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marvel’s runaways crack [deanoru]

♫ b99 intro theme playing ♪ Honey you’ve got a big storm coming *record scratch* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation *awful guitar chord* I love you bitch oh my god *awful guitar chord* I ain’t gonna never stop lovin’ you Bitch! Chase: You scared the shit out of me! Karolina: Sorry DO I LOOK LIKE-??? I don’t know what y’a- *SCREAMING* YOU BETTER STOP! STOP!!!!!! BITCH STOWP!!!!!! *MORE SCREAMING* I am… disgusted! Eat it! Put it in your mouth just eat it God i hate it I don’t care whether you hate it you said you’d do it Eat it, EAT IT! You’re killing him Michael! All right all right all right? Shh Okay i ate some fluffy parts can i be done? Let me see if you swallowed it open your mouth Under your tongue. OH GOD- She wasn’t ugly But… Alex: Want some company? Nico: Sure. she wasn’t me Nico: Karolina you wanna come? TEHEE ♫ my milshake brings all the boys to the yard playing ♪ Gert: Karolina, can I talk to you for a sec? I was just wondering are you kinda into Nico? SHUT UUUUUP Just when I walked into the room I kind of sensed a vibe. [Ariela Barer voice] Previously on Marvel’s Runaways *gay silence* Gert: Hi! Karolina: Hi! Does anyone get a little bit of a gay vibe? No? okay… Karolina: Yeah… So you could be with Chase? SHUT UUUUP ♫ phineas and ferb “busted” playing ♪ Karolina: Hey Chase? I’m thirsty, should we go get a drink? *triggered sound* I’ll get in line Thanks. *triggered sound* Two shots of vodka What the fuck is up Kyle No, what did you say? what the fuck dude? Shut the fuck up Kyle! I didn’t know that there was a lesbian Jesus But there is one apparently and I am… the one Lesbian Jesus strikes again! ♫ lgbt by cupcakke playing ♪ Chase?? Okay, I’m coming to get you. We can go to Chase’s together. Gert: If Chase needed you, why would you even call me? Why didn’t you just go straight to his place? *windows xp crash sounds* Because you don’t want to be alone with him because… He kissed you and you don’t like him. You like Nico who likes Alex *rawr* *high pitched scream* Get your fucking dog bitch! It don’t bite. YES IT DO GET- ♫ lana del duck’s video games playing♪ *donald duck screaming* Hey, I’m lesbian I thought you were american The fuck, the fuck, the fuck is in the air? The fuck, there’s white shit everywhere! The fuck I must be fucking baked and this shit’s probably fake the fucking hell did I just take, the fuck? Karolina: Guys? They ask you how you are and you just say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. Nico: I’m gonna go look Alex: Want some company? Nico: Sure! Karolina you wanna come? WAKE ME UP WAKE ME UP INSIDE ♪ How the turntables! They ask you how you are and you just say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. They seem to be very good friends ♫ lgbt by cupcakke playing ♪ What’s up Nico? Karolina: Tha-that never happened. Annoying girl whose name I forgot: Yeah, it did. But you wouldn’t remember that because you’re a lightweight drunk… and a Lacrosse. Ruining. Slut. She is a bitch *spelling wrong* ♫ lana del duck’s video games playing ♪ *donald duck screaming* Molly: Tragic. Lesbian jesus strikes again! Welcome to bible study we’re all children of jesus! Kumbayaaaaa my lord! I’ll hold them off and I’ll meet you outside, okay? It’s the only way. Nico: Don’t do this please I’m begging you! Ok? You can’t… you can’t do this alone Karolina: Go, go! Nico: I’m not leaving you Nico, go. You have to go! ♫ tragic titanic theme flute cover playing ♪ And when we wake up? What happens then? [at the same time] Nico: We save Karolina Alex: We get out of town What are you, fucking stupid? Chase: If it was me in her place, I’d want you guys to go Nico: Well if it was you in her place we would *thug life* What the fuck?? Is this alLoWed??? wHAT the fuck, is tHaT alloWeD?? I am.. disgusted Karolina! I’ve got to gay… Go! Go, I’ve got to go Karolina: Come on! Go go go! I’m your father. *luke screaming* NOOOOOOOOOooooo Molly: The struggle is real. hizZUK! Molly: What is this? Hey, it’s Hannah Hannah Baker. I’m over this dumbass school with all these fake ass people Hey! Fucking bitch! Molly: What if the ghosts of all these kids are still in here, watching us? Hey there demons. It’s me, ya boi You ever look at someone and wonder: what is going on inside their head? Karolina: You shoud’ve run. Some of us wanted to. Not you 🙂 Nope, not me 🙂 See you later haters!

100 thoughts on “marvel’s runaways crack [deanoru]

  1. bruh im dying this is the most amazingly crafted crack video i've ever dang seen i am C R Y I N G, can i ask what you used to edit this?

  2. edit: S P O I L E R A L E R T

    the only reason I'm watching the show after deanoru crap happened is to see Alex betray them at the end an beat the shit out of them… Alex is literally the only character I care about and as always the character I like gets all the shit possible

  3. also was lowkey expected there to be a karolina/gert scene with the vine "gabbie if you like girls i'm not gonna judge you" "STOP!!!!!! I!!! LIKE!! BOYS!!"

  4. It's like
    I don't shipp Nico and Karolina because in the start, I already was shipping Alex w/ Nico. 🙁

  5. No sé bien que le dijo porque no hablo inglés, pero me imaginé.
    — Te gusta Nico?
    — Si
    — Ouuu seré su chaperona!!
    Nomás vengo a ver acá porque Manuela y Regina terminaron, entonces lo que quedaba de corazón murió, vengo a recuperar un poco.
    Ya tengo una para salir del clóset.
    — I'm your father!
    — And I'm gay…

  6. This is great. You have a great sense of humor and have amazing editing skills.
    I'd love for you to make another Deanoru video, if you have time and want to do that, of course!

  7. I'm sorry but when Lana Del Rays song "Video games" started playing in the background while the salty commenter appeared more and more, and I realised that Donald Duck was singing it, that is officially when I lost it.

  8. hi this is the most amazing art I've ever witnessed on this planet thank you for blessing us with your gifts and talents can you PLEASE make a riverdale one and/or choni one (priority: choni)? in this style? that bitch would be so god damn INCREDIBLE many will die laughing, happy, and fulfilled, all thanks to you.

  9. Gee, if only there was some way to tell what ships might be canon. Oh wait, *there is*. *THIS WHOLE SHOW IS BASED OFF A COMIC*.

  10. Also, you should do a summertime sadness deanoru edit. It suited them very well, if only it wasn't for the donald duck lyrics lmao

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