Wait- -What should I tell the police? -Tell them those tybo-tapes really paid off [Music] [Car starts]

100 thoughts on “Marvel ONE-SHOT Short Film: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer |FULL HD| Clark Gregg

  1. Before reaching Thor's hammer after the events of "Captain America: The First Avenger", Agent Coulson stops at a convenience store and deals with a coincidental robbery during his visit. This is a terrific short-film that really propelled the character of Coulson (Clark Gregg) to legendary status within the Marvel universe.

  2. … and here's me thinking a 'one-shot short film would be just that… a single shot – non edited effort…

  3. Could someone please tell me where he paid over $72 to fill the tank of an Acura ZDX? I don't want to go there!

  4. agent coulson is always been my favorite agent except for fury he's the reason why avengers endgame happened

  5. Amazing butt kicking aside… that was an incredibly accurate throw of the somewhat heavy bag of flower! Very impressive

  6. Во втором железном человеке Колсон сказал Тони что у него дела в Техасе.
    А Тор свалился именно туда

  7. Ok…Its July of 2019, and I am barely seeing this why? Oh well I'm currently binging agents of shield so the timing is perfect for me. lol

  8. Great thanks recommendations, well I have now seen this in 2019 not 2017 anyway I was exited to see “Roxxon”

  9. 1:28 thats just a myth hollywood created and I am definitely sure that Coulson knew that. But the two robbers obviously didn’t.

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