Laughter is the Best Medicine

8 thoughts on “Mat Boggs “Cracks the Man Code” For Ladies Everywhere

  1. Attaching your self worth to how a woman responds is co-dependency. Let's just not make our happiness dependent on how others respond to us. Good material!

  2. I met a guy who was very attractive, funny and sweet. His closest friend said to me he really liked me. I asked how he knew that and he said 'because he told me'. A group of us went out on the town that night until the wee hours of the morning. We had been flirting a bit and I looked at him and up close said 'will you do me a favour?' He smiled, leaned in and said 'what?' and I asked 'Will you kiss me?' He said 'No'. I said 'No?' and he said 'No'. I never would have been so bold ordinarily, but all the signs that he liked me were there so I thought it would be sexy….obviously not. His friend saw the exchange and asked what happened. I told him and even he was surprised at his friend rejecting me like that. But it must have turned this guy off. I'm curious why if anyone has any insight?

  3. the more powerful a woman is the less they need a man, and men want to be needed. There is just not any benefit to a man to marry or even date a modern woman.

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