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marvel’s runaways crack [season 2]

♫♪ friends theme playing ♫♪ ♫♪ runaways theme playing ♫♪ Mushu: i live! Let’s go lesbians let’s go Everybody wants to know what I would do if I didn’t win I I guess we’ll never know Interesting! Xavin: My savior my soulmate Karolina: I-I’ve known you for like five minutes ♪ sad music playing ♪ Xavin: The love of my life will you be my- Nico: Sorry, am I interrupting? *awkward silence* Nico: Who the hell is this? Peppa: Can you whistle Susie? Susie: No :(( Peppa: Oh good :)) I mean… that’s sad if you can’t whistle, but good because I can’t whistle Susie: What’s whistling anyway? Gert: You just put your lips together and blow Susie: Like this? My fans are really funny, they like… love to call me like lesbian Jesus It’s just hilarious because I didn’t know that there was a lesbian Jesus, but there is one apparently and I am the one *laugh* They’ll just be like “Lesbian Jesus strikes again!” They’re just so dramatic and I just like, love the drama Chase: You heard about our parents? They’re having an affair Nico: What?? My mom and… your dad? Chase: No, my mom and- Nico: Oh my god, my mom? Chase: My mom. Your dad. Can I ask you a question? Sure! Anything. Why don’t you go back to your own house Karolina: Guys! And stop BOTHERING US!!!! Karolina: Wait, what are you doing? Lexa: I swear fealty to you Nico: What??? I got issues… about talking about my feelings. Or just generally having them. Bitch me too! The fuck Wow, that was so powerful Academy Award! *laughs* And I am here today because I am gay. Nico: I lamp you Ooooh my gooood Can you eat pussy like that? Xavin: My b̷̛́҉̡ę̵̶͝t҉͜r̡̕o͏̶͘t̷̡̡h̴̢͘e̵͟ḑ̢͝ *laughs* Omae wa mou shindeiru Jonah: Hello sweet one. What’s your name? Leslie. I really appreciate all of the photoshoped photos of my face on jesus Water. Earth. Fire. Air. I am… disgusted Nico: Karolina? Didn’t mean to scare you. My little baby off to destroy people *cries* Xavin: It is my destiny to protect my b̷̛́҉̡ę̵̶͝t҉͜r̡̕o͏̶͘t̷̡̡h̴̢͘e̵͟ḑ̢͝ *more laughs* Kazoo kid: Oh, hi! Wait a minute… who are you? ♫ Katy Perry: in another liiiiiiiiife ♪ Guy: But you’re just a girl! Molly: Get with the times! Who runs the world? ♫ beyoncé’s who runs the world ♪ ♪ chariots of fire theme ♪ Xavin: Have no fear my b̷̛́҉̡ę̵̶͝t҉͜r̡̕o͏̶͘t̷̡̡h̴̢͘e̵͟ḑ̢͝ *hysterical laughs* Chase: We had some great times together. Dale: Oh, okay. Chase: Yeah… Naked. Stacy: Oh. Karolina: And, one more thing. Would you stop calling me your b̷̛́҉̡ę̵̶͝t҉͜r̡̕o͏̶͘t̷̡̡h̴̢͘e̵͟ḑ̢͝? It’s a weird word ♪ chariots of fire theme ♪ Chase: Old Lace and Gert are connected! Dale: Of course, yeah But I’m not sure which one is the animal. If you know what I mean *laughs* Dale: We do. Sexually. Academy Award! ♪ queen’s we are the champions shittyflute ♪

100 thoughts on “marvel’s runaways crack [season 2]

  1. Where can I watch this series, I don’t have Hulu, 😑can’t find it on the internet for free and I’m dying to see it😢😢😢

  2. Where can I watch this series, I don’t have Hulu, 😑can’t find it on the internet for free and I’m dying to see it😢😢😢

  3. all the interrogation scene was hilarious but I´m extra af so I started to laugh more thinking if was Karolina about Nico.

  4. LMAO whenever Xavin's says betrothed.
    i love it when you showed the runaways tweets in the end. Haters gonna hate but Deanoru is end game.


  6. I have been wanting to see her again … I could not stop laughing with the sexy Tina and Chase sincerely sexual

  7. I can't remember last time I laughed this hard, keep it up. deanoru shit is still making me fucking vomit, but I'll (probably) get used to it… and Xavin is just hilarious, he is as pointless as in the comics: hey, we are supposed to be married so pls come with me, my b e t r o t h e d

  8. Tina in the background when Chase was telling about him and Gert is everything.

    It's like the funniest crack video I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot throught the years. I knew I can trust you when I saw Katie on your avatar.

  9. I live in the uk so the episodes of season 2 haven’t come out at the same time as in the us, so I shouldn’t be watching this cus spoilers 🙁

  10. "I swear fealty to you" hit me so hard lmfao. Also, there's the whole "death is not the end" moment for Jonah which got me too

  11. I know I am a bit late to this fandom 😂❤️ but I just found it and… I LOVE IT!
    Karolina and Nico are the light of the show🌈 and must be the endgame!
    But… I am kind of falling for that XavinxKaroline thing …
    ( it’s just cute how Xavin acts… 😍)

  12. 5:21 Missed a perfect opportunity for a Spaceballs quote #These are not them, these are their stunt doubles!!!

  13. Everyone wants to know what I'd do if I didn't win. I guess we'll never know. I FEEL THIS 🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈💕

  14. I barely started to see the 100 and now that I watch 2:54 I get that that was Lexa and Clarke I am in tears now 😭

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